A Safari-Chic Nursery Reveal


There’s just nothing like seeing all the planning and hard work come together in an amazing project reveal! This Safari-inspired nursery was no different — we’re so happy with how wonderful it is!

Usually, the after images take my breath away; these knocked the wind right out of me. It probably has something (everything) to do with the large-scale zebra wallpaper. If you haven’t already, jump over to the design plan post and see how this Single Room Fix package came together. SIDENOTE: This ENTIRE project was worked on virtually, without me ever stepping foot into the room. Ahhh the benefits of technology. If this piques your interest make sure you jump over to the Single Room Fix page on our site and see how we get it done!  


Make the Crib the Main Act

This is a baby room after all….in this large nursery, with a queen-size bed, we wanted to make sure that when you opened the door, the first impression you got was “adorable baby room” and not “guest room with crib tucked in corner.” We achieved this by laying out the furniture so that the crib is in direct sight line from the entry door.

This also gave us a killer place for our fav zebra wallpaper. If that doesn’t say Safari-chic nursery, we aren’t sure what does.

Take Care of Yo’self

YUP. This mama to be is lucky enough to fit a crib and queen-size bed in her nursery. Whenever possible, I always suggest putting a daybed, bed or sofa in the nursery. It makes a world of difference!

First-time mamas idealize the nursery as a place where cute cuddly baby is sleeping away endless hours. But in reality, it’s probably going to be a place where everyone is fighting sleep — Mama for it and baby against it. Having a place to crash after said battle is HUGE in my opinion. (Sorry first-time moms-to-be for bursting your bubble here…)

Always Add Storage, Always

The thing with babies is…they grow. Into little humans who amass weird rock collections and piles of swords (actually sticks). We wanted to add a little more toy storage, so we switched up the design plan during installation and added this wall shelf instead.

This gives us a place to store bins of toys and diapers now, but it’s flexible enough to grow with child.  NOTE: always be sure to attach these tall, tower-like shelving units to the wall with an anchoring system to prevent tip-overs. Safety first!

Nurseries are our fav to work on. There’s something about taking a blank space and creating a simple and beautiful plan for a new life that is equally exciting and gratifying. This project was no exception. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

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-Allison H.

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