Modernist that I claim to be, I’m also one who loves a mix and moderation. There are plenty of terms for this, when we balance the old with the new and call it Transitional, or when we carefully edit our love of all styles, and blend them together just so and call it Modern Parisian Chic. Regardless of how we get there, and of what we call it when we arrive, it’s the blending of just the right pieces that brings those ‘feelings’ of ‘this isn’t too complicated, nor too constructed; it’s beautiful and livable’. It’s all things, beyond labels, and therefore perfect.

Serena & Lily | Spring Design Event | 20% off | Code: INSPO

There are homes that could be entirely outfitted with Serena & Lily. Wouldn’t that just be amazing??? While that’s not all homes everywhere, there are finds at Serena & Lily that would help just about every space be warmer, and more full of love in an easy-on-the-eyes, soft-to-the-touch, just beautiful kind of way — especially as we look forward to Spring and Summer refreshes that will last through all the seasons to come! