Sandals That Work For People With Feet Problems


Got foot problems? Dread wearing (+ searching for) summer shoes? Find sandals for problematic feet the uncommon unicorn of summer footwear? Laura gets it. And she has answers! Five to be exact.

In her latest vid, Laura goes over her top five seriously cute & not-so-shockingly chic (it is Laura that we’re talking about) sandals for her problematic feet. From tried-and-true styles you’ve definitely heard of (but maybe neglected because you didn’t know they’d work), to fancier pairs and even some heels for when you need to get fancy – she covers all the classic sandal bases.

My 5 Favorite Sandals For Problematic Feet

If the first sandals that come to mind are those clunky, oddly strappy, usually white orthopedic shoes that don’t necessarily scream fashion, then worry no more. Those ones…. are not included haha. Laura would never.

And if you aren’t necessarily in the market for sandals for problematic feet but just need some regularly comfortable sandals, these 5 beauties still apply. Just knowing they’ve gotten Laura’s stamp of approval makes a big difference. Nobody needs to skimp on comfort here!

Spoiler alert: Birkenstocks, Teva, Aerosoles, Everlane and Pons are involved. And they brought the comfort. Self-conscious-about-your-feet-people, rejoice!

Psst — curious about each sandal Laura covers? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


Abby & Laura

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