To Run or Not to Run…in a Skirt


Ok, ladies, I need your help.  I posted a question to the TME Slack channel the other week; How do we feel about running skirts?  Silence.  And then the LOL emoji.  Followed by another one.   And right then and there I was determined to make running skirts cute.  Here’s the thing . . . we went to North Carolina this summer.  Where it’s hot and humid.  Like sweating while I’m standing still humid.  There’s no way I could wear my normal workout leggings in that weather and hell no I’m not going to put on short shorts to run in.  Regular running shorts are an option for some people but on me they just ride up in between my thighs . . . supes attractive.  So . . . running skirts it is.


Fila Comfort Waistband Skort: So ridiculously comfortable and also in white or black.

Danskin Seamless Bra: With removable padding . . . very comfortable (even when running) and supportive.

Oakley Sunglasses: Love these lightweight glasses for running . . . they come in a ton of colors.

Merrell Sneakers: Merrell’s were the first pair of running shoes I could ever wear without socks . . . with NO blisters even the first time I wore them.  So comfortable!

Tank: I bought this top while on vacation this past winter, but I love graphic tanks in general (for running or throwing on with some shorts) . . . like this one about tacos or this Star Wars one.

So . . . back to my question: how do we feel about running skirts?

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  1. I have always resisted running skirts but this summer I started thinking about bathing suits with skirts… so my new thinking is why not? If you’re more comfortable and feel good and it gets you running — do it!

  2. Running shorts ride up on me too, so I always worry that the shorts underneath the skirt will ride up too. Did the shorts stay in place while you ran?

    • Nope, they rode up as well but the skirt covered it. I have yet to find out how to prevent them from riding up but at least it’s not showing with the skirt option . . . although someone on facebook pointed out that some have a grippy strip on the inside which could help!

      • Yes!! You need the grippy strip. I only run in skirts and before I buy, they need two things: grippy strips and pockets in the shorts. My faves are by Brooks (sadly, discontinued) and Skirt Sports (Jette or Lioness).

    • I’ve been able to find running skirts where the shorts don’t ride up, it just takes a lot of trial and error. Definitely look for the kind that has a grippy bit around the leg openings. And I always shop for this kind of thing at REI or Athleta, anywhere that lets you try out the product for a few work outs and you can still return them.

  3. I love, love, love my Asics interval running skort in black. I’ve run many a 5K in it and get lots of compliments. I tend to wear it with fitted tanks in black, pink and grey. Baggy, wispy shorts don’t work with my thigh gap (or lack thereof). I like that the Asics one I have has a perforated mesh 3.5-inch inseam short underneath so I can skip the body glide. I disliked the panty versions.

  4. I always wear running skirts! But I also was a competitive athlete in sports that had skirt uniforms (and I still play just not quite so competitively as my college days), so maybe I’m just used to it? I find running tights/leggings way too hot and running shorts ride up all the time. I think you have to have very, very thin legs to wear running shorts comfortably.

    Oh, and that “ha-ha” skirt you linked to? These type of skirts suit women who want to exercise, but whose religions require modesty; there’s not a ton of options for athletic clothing that meet their needs.

    • Right?? Sometimes just getting out the door is hard enough . . . I don’t want to follow any fashion rules when I’m running.

  5. I always run 5k’s in skirts because it makes me feel extra cute and a little pep in your step didn’t hurt anyone. I like to put them over capris so my butt isn’t hanging out. I also prefer the pleated ones because they don’t get to clingy or ride up while you run.

  6. I really like running skirts for the reasons many mentioned above. I am larger on the bottom. Most med running shorts are too short, give me a love handle and are just bad. Larges, on the other hand, are too big, gap in the waist. I feel like the skirt doesn’t have these issues with the sizing problems. I have the one you have (found at tjmax) and another that is older from athleta.

  7. I LOVE running skirts and have been wearing them for years. I felt a little self conscious at first, but quickly got over it. I really loved Lululemon’s Pace Setter but they stopped making it. Oiselle has a Roga skirt, I’ve never tried it, but love their roga shorts and I’m betting it’s just as good. Go for it!

  8. When I finished my first marathon–in a running skirt–I turned to the man who would become my husband and said “Seriously, if you guys had any idea how comfortable these things were for running–every man out here would be wearing one.” I have yet to convince him to sport a skirt….but I stand by the sheer genius of practicality, coverage without overheating and–as you proved–cuteness. And, I agree with others, if it gets you out the door….healthy pursuits and a fit body is always in style.

