Reader Style: Sweatpants on Date Night! (#nailedit)




Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we chatted about Refinery 29's claim that one could successfully wear sweatpants on date night?  Well. Meet P.  She's an attorney turned stay-at-home-mom to a two and a half year old son, and she just rocked sweatpants on a recent date night.  P wrote:

"I wanted to share a photo of my date night outfit with my new (beloved) Splendid sweatpants. I have been wearing them in both the black & the grey a TON, with t shirts and flats and even sockless sneakers (especially to/from the gym), but I think they also work with heels for a night out. Bonus: I felt like I was wearing pajamas! (I basically was.)"




Soft blazer: Agnes b., almost 10 y.o. and still my favorite clothing item ever. (S's Note:  found a fab option in comfy ponte

Pants: Splendid

Shoes: Jimmy Choo, also almost 10 y.o. (S's Note:  Oooo….or maybe these?  They're no Choo, but under $100)

Tee:  Madewell

Necklace: Stella & Dot Tessa Necklace 

Watch: Casio


I mean seriously wow.  P, I love everything you've got goin' on here (and talk about the power of a well-placed necklace.  Sheesh.  You managed to make both sweatpants and a tee date-night worthy.)  LOVE it.  On a side note, I'm kinda obsessed with your Casio watch to wear with, uh, everything this summer. 

Thank you SO much for the pics and inspiration!




  1. I LOVE this look! You look fabulous; so happy you sent the photo. I remember the post, and P’s comment, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to pull that off- now I do. Thank you!! xo

  2. Love comfort on date night. However, I could not afford to go on said date if I spent that much on one pair of sweatpants. Any budget option suggestions?

  3. I hear ya, I struggled with buying these sweats, cause they are just SWEATS, though I’m the kind of person who has a tiny closet full of stuff that I wear to death (hence my 10 y.o. items!) so I don’t second guess myself too much.
    I haven’t seen some of the Aerie ones in person, but they, too, look promising: — it all depends on the fabric and how thin/drapey it is, I think. That said, I had a few of their t-shirts that I liked, but didn’t last long until they wore out, so that may happen, too. But still worth investigating. Report back with any intel!

  4. Totally just went and purchased that Casio watch on amazon for $15 – perfect for the spring & summer. Love the sweatpants look too – so comfy and chic! 🙂

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