S And S Take On LOFT!! (Yup…Get Ready For More Dressing Room Selfies)




In case anyone wasn’t 100% clear on the level of dorkiness Sarah and I can sink-I mean aspire to, allow me to clear that right up.

Great.  Thanks.

But yay!!! Sarah’s back!!  And this time we hit up LOFT.  I’m not gonna lie…..it was a little hit-or-miss, and it took Sarah two (TWO!! the poor thing) trips to get the sizing/combos to work.  LOFT’s marketing machine of gorgeous, soft-colored neutrals is hard to resist, so I think our trouble started with thinking that EVERYTHING would be amazing.  It’s not.  But there are several pieces that are just so, so good.   And in the end?  Well done, LOFT.


Let me start with something near and dear to my heart:  sweatpants.  This outfit was my personal fav.  I’m wearing LOFT’s Moto Flight Jacket (size XS), with Lou & Grey’s Trackstripe pants (size XS) and  Lou & Gray’s signature tee (size S).   I wish they had an XXS in both the moto jacket and pants.  (FYI – an XXS is available in the jacket, but not the pants.)  Sadly, Sarah couldn’t find anything from the Lou & Grey line in MN, soooooo…..


Let’s move on to Sarah, shall we?



Jacket:   LOFT Moto Flight Jacket  (XS on me, M on Sarah)  – We both LOVED this piece!!  It us insanely soft.  Really surprisingly soft.  It’s more like a fleece than a jacket.

Skirt – Left on Me:  Quilted Flippy Skirt (XXS) – even with an XXS, this skirt was *almost* a bit loose.  Which means I can wash/dry without fear.  Sarah also tried on this skirt, but the quilted  fabric wasn’t flattering – it didn’t drape well on a curvier body.  (And on Sarah, the M was too small, the L was too big.)

Skirt – Right on Sarah:  Tweed Flippy Skirt (M) –  Much better drape with this fabric!


drs - LOFT-flippy-skirt-marled-sweater

On Me – LEFT:  Quilted Flippy Skirt (XXS), Marled Sweater in blue (S)

On Sarah – RIGHT:  Tweed Flippy Skirt (M), Back Button Pullover in plum (M)


drs - LOFT-lace-sleeve-top-washed-black-jeans

Tops:  Lace-Sleeve Striped Tee (XS – Shana, M – Sarah) layered over the Stripe Knit Button-down Shirt (S, M)

Jeans: Modern Skinny Jeans in iron gray wash (24), Curvy Skinny Jeans in iron gray wash (29)

I loved the wash of these jeans, but not the fit (I like mine to fit skinnier), but Sarah loved them!!  She noted that she had to size down to get the right fit (and she didn’t notice much difference between the curvy and regular sizing).  We were surprised by how cute the tops were on both of our body types!

Also, I’d like to talk about the button-down for a sec:

drs - LOFT-knit-button-down-shirt

The Stripe Knit Button-down Shirt is actually made of soft jersey, like a t-shirt.  So it layers beautifully – your arms never feel restricted.  This piece was one of our very favorites from LOFT.  (It also comes in gray, chambray stripe, and a bunch of solid colors that Sarah is wearing because I promised never to make her wear white again.)   Also, all LOFT tops are 40% off right now….



drs - LOFT-leopard-coat

On Me – Left:  LOFT Snow Leopard Print Car Coat (the store only had a S, so it was WAY too big), Knit button-down in gray (S), Whisper Stripe Pullover Sweater (M), Denim leggings in center blue wash (24).

The striped sweater is ever-so-slightly-sheer, so it showed the contrasting placket of the gray knit button-down.  If I were to do this over, I’d put the striped sweater over a solid button-down (or the gray stripes – anything without a contrasting collar and placket).   Also, the denim leggings were a much better fit for me than the jeans.

On Sarah – RightLOFT Snow Leopard Print Car Coat (M), Back Button Pullover in plum (M), Modern Skinny Jeans in iron gray wash




drs - LOFT- plaid pencil skirt - mixed prints

Top: Mixed Mosaic Woven Sweatshirt (XS, S) – This is the most misleading name ever.  I love this top, but there’s nothing sweatshirt-y about it.  It’s simply a silky, polyester top.  Sarah liked it MUCH better once she sized down.

