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There's just so much to love about food blogger Bea, of La Tartine Gourmand. She's a mom.  She's French.  She's traveled the world, writes for the Boston Globe Food section, and comes up with utterly amazing recipes like her Goeey Chocolate Cakes.

I know what you are thinking.  Goeey chocolate cakes have been done before.  True.  But this recipe is a little bit different.  It's tiny in proportion, but there's just so much to love.

First of all, the proportions. The recipe makes only 3 tea cups worth of gooey chocolate cake (or, for the clumsy, 3 sturdy individual ramekins).  Perfect for late night cravings or (hint, hint to my husband) breakfast with coffee on Mother's Day.

I also love that this recipe calls for tahini nut butter and millet flour instead of the usual butter and white flour.

I especially love that she talks about her daughter Lulu enthusiastically signing for "more chocolate".  And I thought I was the only crazy mum who actually fed her toddler chocolate.  (for breakfast, even)  

I blame my mother – a complete chocoholic.  Hmmmm…now that I think of it, she would probably blame her ninety-five year old mother, who has started each morning with a piece of chocolate for as long as I can remember.  And who, by the way, is French.  Voila.  A pattern emerges.

Breakfast at Nana's 

But it's hard to argue with ninety-plus good years, all started with chocolate for breakfast.  Add to the mix tahini nut butter and millet flour?  Well….we're practically talking health food.




  1. Oh, Shana, these gooeey Chocolate Cakes sound amazing. You are right about blaming not me, but your grandmother. If the French can have pan au chocolat for breakfast, my whole wheat toast and melted dark chocolate is indeed health food. Love to you, honey.

  2. I’ve been making these things non-stop!! To make things easier, try:
    1. Micorwave: I just melt the chocolate & tahini in the microwave (no double-boiler needed)
    2. Use any type of flour (even whole wheat)
    3. Use peanut butter instead of tahini
    The whole recipe, from start to finish (INCLUDING cooking time) takes me 15 min. No joke.

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