Sequin Skirt Styling: The Flirt, The Fail, The Fix (and the fix again – never say I don’t try)


Sequin skirts….trickier than I thought.  Keep reading to see my (many) iterations, not all of them good.


The Flirt

Hey baby.

Now this outfit, I like.  The texture of the cozy sweater contrasted with the shiny sequins, the sharp booties, the flecks of white in the tights – it all works.




Even the mismatched sequin skirt/bag thing is alright.

 the kids are alright….





shirt: old Equipment Margeaux shirt….the Outnet has Equipment’s Brett shirt for 65% off, Neimans has the red-striped version of mine for under $50, Shopbop has Equipment’s Margeaux in white

sweater: old….try the Nordstrom Collection Cashmere poncho (33% off), Chelsea 28 boucle poncho, Forever 21’s Turtleneck Poncho Sweater , or ASOS’s cream poncho (best for tall girls)

skirt: Forever 21 (sold out)…but they have a ton.  I like this patterned sequin skirt.

tights: Madewell Donegal 1937 tights

boots: old….but Banana Republic’s Tila Bootie is verrry close

bag: old….but BCBG has a glittery gold cross-body on sale for $56



The Fail

The problem, however, is when I take the sweater off.   Outfit…not good.  OUTFIT BAD.

(So bad, apparently, that I start to talk caveman.)



Hunh.  Something is….off. Maybe OUTFIT BAD is a little harsh, but it hurts my eyes.  I’m sure we can all agree that this outfit doesn’t quite work.  An okay idea, maybe, but poorly executed.

I know!  Let’s make a list!



Reasons This Outfit Failed

1.  The contrasting textures aren’t balanced.

When I was wearing the sweater, the knit of the tights and the nubbiness of the sweater not only contrasted with the sequin skirt, they also balanced it.  The lightweight button-down just throws yet another texture into the mix, and it’s too much.

2. The shoes/tights are now too heavy.

Again, the heavy sweater balanced out the dark, severe booties and thick tights.  Without it, the outfit is off.

3.  The shirt looks sloppy.

I’m such a 90’s girl, my instinct is (still!!) to have everything ride low on my hips, and if I tuck, it’s half-hearted and messy.  This approach totally bombed.  The skirt should have been pulled up nearer my waist, the shirt nicely tucked.


This whole outfit bugged me.  I do love the original version – with the sweater  (especially cute for wandering around outdoors), but I wanted to see if a few tweaks would make the button-down + sequin skirt combo work.


The Fix




So I swapped the thick tights for sheer, sexy nylons, pulled the skirt up and tucked in the shirt.  Much, MUCH better.  One could still argue that pumps would balance better than ankle booties, but now it just comes down to a matter of taste (personally, I prefer the hardcore ankle boots, especially with the back-seamed nylons).

Mission accomplished, right?



shirt: old Equipment Margeaux shirt….the Outnet has Equipment’s Brett shirt for 65% off, Neimans has the red-striped version of mine for under $50, Shopbop has Equipment’s Margeaux in white

skirt: Forever 21 (sold out)…but this patterned sequin skirt is similar

tights:  Silkies Wide-Seam pantyhose c/o

boots: old….try Banana Republic’s Tila Bootie



Except….I was still bugged.  Mike had started putting the camera away and taking down the lights when he saw my face.  “What’s wrong, Babe?” he asked.  “You don’t think we got the shot?”

“No, we did….” my voice trailed off.  “It’s just….I don’t know that I would actually wear this outfit, you know?  It’s cute, and if I saw someone else in it I’d think, ‘good idea, you’ but…”

And then it hit me:  I’ve blogger-blinded myself.

Do you ever get caught up in a…quest (for lack of a better word) to do something different, just for the sake of doing something different?  I was so bent on creating an outfit that was unique that I started to lose sight of whether or not it’s something I’d actually want to wear.  I mean, if you are about to go to a party for crying out loud, someplace fun, does it matter if you are wearing something new?  Or is it perhaps more fun to wear something you feel amazing in?  (Even if it’s an old standby?)  I always seem to get caught up in the whole new party = new outfit game but if I had actually followed through, I would’ve ended up feeling slightly uncomfortable.  There’s something to be said for figuring out your own personal formula and then sticking with it.  Not every event has to be a 30-days-30-different-outfits challenge.