Skirt: Wooly Plaid Pencil Skirt (00, 6) – we both loved this skirt.  I’d prefer the 00P, and Sarah would prefer the 8, but we worked with what they had.   Anyway, this is a fab skirt for work or fall date night.


I’m a mixed-print kind of girl, but if it’s too much for you, try topping with LOFT’s Bomber Jacket.  So cute for work, right?  (Ignore the weird fuzz on mine – dirty mirror.)

drs - LOFT- plaid pencil skirt - mixed prints - wool bomber jacket




The bomber jacket is really good – it’s boiled wool, so very soft, warm, yet thin enough to drape well.

drs - LOFT- wool bomber jacket - moto denim


This outfit is adorable on Sarah, but it strikes me as too Bolero-tie-Texan on me.  You know?  Maybe it’s the hair.  Or maybe I just need to swap out that shirt.  And when I first saw the pic of Sarah, I thought “what is she doing with her hand?”  She sent me like 7 of these pics, all with the weird hand position.  Then I realized:  she’s copying the pic I sent of me.

BWAH HA HA HA!  Well played, Sarah.

JacketLOFT’s Bomber Jacket

Top: LOFT Grid Dot Blouse (I actually like the piping and the sexy pajama-vibe of this top…even if this execution didn’t quite work.)

Jeans:  Skinny Stitched Moto Jeans in smash blue wash (29, only on Sarah – everything was sold out in my size)


I like the blouse better unbuttoned (at least on me):

shana - loft- grid dot blouse




Ok, now we’re entering stranger territory.  Behold, LOFT’s faux-leather mini skirt:

drs - LOFT- leather skirt - colorblocked sweater


I am swimming in the petite XXS.  Even this size was too big around my poochy waist – and I have it cranked up as high as possible, in order to make it “mini”.    With all of that, I do like the look of a long sweater over an A-line mini….it’s almost like a color-blocked dress.  And Sarah and I are both wearing a medium in the sweater (and I almost want her to go down one more size).    It’s LOFT’s Colorblocked Textural Sweater.   The color-blocking on this thing is genius – it actually helps make you look thinner.

Soooo…all in all, this outfit was OK.  Close, but not the greatest.  So we each tweaked our above outfits one more time….

drs - LOFT- leather skirt - colorblocked sweater - flippy skirt


On Me – LEFT:  This is still the colorblocked sweater, but I went down to a size S (and they only had it in navy).  Because the skirt was just too long, I swapped it out for the Quilted Flippy Skirt.  This result is a much better example of the two-pieces-to-look-like-a-colorblocked-dress I was going for.

On Sarah – Right:  Sarah swapped out the colorblocked sweater for one that showed off the elastic-waist detail (Back Button Pullover in plum).  Better, right?

I can’t help but think that we both may be better off with LOFT’s Leather Paneled Ponte skirt.   Sadly, this piece wasn’t in our stores.


Coincidentally, I received an email (with pics!! my fav!!) from reader Amber, who had just scored big at LOFT.  Her fav?  That Colorblocked Textural Sweater, which, she notes, she liked better when she sized up TWO sizes.

drs - LOFT - colorblocked sweater



Amber had a few other favs, like “the perfect oxblood cords I’ve been needing” (LOFT calls them “darkest cranberry”) and these two stand-out pieces:

drs - LOFT- sweatshirt dress - chambray

Left:  LOFT Lace-tipped sweatshirt dress

Right: LOFT Chambray Sweatshirt

Um….how much do you love her little blond shopping partner?  I cracked up reading the last line of her email:  “This is the softest chambray ever. Ever. The boy quit.”

Amber, thank you SO much for sending these pics!!  I definitely missed that sweatshirt dress (cause I would’ve been ALL OVER IT), and the LOFT store I was in had exactly ONE chambray sweatshirt left in stock.  It wasn’t my size, but I agree with you on the softness.  (It’s more like a flowy top than a sweatshirt, but LOFT is clearly playing fast-and-loose with the ‘sweatshirt’ moniker these days.)

Oh!  And before I forget:  If anyone needs a cute raincoat, LOFT’s Coated Anorak is awfully cheery.  (No Sarah because she is boycotting all forms of yellow.)




