Rhinestone Boots: Dressed Up AND Dressed Down


Ever since I saw this ad in the fall fashion magazine issues, I was obsessed.  I wanted those glittery boots like I’ve never wanted any pair of shoes before.  (Practicality be damned.)  Until I saw the price tag.  To say they were out of my price range is like the understatement of the year.  BUT . . . designers took notice of their popularity and started busting out glittery boots at (much) lower price ranges.  And the ones I’m wearing make me ridiculously happy every time I put them on.  These are statement boots.

Date Night

rhinestone knee high boots

Obviously with boots like these, you want to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple (although I can’t make any promises to NOT look like a disco ball on New Year’s Eve).  I wore them with a plain black turtleneck dress on a recent date night to our favorite restaurant in Marquette–The Marq.  The BEST farm-to-table food and most delicious (unique) drinks we’ve ever had.  If you’re ever in the area, you need to check it out!

rhinestone knee high boots


Rhinestone Boots (More sizes here, I went up half a size for thick socks!)

Sweater Dress (40% off right now! wearing size medium)

Belted Skater Coat (similar, I also like the detail on this one)

Feather Clutch (similar and under $50! I’m also loving this one from Etsy that’s available in different colors)

Nickel & Suede Earrings (their newest shape, still as comfy and lightweight as before!)


Cotton-Cashmere V-Neck Sweater (available in regular, tall and slim sizes and multiple colors)


Topman Coat (similar)

Slim Fit Suit Pants

Shoes (similar)

Family Night

So obviously dressing up these boots is not the challenge . . . being able to wear them more casually is.  I took a cue from Rihanna (love her) and wore them with ripped jeans and a leather jacket.  G loves these boots too . . . just like anything and everything sparkly.  No idea where she gets that from.

rhinestone knee high boots

rhinestone boots

rhinestone boots

holiday style


Rhinestone Boots (More sizes here, I went up half a size for thick socks!)


Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Faux Leather Jacket (similar and under $100!)

Julian Backpack (Pretty much the best purchase ever . . . I use this allll the time)


Bomber Jacket (wearing size M)

Sweater (similar, love the longer length)

Necklace (similar – would make a great gift!)

Slim Jeans

Vans Sneakers (available in lots of colors)


Skirt (she LOVES this one)

Sweater (more sparkle – comes in a ton of colors)

TIghts (2-pack, also in lots of colors)

Boots (similar)

Faux Leather Jacket (similar)

Shop Glitter Boots



A huge thank you to Emma for her awesome pics!  You’re the best! Check out her work at -etimages!


  1. Wow, these boots are drop dead gorgeous and you styled them perfectly for both looks. It was instant love when I first spied the YSL boots several months ago but I had no idea they were $10k, omg. The heel height on your boots is too high for me but I think I can manage the heel height of Stuart Weitzman’s version of this boot. I’ve been eyeing those for weeks….

    • After wearing these a few times, they are pretty high. I suppose with the style, though, I’m not really wearing them every day . . . I can put up with the height on special occasions. (But dancing for hours is pretty much out of the question). 🙂

  2. Do you find you get weird looks while wearing these? I just got myself some slouchy mid calf all black rhinestone boots. My husband hates them and says everyone is going to look at me crazy! I said I didn’t care but now I’m self conscious about wearing them and thinking of returning even though I love them. Thoughts? Advice?

    • Yes! I do . . . but . . . I LOVE them and life is too short not to wear boots I LOVE. People need to focus their energy elsewhere . . . I mean, if you love them then rock them and enjoy every one of those stares! 😉

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