Weekend 1.27


Hey Gang! It’s my birthday on Monday, so I’m keeping this light. In celebration of, uh…mahself. Truth be told, Mike is gone on a boys weekend (it’s fine, he almost never does this stuff), but the kids still have practice and comps and THEN tHerE’s tHe DoG, so I’ve been busy. To say the least.

Fingers crossed that his flight doesn’t get delayed on Sunday. Because that would be…


Nieve’s favorite hat. It says, “Apres” and is almost as cute on my head as it is in her mouth.

Truly, so stunning. This dress is expensive, but a joy to look at. The details get better & better, the closer you look. I love the premise, too: it’s the silhouette of an everyday dress, but made fancy. The casual-glam factor is high, and it’s SO GOOD.

They created a monster. After my try-on, I cannot stop with Sezane. I just added this sweet cardigan (in light blue, my winter color of 2024) and this FLEECE. In pink.

Speaking of light blue…I have a collab coming out soon with Frank & Eileen, and I had them send over this set in ‘ice’. Spoiler: it’s stunning. Like an absolute breath of fresh air – it perks up my whole face. Even my boys are like, ‘oh wow, Mom – you look great’ – which is saying something because it’s still, fundamentally, just sweatpants & a hoodie.

Plus size pick: This dress, in that same ice blue. SWOON.

This whole outfit: A matching scarf-and-sweater moment. I’d pair it with my fav light wash jeans (either this pair or this pair) and for the shoes…hmmm. Maybe this pair? It hits that kitten heel trend that’s coming on strong, without an actual kitten heel (so easier to walk in).

Something sexy. I love how this lace teddy has a looser fit. I don’t often describe teddies as effortless…but this one comes close.

Something cute. Printfresh is having a sale! It includes my ‘Starless Sky’ set (you can see it on me, here), as well as – ahhh so good!! – Waffles In Bed.

Something comfy. I love sleeping in Negative Underwear’s whipped collection…and they just added a striped set (top, bottom). I cannot resist – it’s French girl cute.

Strings attached. I just bought these mittens in black, and I LOVE that I can take them off whenever I need to deal with the dog, my phone, my glasses – whatever – and they’re still just…hanging there. No more lost mittens. And now I want the beige, too. Orrrrr….these seriously luxe faux-fur mitts (with strings!) by Max Mara. Hiiii.

An unlikely pairing. I never thought I’d want a bag that was made from both straw and…wait for it…SEQUINS, but here we are.

1973. Technically, this is before I was born, but not by much. This striped 1973 tee by Kule commemorates Roe v. Wade & 30% of the purchase price will go to National Institute of Reproductive Health to advance proactive policies on the state & local level. Besides, it’s also just a damn cool shirt. (Size up, tho. Runs small by one full size.)

Puffy vest-dress? I do not know where I would wear this puffer vest/dress, or how I would wear it…but I can’t stop thinking about it.

Travel porn. Net-A-Porter has 30% off all Assouline books, and these absolutely epic coffee table books make incredible gifts for anyone who loves to travel. They’re a joy to page through.

Um. These are $895. At least there’s a heart on the bum?

Okaaay. I ran out of my much-beloved Collen Rothschild cleansing balm, the one I’ve been using for eight years straight. I knew that shipping would take some time, so as a stop-gap, I ordered this make-up remover balm off Amazon because it could arrive in a day. Does this balm smell as good as Colleen’s? No. Does it leave my face feeling as soft & moisturized? No. Does it feel like a mini spa moment? Nope. But does it remove makeup even – oof – even better than my old one? Yes. Yes it does. It’s a little cheaper, too. So now I’m torn.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!




  1. That is my absolute favorite set from Frank and Eileen! A collab…….tell us more. I am not sure anything could be more exciting. Don’t forget the plus girls, they are sometimes excluded by F & E (their only downfall as far as I can tell).
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy 50th Buddy!!! I believe I’ve been around since you 40th and wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration over the years – and not just fashion-related! Enjoy your birthday 🥳

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