Better Bath Time: Our 10 Favorite Mats + Other Bathtub Essentials


My own mother takes a bath every, single night and she’s one of the calmest human beings alive. Could it be the bath?

When my own kids were tiny, I bathed all three of them every night. Some people thought that was crazy, too much bath time. I was always a routines kinda mom, and they were routines kinda kids, so for us it worked; it helped to transition them to calm, and probably me too.

Bath Mats & Calming Essentials For Better Bath Time

Calm is absolutely one of my intentions for 2020; isn’t intentions such a lower-pressure word than resolution? It’s more about where we want to focus our energy, what our purpose is, and less about what we’re going to complete by the end of the year. Lex gets credit for teaching me that. And I finally listened to my mother one night, exactly one night so far, and I took a bath. It was glorious. My muscles relaxed. My mind relaxed. I slept better than night. I’m going to take more baths. Here’s to fulfilling all the calm(er) intentions in 2020 and to better bath time. These are a few of my own favorite bath things.
xoxo, A

There are a few of our favorite bath things. We're taking more baths, soaking in the tub a lil' more this year. Cheers to all the calm(er) intentions & to better bathtime.

Essential Oils & Salts

Fancy bath salts are absolutely a luxury, AND they are an investment. They do last as you don’t need much, but maybe save the special ones for your Secret Santa wishlist. For every day, and for my kids who also still love baths, I buy epsom salt in bulk, store it in a pretty vessel with a wooden spoon on my bath board, and keep a collection of essential oils in a small basket. The kids especially love to scoop their salt into the bath, and then to choose their own oil and add a few drops. These are a few of our favorite ways to salt the bath.

Bath Brushes

Especially in the winter, is it just such a lovely feeling to gently brush away all the dry dead skin. While the salts and oils help, and a washcloth also works just fine, using a brush is better. Your skin with thank you. I promise. I personally prefer the smaller ones, but in truth, you need a long handle one to reach your own back.

Bath Boards

This was my own housewarming gift to myself, and in truth, it wasn’t for function. I felt like my bathroom needed a little warmth, especially in the tub area. What I’ve learned though, is how wonderful these are functionally, in addition to being beautiful. Mine is where the salts, oils and brushes live.

Towels & Robes

There is just absolutely nothing as luxurious as great towels and a wonderful robe. We’re an all-white-towel house. I find it easier (especially in laundry-sorting and -folding terms), and also fresher. For a decade I was loyal to certain towels…they were great quality, and on sale, in bulk, a reasonable investment. Guess what…they are on sale RIGHT NOW (40% off with code BLIZZARD.) Slowly and steadily though over the past few years we’ve been transitioning all of our linens to Parachute, and I don’t think I’ll ever look back, at least not for the next decade. While I would not have splurged on a robe for myself, I was lucky to be gifted one and a gift is most certainly is.

Bath Mats

Choose luxury, a little fun, or a combo of the two. We all need a landing pad when we step out of the bath and these are our 10 favorites right now!

Wishing you calm, relaxation and more baths in 2020! Let us know if you have any tricks we missed for better bath time.
xoxo, A

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  1. I have the DKNY ‘Clean’ bath mat – because it’s adorable – but it wears horribly. The black stitching starting coming undone almost immediately and the black faded considerably after washing. It quickly got banished to our sad basement bathroom.

  2. I have a sunday night bath ritual and it is the best. I look forward to it all week. Apply a 20 minute Drunk Elephant mask, diffuser with my favorite nighttime oils, a few candles, either music, a podcast or a book, a body scrub and body oil when I get out. I literally float into bed and avoid the Sunday night back to work anxiety ….

  3. The Sunday night bath ritual sounds like a nice way to treat myself before the work week – night have to incorporate that into my life!!

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