I hope you guys like reading these as much as Sarah and I like doing them….I should also mention that all tops and sweaters are currently 40% at LOFT.

Love you, Sar.  Thanks for putting up with me and going back a SECOND time.




ps.  Where should we go next?  I’m hearing you guys want Anthro?  Nordies?  If we do Nordies, it might make sense to focus on just a designer or two at a time.  Vince?  Joie?  Who are you currently drooling over?   LET THE SHOPPING ENABLERS HELP YOU PULL THE TRIGGER….LOOK INTO OUR EYES…..


pps.  Please leave harassing comments about the quality of Sarah’s phone.  Sar – my offer to get you a dang iPhone still stands!!!!  Stubborn girl.




  1. First of all-yay! Love this! You guys rock. Second of all, Amber gets MAD props for taking that Blond Boy with her at all, let alone for sending pics. Thirdly, are there any ANMJ (wait-what’s-the-new abbreviation?) friends/readers who want to chime in with advice for curvy Sarah-ish shaped girls with LONG torsos? I’m only 5’4″ but I practically need tunics just to be shirts. And all the moto/bomber jackets are pretty much crops on me, which totally defeats staying warm. Thank you!

  2. Take the new phone, Sarah, take the new phone. You are simply too awesome to let fuzzy shots stand between us and your gorgeousness! This series is fab and you two are sensational.

    Shana you are absolutely killing it with the new look site, I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and love seeing you go from strength to strength (in more ways than one). Yay team!

    • Yes! I love that idea because we don’t have either of those here. I love to see stores we don’t have since I can’t go try them on 🙁 anthropology too!

  3. Love love love these posts. Sara is your perfect counterpart. Both gorgeous in different ways. I’d love to see a J Crew post. Or maybe Banana Republic? I work in an office and always appreciate work attire suggestions in addition to momiform pieces.

  4. So, so helpful! I’m a Shana on the bottom and a Sarah on the top. Seeing these side by side is more useful than any one model could ever be. Ordering now! Thanks a ton!

  5. You two are so cute! I really like that knit button down shirt. I’ve never shopped at Loft before but may have to start…I particularly like this new series b/c, no offense Shana, but Sarah has a more…relatable body. It’s very helpful to see the same item on 2 different body types!

  6. I love this, thank you both! I have a really hard time at Loft – I never would have picked these items by their pictures online. Might have ordered 8 things. Keep it up!

  7. Thank you for bringing in Sarah! I adore you and your blog, Shana, but I haven’t fit into an XXS since middle school. It’s helpful to see pics of the clothes on someone with more my body type.

  8. Madewell please! And if you do Nordstrom, how about focusing on one item rather than a designer, like coated denim or holiday party worthy dresses?

  9. Amber’s pics are the best even with the shopping “partner”! Rock on, mama – I would never think of trying to take pics of myself while shopping with child.
    And yes, Sarah, take the phone with the better camera 🙂

  10. I’ve been stalking the Loft online… Filling my shopping cart but not quite ready to purchase. So this was perfect! So awesome to see the same pieces on two different body types. Definitely added a few pieces just because of this post. Shopping enabling perfection!

  11. This was great! I vote for Anthro…since they carry so many different designers I find that the fit and sizing are really hit and miss. It would be great to see Shana and Sarah try on for us.

  12. I love Sarah trying stuff on, her body type is more me, and its great, now if you do nordies, please try on some sweaters with drape under $100

  13. I like the idea of a single item at Nordstrom over a designer. Like above commenters- party dresses or drapery sweaters. I think that’s more interesting. Good job!

  14. Love this series on dressing room selfies….might be my favourite! It takes the shopping enabler to a whole new level! My vote is for Anthropologie next please 🙂

  15. I love the dressing room selfies, too and the combo selfie is genius! Thanks for making this happen! I’m interested in Madewell and J Crew!

  16. I kind of miss the variety posts (similar to the leather jacket one) that offer up styles in various price points and also focus more on making various pieces and styles work (also for different body types) rather than shopping posts. That said, what about posts like this with more generic stores with lower price points?

  17. Love this post! J.Crew/Madewell/Nordies (Vince or Theory/or I want to see you style Eileen Fisher – you could do it!). For lower price point, could be fun to do some Joe Fresh at a JC Penneys (although might be hard to find the same pieces).

