Ready For Halloween Weekend?



We are not.  I had to keep R from school today (and he missed his field trip…on a bus) and we're still just all feeling off.  By the time the cold/flu/whatever circles through all of us…someone catches something new.  I am going insane.

But whatever.  It'll be fine.  Halloween is not a big deal here, ever since Raines informed me (two years ago) that he "jus wanna be Raines for Halloween."

Oh.  So I dialed waaaay back on the "What are you going to be for Halloween!!" hype.  Apparently, I was the only one excited.  If R chooses to dress up this year, we'll just throw something together from his dress-up box.  I figure that I have one (two, max) more years of being able to take this approach and then he'll probably want one of those creepy muscley costumes.  

But I'm not sure what to do with Pax.  I feel like this is my last year to dress him in something fluffy and cute.  Hence, the too-small chicken costume (which is adorbs, right??  I know everyone has it, but OH HOW I LOVE IT STILL).  But since Pax's hero-worship of his brother knows no bounds, he may insist on dressing EXACTLY like R…and then I have a problem.  Sooooo…yeah.  I may not have totally thought this through.

But my parents will be visiting, so fun will be had by all.  If I'm feeling really festive, I'll probably pull out the standard-halloween-momiform of trying-to-be-cute-but-not-trashy moms everywhere and wear all-black with some sort of animal ears.  I think we have a tigery-ear headband in the dress-up box.  Rawr.

It's OK.  You can boo.

BUT.  I loved Design Mom's recent video.  She's adorable, and her suggestions are, hands-down, the easiest little…(costumes is too strong a word)…spooky outfit tweaks for parents.  Observe:


Also, Shopbop had some cute ideas based on pieces you may already own, and Real Simple has 10 easy last-minute costume ideas (albeit corny ones).  My fav is "Ceiling Fan", where you carry pom-poms and make a shirt that says, "Go Ceiling!!"  

If you have an actual Halloween party to attend, The Glamouri has three Halloween DIY ideas that key off of rad makeup tricks.  So awesome.  

Lastly, check out Rookie Moms' Costumes for Babies.

All other thoughts that M or I have ever had on Halloween costumes (and we've had one or two) can be found under our Halloween category.

Happy Haunting!




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