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0505-sexiest-swimsuit-for-your-shape-25_liM and I have often thought that a killer Ain't No Mom Jeans article would be a before-and-after series using real moms and swimwear.  You know – get real moms to volunteer, then help them find a more flattering bathing suit.

Any volunteers?

See, that seems to be the problem. Not many of us (myself and M included) have any burning desire to be photographed in our swimwear, then uploaded to the web.  Not even for "educational" purposes.  (NOTE:  If you are that brave and live in Denver, shoot us an email. We'd love to help.)

Thankfully, Glamour magazine has found folks much braver than most.  Glamour's article, How To Find the Sexiest Swimwear For Your Body Shape, is probably the best swimsuit guide for real bodies that I've found to date.  They use real women (not models) and show before-and-after pics for each woman, as well as listing a few other swimsuit options per body type.  Their real women models are all young, and Glamour doesn't deal with mom issues specifically (like nursing or maternity, for example) but they do cover a wide range of body types including: athletic, curvy, apple shapes, large bust, and a small pooch (pic shown above).  

I have a newfound respect for the one-piece suit.

Thanks, Glamour!!




  1. Thanks for the link! I’d let you photograph me in my swim suit if it meant I didn’t feel so ugly for the rest of the pregnancy/summer! I found myself cropping the crap out of all our vacation photos!

  2. Lane, with Raines, we spent much of my pregnant summer in London. Which required a winter coat, LOL! I tried to find a few pics of myself in swimwear that summer….very few survived. I fully endorse the cropping for sanity sake. (But keep a few – you will want to look back at some point). 🙂
    Tegan — You are fearless! Love that!! If you find something you love, shoot us a pic!

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