Run, Don’t Walk to Target For a Fab Holiday Dress by Anna Sui


I hit Target on Sunday at 8AM for the premier of the new Anna Sui line for Target.  Expecting an empty dressing room, I showed up with the little man.  BIG mistake.  Not only were there many other girls frantically throwing dresses into their shopping carts, but once little man finally figured out that he could fit under the dressing room door, it was all over.  I ended up running out of the dressing room half dressed.  And, I'd like to apologize to the older woman in the dressing room next to me.  I think he was just really excited about his new crawling-under-the-door skill.  

I'm not usually a big fan of Target's high-end design line.  Even if it looks great, the construction or the fabric is total crap, so I don't usually bother.  However, Anna Sui's line (inspired by Gossip Girl) has a higher price point, justified, I think, by the decent construction and fabrics.  Instead of Target's usual dresses under $50 range, these dresses sell for $60 – $70. 

So if you are in need of a fab little something-something that hides a post-baby pooch, or makes the huge, nursing "girls" look good, RUSH right out to Target.  Rush, rush, rush – most are already sold out online.  Don't despair yet – you can always find some on ebay, but I suspect many Target stores do have limited stock left (I know, for example, that Denver does).  Also keep checking for returns.  I know at least one of the Crazy Cart Girls who were at Target at 8AM on Sunday may have brought home…oh….let's just say FIVE dresses in order to make a final decision later.  And Mike says I can't keep all five. Poo. 

So without further ado….

The Best of the Anna Sui Line For Target

Anna Sui Table Cloth Dress in Bread Dough Anna Sui Metallic Jacquard Dress 61MOvkQD+xL._AA260_

Above left is the Anna Sui Table Cloth Dress in Bread Dough, $69.99.  I kid you not -that is actually the name.  Despite the name, this is a HOT dress. The pic doesn't do it justice.  However, the sleeves run tight, so skip it if your arms are a big larger.  While the lace looks much more expensive in person, the tiny blue bow looks cheap.  It's easy to cut off, however, and replace with a scarf, statement necklace, brooch, etc.  The dress is fully lined and forgives many stomach, butt and hip sins.

Above right is the Anna Sui Metallic Jacquard Dress in Multi, $59.99.  This dress can either be worn belted, or trapeze style.  Both are equally cute.  The pattern here is fantastic – I included a close-up.  I love the slight metallic thread.  This is a glitzy, glam, dress-up dress.  But for grown-ups.  LOVE.

31cR+z6D4tL._AA260_ Anna Sui Herringbone Dress 

The next two dresses are a study in proportion.  The first, above left, is the Anna Sui Seersucker Lace Dress, $59.99.  This dress has a drop waist, and should, ideally, skim nicely over the hips.  Dresses with a drop waist are great for moms with a thick middle, or for moms who are all shoulders and bust.   This dress would be a really fun LBD.  However, a note of caution:  the belt piece is plastic, and feels very cheap.  But the overall construction of the dress is good, and I wasn't too upset by the belt.

The next dress is the Anna Sui Herringbone Dress, $59.99.  The waist on this dress is actually higher than your natural waist.  A slightly higher waist has the added benefit of lengthening your legs, and, in the case of a thick middle, shows off the narrowest part of your rib cage.  READ:  makes you look thin.  Also, this particular dress is fairly roomy in the bust.  The Herringbone dress might be the collection's most flattering dress overall.  

Anna Sui Silk Wrap Dress 

The last dress, pictured at left is the Anna Sui Silk Wrap Dress in Geo Floral, $59.99.  This dress has a higher waistband and therefore has the potential to hide a thicker middle (see the description of the Herringbone dress, above).  The Silk Wrap dress is also very, very roomy in the bust, and very short.  I think this dress might be a good choice for a busty mom with shorter legs.  The dress also comes in black and white.

Now, before you start cursing me because these dresses are all sold out online, go check your local Target.  And I KNOW you were planning to head there anyway.  Moms are always on their way to Target.

(For a more through discussion of Target-as-mom-crack, check out our May 2009 Mom post)




  1. Busty Mom With Shorter Legs? Why, that dress has my name all over it!
    I see this look with the tights and boots and think, what temperature is it going to be that I’m wearing tights, boots, and a sleeveless dress? I think half the cuteness might be hidden by my cardigan, but I might try it anyway.

  2. I know I’m late to this party, but I just wanted to let y’all know:
    My Target still has TONS of the Anna Suit line left–they got in more stock. Besides the super-cute dresses, they have some unbelievable tops that would work for early-bump or post-baby. The one I bought is this gorgeous black turtleneck with geometric last inserts at the neck and upper arms–the lace makes the boobies look lovely and my upper arms look tiny (a feat indeed). AND, the top is trapeze shape!
    Get thee to a Target, ladies…

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