Our Favorite Removable Wallpaper


Removable wallpaper, peel and stick, temporary – whatever you want to call it – has been on my mind lately as low-maintenance way to keep our walls clean. I’m constantly finding sticky fingerprints or stray marker lines at kid-height all over our light colored walls and attempted cleaning with Magic Erasers just makes it worse (if you guys know a good brand of washable paint, I’m all ears). It’s most noticeable is the small powder room off of the kitchen; it seriously looks like a horror show in there with all the smudgy dirty spots. Instead of frequent repainting I had a lower maintenance solution: relatively inexpensive wallpaper you can just peel and stick on the wall like a giant decal, then easily wipe clean. No contractor, no messy paste or water application or tedious removal, just instantly gorgeous walls. I’m in.

The only problem is deciding on a pattern – there are literally thousands to choose from. After extensive research, I rounded up my favorite temporary wallpapers for any space. (Here’s a handy wallpaper calculator for fellow former English majors).

1.  Genevieve Gorder Brass Belly Removable Wallpaper, Land of Nod: The slight 3-D texture is so cool! Love this as an easy way to make a plain white wall so much more interesting

2. Street Workshop Spot Wallpaper, Etsy: Splashy watercolor dots are perfect for a bathroom or a mudroom – so fresh!

3. Feather Flock by Genevieve Gorder, Domino: Love this modernized art deco print with a little texture by Genevieve Gorder (remember her from the early days of HGTV?!) I’d use this pretty much anywhere, from an entryway to kids room to bathroom.

4. Hand Drawn Swirls Removable Wallpaper, Etsy: Charming illustrated waves or windy swirls, love it in a nursery or kid’s room with a nautical or bird theme

5. Chasing Paper And Kate Zaremba Swansy Removable Wallpaper, Urban Outfitters: Love this dramatic paper with minimalist line drawings of swans. So chic.

6. Watson Arrowhead Deep Blue Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Joss & Main: Geometric graphic pop with a softer feel thanks to the pretty watercolor in various shades of blue. I’d love this in a bathroom, reading nook, living room, anywhere, really.

7. wallpaperie Cosette Peel ‘n Stick Wallpaper, Etsy: This is maybe my favorite of the bunch – pretty gray background and a modernized version of a traditional print – you definitely won’t get sick of this one anytime soon. (You can also customize the background color!)

8. ELIZABETHGRAEBER Butterfly Print Removable Wallpaper, Etsy: Such a bright, happy update to plain walls. I know a certain 6-year old that would go ga-ga over this! Maybe just the wall behind her headboard, or inside her closet, hmm…

9. Tempaper Branches Removable Wallpaper, Domino: This abstract branch print wallpaper is moody and gorgeous especially if your room has a tightly edited black & white color scheme.

10. Tempaper Fade Cloud Removable Wallpaper, Domino: Soft and serene tie-dye effect wallpaper, perfect for breezy bedrooms or bathrooms.

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Which one would you choose for a small powder room? Help me decide!



  1. Love the look of all these fun wallpapers! You just inspired me to do a deep dive into etsy instead of working. Haha. I’ve been toying with doing a dark floral in our bathroom, and just haven’t pulled the trigger. Can anyone vouch for how they hold up in a humid environment like a bathroom?

    • Hi Megan,
      Sorry/Glad I could be a distraction from work 😉
      I think they’d be ok in a bathroom – maybe just wait a full 24 hours after the last shower to make sure walls are totally dry?

    • I have used bigger decals from etsy (trees) and dragons from another company, and both worked fantastic. They really stick, and they really come off easily. Its a great solution.

  2. I can vouch for the Chasing Paper company. I’ve used it in two rentals, on big walls. It’s super easy to install, with a buddy and some patience. Plus their customer service is top notch. Also it’s really easy to remove–I had some up for several years and took it down when I had to move, and it left absolutely no residue.

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