Rock with Me (All the Best Rocking Chairs, Inspired by Travel)


Hot off my trips to Charleston, South Carolina and 4 cities in Nicaragua, there’s this one wonderful idea left in my mind, heart, and spirit:

Rocking Chairs

All us mom people, we all need rocking chairs. For real. All of us.  Right.  Now.  Sit a spell and and I’ll tell you why. (ps.  Look up – do you see that belly on her???)

All Love.  For Real.

In Charleston, my favorite discovery were the long, opposite of the sun, secret entrance, shade and garden-facing, hidden porches.  And their rocking chairs and joggling boards.

The same idea was true in Nicaragua, especially in Leon and Grenada. Long covered porches in public spaces, plenty of shade in the squares, near the churches, in the convents. And ‘false’ front entrances to homes, that typically were iron gates, and then a covered, open-air ‘room’ full of…yup.. you guessed it: rocking chairs. Lots of them. Made of beautiful woods and wickers, all facing one another, full of family, neighbors and friends passing the hottest of the late afternoon time, together, rocking.

Leon, Nicaragua

Charleston and Nicaragua: both hot. Both places where people seek shade. Both places where people know how to love. Both places where people sit in the shade, and rock, and talk, and just…be. Families, friends, neighbors. They just sit. And rock.  And talk.  And be with one another. Every afternoon, when it’s hottest. And there’s just something so nice about that, about pausing and just sitting together. It made me miss my own family and my amazing friends  while I was away and to really count my blessings.  I promised myself that what I was really taking home from Charleston and Nicaragua was that idea: sitting with my loves, rocking the afternoon away. It really made me look forward to our sure-to-come long hot summer days. We have the go, go, go thing down pat. But sister, we are going to learn to gather our people and sit a spell…and rock, and just be.

You need a visual. You are like that. You always need a visual. So look at these, and just picture us all sitting in a circle, Friday late afternoon, wasting the day away, solving the problems of the world, making sense of everything that can be made sense of, and laughing away the rest of it, in these:

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