Review: The YBike’s Pewi Ride-On Toy and Walking Buddy (aka…Pax’s BIKE)


Mamas, add this to the top of your lists:  The Pewi Ybike Ride On Toy and Walking Buddy is one of the best things to happen to almost-walkers in a long, long time. 



We bought it for Pax a year ago, a month or so before his first birthday.  He wasn't quite walking…it was more like…squat stepping.


The Pewi bike was awesome.  Pax could push it around, and when he got going too fast…



The bike was stable enough that Pax could pull himself up.  Even with all of his…uh…girth.  (R calls it "chub".)  Before long, Pax was trying to climb on/off, and riding it himself….sort of.


Only one foot could touch the ground at a time.  But he was loving it.  And, as promised, this bike is fantastic both indoors and out.  Both boys, actually, have burned off huge amounts of energy on rainy days careening the Pewi around our sharp-cornered dining room table.  Awesome.

Now.  Here's the crazy-good part…a year later, it is STILL one of Pax's favorite toys.  Yup.  He now calls it his "bike".  


Which, considering his latest trick….is a good name.  Bikes, you see, require helmets.  His trick? Crusing down our neighbor's driveway…backwards.



It's his lean that worries me.  Leaning implies speed (Raines taught me that).  But I get it.  He wants to keep up with the big boys.  "Don't worry, Mum" Raines started to inform me.  "Pax turns around."  WHA?? 

But he did.  Right before the bottom of the hill.  Legs up, max speed, he spun around at the last second all WHAT MUM?  CHILL.



Since I'm someone who walks on the mild side and therefore rarely gets hurt (I am the world's slowest skateboarder), I often can't see it coming.  So instead of immediately insisting on a helmet, I videotaped him to show my mom.  

Of course, right in the middle of taping, Mike walked up behind me, "Babe!  That's what he's doing?  The kid needs a helmet!"  Oh. Uh…right.  Of course.  But before I could turn the thing off, Pax came careening down, the front wheels hit a small crack and CRASH.  omgit'sallmyfault  But Pax was fine.  Really.  He cried for roughly 6 seconds then wanted to get back on his "bike".  Which he did, clad in a helmet.  I would share the video with you, but am slightly worried someone will call child services or something.  Burn the tape!  Burn it! Burn it!

So there is our story of the Pewi bike.  We have thoroughly, exhaustively tested this thing. To it's limits.  Which are, evidently, an almost 30 lb baby careening full speed down a small hill onto a sidewalk full of cracks.  So uh…don't do that. 

But in all seriousness, this is one of those shockingly well-designed, well thought-out toys that will provide your little one with hours of fun.  For a really long time.

You can read more about The Pewi on Ybike's website.  It typically retails for $64, but is currently going for about $50 on Amazon