Réalisation Par’s Leopard Skirt – Why It’s Amazing, Plus a Few Dupes


If you’re on ‘the grams’ as much as I am, you’ve likely already drooled over this skirt. It’s a 100 percent silk, bias-cut midi skirt by Réalisation Par, it’s absolutely gorgeous on, and alllll the fancy Instagrammers are rocking it. The skirt appeals to me because it really is the kind of piece that can be dressed up, dressed down, worn when it’s 90 degrees, or worn when it’s freezing.

Obviously, I had to try it. In summary? This skirt is not for everyone. First of all, it retails for $180, which is pricey, but…considering the many, many ways to wear it, plus the fact that this skirt can be worn year-round…one could easily make a decent cost-per-wear case. This skirt can be dressed up for holiday parties or weddings…or worn with sneakers on the weekend. It really is that amazing. My one big beef with the skirt, however, is the execution. The waistband is elastic. Normally this is a good thing, but in the case of this particular skirt, there’s no other opening. Just the elastic band, attached to a 100% silk skirt. The elastic stretches, but the silk? Not so much. Which means that I have to schooch, oh-so-carefully, this skirt over my bum. It takes a few minutes. After much Googling, I have found that I am not alone: this skirt is abnormally hard to get on. Many girls are reporting that they actually have to put this skirt on over their heads.


Even more annoying, once the skirt on, it’s screamingly fabulous. GAH!

In summary, I’m keeping the damn skirt. Here are a few ways I’m wearing it, as well as a round-up of a few other skirt options with a similar vibe.

Leopard Silk Skirt By Day

This skirt was freaking made to be worn with sneakers and graphic tees. Warm it up with a leather jacket. I got a ton of compliments on this easy outfit.

similar tee | skirt | sneaks

Leopard Silk Skirt By Night

Not just date-night worthy, but fancy-party worthy when paired with a silk cami. Ladylike and fun.

cami | skirt | shoes | similar bag

Leopard Silk Skirt, Warmed Up

I don’t know why this exact skirt is so freaking easy to style — it even holds up well to thick sweaters and boots, which can sometimes overwhelm a floaty piece. I suspect that’s the genius of leopard print (there’s already enough black to ground it).

sweater | skirt (xs) | similar boots

Leopard Skirt Alternatives to Réalisation Par’s Naomi Skirt

(Hey there – since the silk midi skirt trend is still going strong…we just (Oct 2019) updated all of the links to be current pieces. Enjoy!)

Has anyone else been fascinated with this breakout brand?



  1. Yep, whenever I see a garment that’s on everyone’s Insta feed is where I lose interest. How about a trouser skirt? Now that’s cool (google Calvin Klein’s 2017 version)!

  2. Thanks for an excellent post. I love this skirt so much, especially the way you styled it with the sweater and boots. I, too, would love to know what size you’re wearing. It’s interesting that a $180 skirt is difficult to put on. I may end up ordering one of the eBay alternatives you shared.

  3. Love that skirt! Especially paired with the graphic and sneaks! So functional for mom life and great that you can dress it up for date nights. I’m pretty much just loving anything leopard right now!

  4. Dude. I try to hang with you, I really do. BUT. This (and the silk pajama set worn as clothes) is a step too far. A silk skirt? That is almost impossible for YOU to get on? I just can’t believe that anyone who isn’t a fashion blogger could pull this off in her real life.

    • Lori, I get where you are coming from. I knew this piece wouldn’t be for everyone. I do unabashedly, whole-heartedly love it still (AND my silk leopard set that, for the record, isn’t actually pajamas. It’s just pajama-inspired.) But the real takeaway here is the fact that a leopard skirt can easily go from summer – winter which is TRICKY. If you’ve ever tried to style a super summmery dress for Fall…it’s hard, and often looks ‘off’. Leopard works, tho, in any fabric.

      Sidenote: I started my comment with, “Dude” before I realized that YOU also started your comment with “Dude” and it then sounded like I was making fun of you…which I was NOT. So we have this in common: starting comments with, “Dude”. Although, it may be more of a “DUDE”. ya know what I mean? Anyway, thanks for the comment – I always like knowing where everyone’s head is…..

  5. I’m with you, and I’m not sure Shana even pulls it off. Apart from anything else, it’s too long for her. And who wants to pay that much money for something with an *elastic* waist?! You could have it custom made for less.

  6. Regarding sizing, I’m 5’2, 120ish pounds and I have this skirt in a small. It fits a little big (I don’t have trouble putting it on) I definitely should have gotten the xs. I’m kinda thinking about buying the flower print one too. If you get that one Shana, I’d love to see how you style it!

  7. You look chic AF, Shana! I don’t think I could pull this skirt off, but I really love the actual pattern of the leopard, so I will definitely keep an eye out for stuff that has the same look that might work a bit better for my life (e.g., shoes or a bag, maybe a top). That’s actually my favorite part of a good fashion blog, honestly–even if the exact look isn’t for me, it gets the creative juices flowing. I can’t copy every contributor’s look exactly (different body type, different lifestyle, what have you) but every contributor has given me good ideas to apply to my own life.

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