Wahahahahah. . . in the spirit of the season, we thought we’d jump on board with the Rookie Moms Halloween Carnival.  The Moms challenged other bloggers to come up with costume ideas that would re-use items they already own or make use of items that could easily be re-purposed.  It just so happens that last year, I dressed the entire fam in a coordinating ensemble of mainly re-used clothing items to fit a last-minute western theme.  It all started with young Huck wanting to wear his cowboy dress-up costume, and while the prospect of three cowboys and a saloon (read brothel) mom was more to Hub’s taste, I thought we should push the theme a little further, because a.) Trampy Halloween costumes are sad enough, but on a mom. . . even worse, and b.) As a second child myself, I wanted to carve a unique, non-sidekick Halloween persona for Little Lou (and he wound up stealing the show!). 

Baby Saloon Keep

First up is the Baby Saloon Keep, and you may think this is slightly questionable if you’re sensitive about minors (Little L is 1-year-old here) serving alcohol, but I just think any excuse to draw a mustache on a baby is a good one. 

 Baby Saloon Keep

I was able to find a complete baby suit on eBay last September (pants, dress shirt, vest and tie) for about $12.  This year, I’ve found just the vest set for $9, but I think most people will easily be able to manage the other items, either from what they already own, or with some pre-planning for the holiday season.  I love the idea of these Baby Gap black cords for Thanksgiving and other dinners with the uniform shirt un-tucked under a cozy sweater or with a clip-on tie.  To achieve the Baby Saloon Keep look, add the suiting, red arm garters, and for extra points, a flour sack dish towel as an apron.  Draw on that cute little handlebar mustache with a washable marker a shade or two darker than your kiddo’s hair color for the pièce de résistance and sit back as the oooohs, awwwws and guffaws greet you everywhere you go.   Bring the marker with you as it won't stand up to runny noses or spooky treats.

eBay Baby Tuxedo Vest Set – $9

Red Arm Garters (cut to baby size) – $4

Flour Sack Dish Towel – $13 (7 pack)

Baby Gap 5 Pocket Cords in True Black – $27

Old Navy Oxford Uniform Shirt – $12


School Marm Mom

I feel slightly embarrassed that I owned every piece of my costume other than the Steampunk accessories prior to Halloween, and that items in my wardrobe so easily lend themselves to such a school marm get-up.  But the important thing to remember here is that you never ever ever ever wear them all together.  Unless it’s Halloween. 

School Marm Mom

I found some truly gorgeous pieces with a similar feel to the ones I already owned that will last for seasons to come (and have given me new inspiration to use what I have once I’m no longer prego!), shown in the last set with other yummy garments I couldn’t resist culling from the internet.

Steampunk Accessories for Women – $18

Free People Gini Top – $88

ASOS Blouse With Broderie Trim And Pleats – $53

Soft Handle Cupro Belted Midi Skirt – $70

Frye Jane Strappy Boot – $360


Couldn't decide between the Free People Gini Top and the Broderie Trim top from Asos, so I used them both.  Depending on your preference, they're pretty interchangeable.  Pair either with high-waisted flares for an upscale day look or skinny dress pants and chic accessories for a look that can go to work, happy hour or a Thanksgiving feast.  Pair your midi skirt with tall boots and a funky sweater, belted to cinch in the waist for a day at the museum or unconventional business casual.  Next year, the tops can go Elizabethan while the flares can go disco, and the black suede kitten heel won't be beat as a witch shoe!

Scary Style - Halloween Costume Repurposed




The countdown is on, Mamas, so have fun this Halloween!

– M.



  1. Sadly, I won’t be able to use any of these adorable ideas this year. My husband is insisting that Miss L be an Ewok for Halloween! She’s only two and hasn’t seen Star Wars, so she will probably think she’s a bear. 🙂

  2. Molly, you & your boys are adorable! Love it! Micah wants to be a Rabbi this year (true story!) so maybe Brad will be a Priest and I can tell jokes about both of them all night. 🙂

  3. I just read an article in the newspaper about how much waste Halloween costumes create each year! I decided to go for a reusable and hand-made type this year. I found a winter hat (toque as we refer to them as in Canada) that will be part of a costume and then worn later as an actual toque. Etsy has great options out there for little ones

  4. OMG Robin, you should totally dress up like a kitschy comedian and learn every rabbi/priest joke in the books.  I want to go to whatever party you're going to this year!

  5. How insanely cute is the Baby Saloon Keep costume?! In fact, your family themed costumes are all adorable. Drawn mustache is the best!! It’s more fun and satisfying to come up with costumes from the closet and hand-make props, rather than buy an existing costume.
    A fave of mine from a few years ago, was the Morton’s Salt Girl (vintage yellow shift dress, white tights, metallic flats, silver umbrella and giant salt box made from oatmeal container filled with salt water taffy). My Hubby was Gorton, the Frozen Fishsticks guy (yellow rain slicker and hat, beard, blue sweater, giant fishsticks box from a cereal box filled with Swedish fish gummies). EEk! Halloween is one of my faves.

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