How To Rock A Sweatshirt in Public, Matching Backpacks and the Best Travel Coffee Mug Ever


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Sweatshirts, matching backpacks AND a great coffee tumbler…all in one post?! So much to get excited about…not to mention, lovely Cathedral Park in North Portland. Our little family headed out to this beautiful park in St. Johns (our next-door neighborhood) one Saturday morning to go exploring. Of course, the bridge is amazing, but we also got to witness the train up close and personally AND see the giant bubble guy. It was definitely an epic morning worthy of an epic post title.

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Can I just tell you about these backpacks? They are my favorite. They are the Swedish brand Fjallraven and since I pretty much love all things Swedish and waxed canvas I fell in LOVE. Mine has a laptop sleeve at the back that fits and protects my 15″ Mac perfectly.  Sienna’s mini easily holds a few toys, change of clothes (can I get a solidarity fist bump for potty training??), and her water bottle.

Before Sienna got her own backpack in December, I used mine as the diaper bag. It has been a great transitional bag ever since I was done with the traditional, open diaper bag. I adore a backpack that can fit my laptop AND plenty of room to hold snacks (new and squished on the bottom), diapers, wipes, wallet, cell phone, lotion…but still look cute and not too huge. I really like the handles on top of the bags for grabbing quickly (or nabbing the toddler quickly as she runs away!) They make a great carry-on for traveling, too. They come in a bunch of really great colors. There is so much love for these things there’s even a hashtag #ilovemykanken

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Ok, sweatshirts. At first thought, they are not the most fashionable piece of clothing, but they’re oh so comfy, right? Well, when I saw this adorable sweatshirt from the talented Roxy Marj I fell in love with it. The trick was making it look cute and not too casual. The way to go, for me, was to add a little contrast to the casual vibe by layering a button down under it. I already love them under sweaters so it wasn’t much of a stretch, but it finishes off a cool sweatshirt well. Sadly, the cute pine tree shirt only has a couple of sizes left, but this one is super cute and this one and this one are also awesome.

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I think I needed a little more coffee before this shot. Hahaha.

2016-01-24 11.14.51

And the mug. YOU GUYS. It actually keeps your coffee warm for hours! No more reheating every five minutes! What will I do with all of this extra time in the mornings? Sleep. I wish. Sienna has been waking up super early these days. zzzzzzz Not only does the mug work superbly well, but it comes in this lovely rose gold color. It is my new favorite buddy. Thanks Ello!! You know what sleepy mamas need.

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Outfit Details

Sweatshirt: From Roxy Marj, but this one from Etsy is also adorable!

Button-down: Old Gap, but this one is great and looks soft, too.

Jeans: My favorite J Brand Mid-rise Black Skinny Jeans

Vest: Old Gap, but this one is similar and on super sale!

Boots: Steven Madden Troopa boot

Coffee Mug: Ello, my new friend.


On Sienna:

Top: Gap Intarsia Bird Sweater – So sweet. It’s nice and lightweight and soft.

Jeans: Old Navy Skinny Jeans

Vest: Old Baby Gap, but this one is so cute for tinier gals and this from Mini Boden is so adorable.

Boots: Baby Bogs Classic Zoo Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot (Toddler) – The Bogs I went on and on about in the rain boot post. LOVE these, but I’d love to update hers with some of the awesome patterns I found for that post!


We had such a fun morning. And how about that daddy-daughter picture? Melt my heart. They are buddies and it is my favorite thing. Hope you all had a fun weekend…on with the week! Birthday week for me…woo!




  1. Your hair is just adorable! I’m still experimenting with my pixie and I love seeing how other women style theirs. Your daughter is also adorable. So great to see some NW clothes—I’m in Salem. Cute/practical is a necessity.

  2. This is such a great outfit formula, thanks for posting it. These are really my fave posts – the ones about how to not look frumpy in casual clothing – since I work from home and very rarely have a reason to dress up. Thanks (from another Oregonian)

    • Oh I am so glad to hear this! Yes. The overall vibe out here is so casual. I like to mix it up a bit but still in practical clothing (for the most part!) Thankyou so much for commenting.

  3. Thank you 🙂 We are happy to be here like super cute sweatshirt 😉
    Love your style !!
    We also will sew sweatshirts for babiesand toddlers soon 😉

    All the best,
    ShopLaLune 🙂

  4. I have the Fjallraven also and love its practicality, especially during the summer when we go to the beach all the time. Perfect for my minimal beach packing. But that teensy tiny one on Sienna is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! SO adorable! Our sitter has one and now I’ll have to ask her to put it on Simon (2) just for fun (hers happens to match mine too!)…

  5. Can I just say I LOVE your posts?! I’m like, yes, another Laura post! I’m on the east coast but this is totally my style. Love it!

  6. I am not a post-er, just a reader. I need to say, though, I REALLY love your posts. You are SO much like me….. except I live in Ohio. Please keep posting!

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