Now that the snow has finally stopped (pleaseGod), it’s finally feeling like…mud season! Our wood floors took such a beating from all the salt and slush this winter, it’s the least I can do to protect them from a thousand dirty footprints made by a certain pair of ladybug rainboots. Typographic doormats really caught my eye this year, along with some playful kid-friendly styles that will remind them to wipe their feet. If you live in a more traditional neighborhood, you could even put a “serious” doormat at the front door and a cheekier one by the back; kind of like a mullet – business in the front, party in the back? Either way, these doormats are a quick fix to brighten up your entryway. Splash on over for more…


 Doormat Roundup

  1. Hand Plaited Doormat – A little bit nautical, a little bit nice? This handwoven mat from Anthropologie goes with so many different styles and always looks right. My little town’s mostly really old colonials or farmhouses and the traditional look fits well, but I can also see it looking great in front of anything from a brick townhouse to a mid-century modern ranch.
  2. Fungi Fresh Doormat – Modcloth products have the punniest names. This mat’s leaning towards twee, but it’s too adorable to matter. My almost 4-year old is obsessed with fairies and leprechauns (I don’t even know) – she would totally go gaga over this mat because I may have told her they live under mushrooms. Don’t they?
  3. Hola Doormat – A straightforward, hip way to greet your amigos when they come for a visita.
  4. Holland Park Doormat – Geometric goodness in bright colors liven up even the rainiest day.
  5. Hello Doormat – I love everything about this mat – the unexpected dark color, the cute script, how great it is at hiding dirt. Doormats are not typically a Mother’s Day dream present, but I wouldn’t be mad at this one.
  6. Flip-Flop Doormat – Made out of recycled flip-flop sandals, this mat’s both eco and kid-friendly! Durable, bright, and easy to hose off, it’s a fun splash of color. Multipurpose too – one of the commenters on World Market’s site uses it with her outdoor solar shower on camping trips. I am not one of those people who understands camping, so I’ll take her word for it.
  7. Welcome Doormat – Martha might have co-opted this robin’s egg blue color, but it originally belonged to spring. This pretty pick is cheerful as all get-out and a sweet way to welcome friends.
  8. Ticking Stripes Doormat – Crisp color scheme? Check. Classic pattern? Check. This stylish mat manages to take a traditional pattern and make it entirely modern and cool.
  9. Hearts Recycled Rubber Doormat – More of a minimalist? Show your boots some love with a cute mat that’s good for the environment. We used a doormat like this last spring and it was super easy to rinse the mud and dirt off, but the hearts make this one a lot cuter.

I found so many fun doormats that I couldn’t fit them all in this post, but you can check them out here:

Until next time, happy puddle jumping!


(PS – On a related note, I found some much-needed rainboot styling ideas from Shana!)

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