  18. So what, if anything came home with you? Thinking of the colorblock sweater- but not sure if I should size up to a medium? Typically a small/extra small but I like sweaters especially to be a little oversized…

  19. I’m a size 6/8, and all I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Sarah, for being game! I do love Shana’s style so much, but a lot of what works for her just doesn’t work for a curvier figure. I’m also learning, though, that a surprising amount actually does work with a few modifications. So. Thanks again!

  20. Truly, you are adorable…and Sarah too! What fun! Ok, so was at Loft the other day. Visually, walking in, everything looks soothing and cozy. But not much luck. I did get the gray, color block sweater, but went up TWO sizes as well for that oversize feel.
    Definitely another dressing room session. Would LOVE to see a trip to Nordstrom’s for denim….especially with Sarah so we can see the sizing, etc.

  21. Love it! Madewell would be great and Banana seems to have gotten a lot less stuffy lately. If you do Nordstrom what about LBDs? I’m on a multi-year (yes, really) quest for the perfect, do- it-all version- heels, booties, ALL!

  22. J.Crew! J.Crew! (And Made well!) J.Crew is my absolute favorite, but the last few months I’ve barely liked anything, so I wonder what your take would be. So, yes, I’m asking you to find things for me to spend my money in. Lol.

  23. Love, love, love this series! You two are adorbs. And add another vote for Madewell and Banana Republic! Banana’s “new look” or whatever is interesting, but I don’t know if I dare try to drag my three-year-old into a dressing room just yet. Have they changed their sizing much, does anyone know? Also, suggestions on what to wear to work are always welcome!

  24. I love these posts as well. I live in Canada, and have started doing more online shopping from loft, anthro and madewell, and this kind of thing helps so much to see how the clothes really fit and feel. My request would be for madewell, since I’ve had the weirdest sizing surprises from them and there’s no way I’ll be close to a store in the near future to try things on. Also, I would love to see a feature on Vince. I’m curious to know if the higher price point is worth it. However, I may be in the minority on this one. Thanks again!

  25. I love these posts. My body is more like Sarah’s shape and it’s just so nice to see clothes on a curvy shape too. Thank you ladies!! You’re way fun!

  26. Not related to this post…but I would love to see you style the shredded blank nyc jeans you have on your wish list. They are so cool!!

  27. Loving this series! My body type is actually closer to Shana’s than Sarah’s (I’m a little larger on bottom than on top, but still a fake-the-curves rectangle), and even I appreciate the comparison pics. My vote is for Anthro next round–one of my favorite stores and I really want to see how their clothes fit into Shana’s more modern aesthetic.

  28. I love this so much! I would love to see a session with sweaters (Nordstroms maybe?) I have 2 kids under 4 so I do most of my shopping online and it’s sooooo hard to tell if a sweater will drape right or feel soft without touching them in person!

  29. Can I just comment that I LOVE your short hair style right now? I think it’s the perfect length on you.

    I have a feeling I will be buying a few of those pieces.

    Great post!

  30. Love these posts – they are the best! You have already covered my three go-to stores (Target, Gap, and Loft) but I think covering a single item at Nordstroms would be great – different brands of jeans in one style would be awesome because jeans shopping is always overwhelming. Madewell, JCrew, and Anthro are all good ideas, too!

  31. Great reviews Shana!
    If anybody is interested in jcrew reviews,i do lots of them on my website ( ina-wonderland.blogspot.com) or on my IG inawonderland5.

  32. Oh man! I gave up on Loft a few years ago because I just couldn’t find anything that really fit my lifestyle (I shopped there a lot when I was working full-time but not as a SAHM). I was inspired by this post, but when I stopped by the Loft near me today I was so disappointed. Their selection was teeny-tiny and they had about 3 things you featured. So disappointing! I did do well at Forever 21 and H&M though, so I’m nominating either of those for some dressing room selfies. I’d also love to see Madewell, but really, I love them all.

  33. OMG Shana!! Thank you so much for adding Sarah and the curvy girl comments… I’ve alway admired your beautiful body and style, but it’s very disappointing when my style inspiration and the curves of my body don’t mix. 🙁 This helps a lot! <3

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