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So here’s what we’re reading this week, Mamas.’s “11 Fashion Tips from Mom Bloggers.”  Hint: two of them are from Ain’t No Mom Jeans (yay!).  Check this great story out for chic and easy ways to rev up your mom style from some of our favorite mom fashion bloggers.

– M.


  1. Hey ladies! I love this blog (as you can tell by my constant commenting!) Congrats on the write-up … thanks to you, I’ve gotten a little Mom-fashion obsessed (today I’m wearing skinny jeans, a white Banana Republic button-down with wide cuffs, and a schlubby yellow/grey Anthropologie sweater that before reading YOU i had no idea what to do with). So yeah, I love you — which is why I posted about Mom-fashion over on my site, today, too! (Geesh. It’s clearly in the water right now.)
    Wander over if you get a chance — I’d love to get your take!

  2. Hey, Ladies! I am new to your blog, and loving it! After having my second child three months ago, I took a look at my wardrobe and said, “I have nothing to wear!” Your site has given me so many ideas for what will work best for running around with kids and still looking put-together. A total life-saver! Thank you so much!
    I have a quick question. Shana, if you wouldn’t mind, can you tell me what you are wearing in the Parenting magazine feature? I love the jeans, scarf, bag, everything! And I am always on the hunt for the perfect white tee. Thank you!

  3. Of course! I’m wearing a James Perse tee, Nine West bag, Levi’s denim leggings (from Kohl’s) and J.Crew’s ballet flats in poppy. The scarf is by Echo designs.

  4. Thank you so much! I have scoured the web looking for the scarf (because I love the color!) Do you have any ideas on where I could find it? Or the style name? Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for the scarf suggestion, Shana. I might give it a try. Also, how do you like your Makr backpack? Did you have trouble keeping it clean? I am contemplating buying a white or cream backpack for summer, but I don’t want to drive myself crazy trying to keep it clean. Any advice? Thanks!

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