  9. I’m in the “no skirt” camp, but that’s just for me. I don’t begrudge anyone their running skirt. Whatever gets you out there!

  10. I think running skirts look so cute on other people, but I feel silly wearing them. It took me years to feel like a real runner and not just some dumpy-muffin out jogging (*shudder* I hate that word), but wearing a skirt takes me back to the dumpy-muffin stage. It’s mental, I know. I look in the mirror and realize that, objectively, I look fine, but I just don’t FEEL as legit as I do in my usual shorts or crops.

    If you want longer running shorts, try Oiselle’s Long Roga shorts. I have regular Rogas and Long Rogas, and they’re awesome. Pretty much everything Oiselle makes is awesome, actually.

  11. I once read a thread about running skirts on runner’s world (I think) and some runners mentioned getting a lot more cat calls, etc when running in skirts, so that is the only reason I have avoided them. I usually run in more traditional running shorts, the kind with the built in underwear, but it has takes commitment to find decent pairs that are both flattering and comfortable (and long enough!) they are not easy to find. But they are great for hot weather when you just can’t wear tights/spandex type stuff.

  12. I am at Carolina Beach as I write this and am super sticky and hot after my morning run. I tried a running skirt but the shorts were too short and I got thigh burn – ouch!!!
    I have found Lululemon’ speed track shorts to be perfect! They are longer ( 8 inch?) but I swear they don’t look as long in person as they do on the model. Plus they have a side pocket big enough for my monster cell phone! After lots of trial and error- these shorts are my favs! I’ve even converted most of my running friends!!
    Carry on in whatever gets you moving!!

  13. I love them for all the reasons stated here. There is NO pair of running shorts that doesn’t immediately ride up between my legs–ugh, the WORST! I wear running skirts or capris. Like someone else said, as far as the under-shorts layer riding up, it is trial & error. I’ve had a few that didn’t–SkirtSports is famous for their no-ride-up claim, and IT’S TRUE–but many that do, but since they’re hidden, it’s not so bad. I can generally ignore it. 🙂 I think run skirts are cute & sporty! You look adorable & athletic!

    • You’re right, SkirtSports are the best! They have perfected the athletic skirt. I love wearing mine to walk, hike, yoga, outdoor social events, etc. I’m in Houston and they are the best hot weather option. I find I need to wear a fitted top to balance the look. I wish Scotti had shown more variations on the look because they really have a lot of versatility.

  14. Wearing a running skirt right now, as I just finished my run. Love them! Athleta makes a great one, with grippy tape on the shorts to keep them from riding up and giving you the chub rub.

  15. I have hated shorts my entire life. However once I moved to texas it became a necessity – seriously it’s so hot you can’t even wear cute maxi skirts. it’s all about air flow. I haven’t actually run in these yet, but I walk around in them all day VERY happily. They don’t ride up at all. I prefer them to regular skirts where my sweaty thighs touch. And their original purpose is to run/workout anyway. I highly recommend!!

  16. I tried some Lulu skorts last summer (in coastal Georgia) and they were so hot that I swallowed my pride and went for shorts. I am absolutely smitten with the Outdoor Voices skort, sleek, sporty, great colors and must. have. one for the fall. Still don’t know how to make it look awesome but it will work!

  17. hands down best run skirts ever are sparkle skirts!
    The under-shorts never ride up/no thigh burn PLUS they have small waistband pocket (keys/chapstick, etc) AND big sturdy amazing pockets on the shorts for gels, phone, even hydration for long runs!)

    • YES!!!!!!!!! Sparkleskirts are the absolute best! Mine have never ridden up either, although I have eventually worn some inseams out. And the pockets are the best. So incredibly comfortable!!!

  18. I’ve worn a title nine va va vroom skirt for the last THREE summers. Love it! Shorts stay in place without the yucky plastic grips.

  19. I’m not a runner but if you can wear a skirt for field hockey, lacrosse, golf, tennis, and cheerleading, why not running? I see moms at the playground wearing these all the time and always think they look very sporty-chic (and much less hot than everyone in Lululemon pants!)

  20. Lucy has cute running skirts too. Love that they come with compression shorts underneath both for coverage and chub rub. Body Glide or similar helps the shorts stay in place

  21. Love your look!,I’m a runner living in the South and many beautiful runners here run in nothing else all summer. It’s not even a question of whether it’s cute or whether it’s done…it’s adorable and it’s accepted. I recommend going pretty short on the skirt if heat is the problem. It’s both cuter and cooler.

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