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Wtw-stylish-moms I have a love-hate relationship with Who What Wear  While I love most of the items featured, I’ll be the first to admit that I love them in a sort of a fantasy-world kind of way.  There are only so many date nights or parties out where this mom is able to whip out the sky-high heels and gorgeous, silky clothing…so I often find myself frustrated after reading their articles about Anna Sui’s new Cloaked Tiers Skirt or the adorable lace-up (and very high heeled) booties worn by Jessica Alba.  Love them, but how often would I wear them?  Not very.

So I was pleased to find that as a Mother’s Day special, Who What Wear Daily covered celeb moms in their versions of mom style.  While not all outfits are easily pulled off, they do provide a healthy dose of inspiration.  And Who What Wear Daily’s breakdown of how to pull inspiration from these pics is worth a read.

I especially love the flowy dresses with flat sandals, though I’d swap out the silk for something more washable.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!




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