Score Another One For Danskos….sigh


121810apc_9203Web It's a well known fact that The Sartorialist is one of the arbiters of cool.  Fashionistas everywhere would love to be featured in his blog, and Time Magazine identified him as one of the top 100 design influences.

So when one of his latest shots (pictured) featured Danskos…well, I have to concede a point.

I suspect this woman caught his eye due to the small details like the elbow patches, cocktail ring and cool socks, but I refuse to be a sore loser.

So go ahead, Dansko fans.  You can gloat now.





  1. All I see are big ugly shoes in this photo. I had to go back and see the ring, elbow patches, etc.,. They are ugly. Period. Everyone can hate me for saying it. I stand by my decision on this. The only people that should wear them are nurses, hairdressers, chefs. People that stand on their feet all day long. Mothers do not need to wear these. I swear to you S if you dare to wear these you will never drink champagne at my house again. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo N

  2. I don’t think that we long-time Dansko/clog wearers are really the gloating type ๐Ÿ™‚ — I think, like anything else, you can look cool in them (she definitely does!) or you can frump them down (not hard to find examples!). Great pic!

  3. This picture is evidence. Danskos are not cool. They do not make you cool. In fact, they are ugly.
    BUT…if YOU are cool, and know what you’re doing, they can still look good. Kind of.
    I’d still rather see oxfords here. Or TOMS. Or, well, anything else. But this is obviously one cool chica, and she’s rocking them…

  4. I saw this picture and loved it! I’m a medical student-mom who’s recently adopted your suggested mom-iform of skinny jeans+flat tall boots+long cami+interesting sweater for casual looks. But I’m still pretty much married to my danskos for when I’m running around at the hospital…would love you to do some suggestions for more work-appropriate & mom-friendly attire! Bonus if they’re things that work under a white coat (i.e., jackets are great, but I can’t put ’em under a white coat).

  5. I am loving the great pic of how to wear Danskos well. And, her shoes are the basic version – there are some much cuter mary-jane styles out there. The great socks help add a bit of style. I love my smartwools with my Danskos.
    I do have to say to the poster above that asserts they are not for Moms but more for nurses, hairdressers and chefs – I am a Mom of three kids AND I am constantly nursing injuries, hairdressing, chef-ing etc.! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have to agree with Nicole on the shoe part…I like the rest of the outfit…love the ring, but then the shoes just ruin it all….I live in Montana where ALL the moms here wear Danskos..and maybe thats why they just gross me out. Now maybe if she had on some Swedish Hasbeens with outfit it would give it more of an edge. But from angle it looks like she gave up at the shoes… ๐Ÿ™

  7. I like it because I’m on my feet a lot and I also have very high arches. I never see shoes that I could actually wear. I’ve love to see more practical shoes that are featured with wearable & practical “Mom” fashion. I’d love to look at cool and laid back as pictured above.

  8. Ok, I don’t get it re: this picture. Definitely not among the more spectacular shots on Sartorialist. This is how we all dress on the East Coast – just looks like your typical chick working in retail in NYC. Maybe the wall behind her is photo-worthy? Great colors but that is all for me. Will add to my file of what not to wear w/skinnies (already included: my own faux Reebok white high top sneakers & long teal striped sweaters from 1986).

  9. wahoo! don’t her feet look SO HAPPY? : )
    for those of us who don’t give a damn and will wear them whether they’re considered fashionable or not, it’d just be gravy if they manage to sneak into the realm of “fashionable.”

  10. Danskos (for me at least) = extreme hazard for ankles!! I had a pair a few years ago, and every time I wore them ended up tripping and rolling my ankle in some bizarre way. Hubs swore over and over he was going to throw the shoes away because they were too dangerous :). I would NEVER wear these while holding my baby… Am I just a total klutz or do others have these issues too?

  11. I still won’t be rocking the Dansko anytime soon…but I will admit to trying them on, just to see what all of the fuss was about. And Yes – they ARE sex for the feet. But still. However, I love Amy’s comment: cool people look cool…regardless. (I think you could probably swap cool for confidant). And I still like Uggs. So we all have our weaknesses, LOL!
    RS – gotcha. Many, many readers have been asking us to do work-appropriate looks. It’s in the queue.
    Alexia – I haven’t heard anyone else have an issue – one of my friends ended up running with her kiddo (she was late going somewhere) in her Danskos for over a mile. You might just be a total klutz, LOL! (I’m actually laughing WITH you. I once got kicked out of a step aerobics class for repeatedly falling off the step. UGH)

  12. This post came to mind last night while watching the indie flick “Please Give” – Hilary Swank was rocking the Danskos with a skirt! Case in point: her character was an aesthetician in NYC. Totally appropriate IMHO.

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