“Get the camera back out!!” I said to Mike.  “Here’s what I really want to say about sequin skirts!!”  #overlydramaticblogging #getonboard


The Fix…Again





THIS is my jam.  Graphic tee + cozy sweater.  You guys have seen it before, you’ll see it again.  It’s how I do.

(Also?  Messy hair and a hairy purse.  There’s no explanation or apologies I can offer.  I likes what I likes.)




shirt: The Wild Unknown Mother of Wands tee (the artist, Kim, is a friend of mine and she is amazing – check out her kid’s books.  I’m wearing a size M for reference.)

sweaterJ.Crew Collection Cashmere Cardigan (size S for reference)

skirt: Forever 21 (sold out)…but they have a ton.  I like this patterned sequin skirt (I’m wearing a S for reference)

tightsSilkies Wide-Seam pantyhose c/o

boots: old….try Banana Republic’s Tila Bootie

bag:  Sondra Roberts Maribou clutch (sold out)…but this Sondra Roberts Furry Monster clutch is almost identical



What do you think?  Do you guys ever get stuck in a not-quite-right outfit?  Do you bother to fix it, or just think, “meh, whatever’?  (Or do what I typically do: wait until we’re totally late, have a tantrum, then reach for the old standby I should’ve started with while Mike gives me long-suffering looks and pours another scotch.)

Ah, the holidaze.  Bringing out the worst in me since 1976.




  1. I love seeing a hint at your creative process! Sometimes it takes me quite a few tries before being satisfied with the result with an outfit. And I was inspired by you and Scotti to buy a sequin dress today even though I have *no where* to wear it yet.

  2. I love the final fix! This blog is quickly becoming my go to for styling ideas. But my husband might be irked as I bought a few new things. Keep up the great work!

  3. Shana, I loved this post!

    And while I loved the first look, I got to your last look and thought “BAM! Now *that* is Shana!” Love-love-love-ity- LOVE!!! If only I could rock messy hair and a sequin mini the way you do.

  4. ooh I just had an inspiration! I have a sequined dress but its a bit…much for anything I have going on right now. But throw a graphic tee on top and pretend its a skirt…I might try that.

  5. The Portofino shirts from Express also look awesome with sequin skirts! I’m convinced that those shirts work with just about anything; they strike the right balance of dressy and casual.

  6. THIS is my favorite type of post. I’d much rather learn how to style the existing pieces in my closet then just be given examples of what to buy new. Thanks so much!

  7. Looooove the final fix. It looks like you, just…a bit more sparkle. And that’s pretty much exactly how I want to look for a “festive” occasion.

  8. Thank you for being so honest and great. Your final comment sums up my holiday attitude. Not just with outfits but with the tree, the lights outside, gifts for others…
    You just gave me the perfect gift! Stop being ‘meh’ and/or stop throwing a fit, take a breath and just have fun with what you already know! LOVE IT AND THANK YOU!! Happy Holidays.

  9. Bravo. Bravo!! I just wore a short silver sequin skirt to a Christmas party held in a private home, thought I looked clever and cute. Looked at Facebook pictures later and realized I looked like someone trying too dang hard. Oh, why didn’t I check your blog first! I should have deep-sixed the chunky sweater and did the graphic tee/cardigan combo — I just didn’t keep going far enough in the process. You are brilliant.

  10. Shana! Guess what!? I was at Forever 21 this Saturday (in Hong Kong), and I tried on this super cute sequin skirt. I had bought a plain (if sequin could ever be called plain, right!?) one there a couple of weeks ago since coveting this entire look(s) from this post. So anyway, I saw this one that reminded me of yours, so I tried it on and then got it. I figured I could compare the two and decide which one to keep. Then, just now a (fashion) friend just came to my office (she’s also a librarian too–but we usually talk style!) and I was telling her about the two skirts. I went to show her yours and saw that yours is actually from Forever 21!!! Long story, but basically I’m stoked because I was going after your look and nailed it with the exact same one. I think I’ll probably keep the plain one too–I mean why not! Adore your style Girl!!


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

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