What’s The Deal With The Sarah Flint Hype?


I’ve been taking notice of the Sarah Flint heels hype for a while now….Meghan Markle wears them, Serena Williams, Amal Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Silverman, Michelle Pfeiffer…the list goes on and on. 

And the RAVE reviews online from non-famous Sarah-Flint-wearers? Accolades are pouring in not just in praise of the stunning designs but also for comfort. Yep. I said the word “comfort”. Phrases like “walking on clouds,” “danced all night,” and even “bouncy” and “comfy” all appear in these reviews.

These word choices VERY much confused me.

These shoes do not LOOK like they belong in a comfortable shoe discussion at ALL. Elegant thin straps, delicate buckles, and one of the sexiest thinnest stiletto heels I’ve ever encountered…comfort? Really?

The Comfort Shoe Queen Asks: People Love Sarah Flint Heels...But Do I?

Sarah Flint Sandal 85

I mean…are we talking Dansko comfort? Ha…no chance. Look at that towering thin high heel! Obviously not.

Naturalizer fancy heel comfort, though? Maybe? When I ordered the Sarah Flint Sandal 85, I was wishing for and fantasizing about an unequivocal yes.

The Comfort Shoe Queen Asks: People Love Sarah Flint Heels…But Do I?

What piqued my interest in these shoes was an evening wherein two women approached me at a friend’s wedding to personally tell me JUST how comfortable their gorgeous Sarah Flint high heels were. I was wearing my beloved Naturalizer Kinsleys, which are absolutely fine in appearance, but these Sarah Flint heels were stunning. The celebrity hype, the reviews online, combined with these REAL people endorsements…as the self-designated comfort shoe queen of The Mom Edit, I was intrigued. 

The price tag is definitely no joke. $550 for a pair of heels. Browsing the Sarah Flint website, her collection really is exquisite. But when you can get a pair of Naturalizer heels for $120 – $140, are Sarah Flints really worth the splurge? And are they actually as comfortable as Naturalizers?

I Almost Threw A Luxury Brand Strappy Heel In The River (But I Didn’t)

Well, Shana ADORES her Sarah Flints. We both wore them for the first time to the same event. “Most comfortable heel EVER”, she declared after dancing HARD in them all.night.long. She promptly ordered them in an additional color. As for me? I considered throwing my brand new Sarah Flints into the Schuylkill River as I walked home barefoot from the same event. Read on for the details on why they work for her foot but not for mine.

Sarah Flint strappy heels are stunning to look at. But they weren't as lovely to wear.

Sarah Flint Sandal 85

Many of you have asked about Sarah Flints, so I knew it would be helpful to review them for The Mom Edit. I started fantasizing about the possibility of buying one pair of beautifully Italian handcrafted comfortable heels and wearing them as my magic slippers to all special events forever and always. One and done. I knew I would feel like royalty slipping my feet into these special heels, and if they were really as good as everyone said they were, maybe they WERE worth the price tag?

In this video, I review the Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals 85 and share the details of why they did NOT work for me. So sad! It’s possible, though, that these heels are YOUR perfect special event shoe. They ARE truly stunning in person, and I’m SUPER jealous every time I see Shana rocking hers. As I mentioned, Shana happily wore her Sarah Flint heels for the first time the night I wore mine and promptly ordered another color the next day.

Heels In Video: Sarah Flint 85 | Naturalizer Joy | Naturalizer Kinsley | Naturalizer Violette

Each shoe is individually handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans in small factories that have been family-owned and run for generations. 100% certified as made in Italy with Italian leather. With comfort features such as extra padding throughout the footbed, padded arch support, and a steel rod stiletto heel…it’s not surprising so many people (including Shana) adore them.

Additionally, Sarah Flint has been LOVELY in working with me on figuring out why these shoes didn’t work for my feet. Friendly customer service and helpful assistance in guiding me on ways to improve fit and comfort. Shana does report after trying two colors that the suede material (black) does have more give initially than the leather (sand). More details in the video, but if you have wide or wide-ish feet, Sarah Flint Sandal 85’s might not be for you.

More ABSOLUTELY Stunning Sarah Flints 

More Naturalizer Options (The Brand I’m Sticking With…For Now)

My personal Sarah Flints are on their way to Sarah Flint’s cobbler for a stretch and hopefully I will report back that they are perfect, but for now…I’m sticking with my trusty Naturalizers. I just ordered these fabulously fun ones for an upcoming holiday party. Not Sarah Flint or Loeffler Randall party fabulous, but good enough for me.


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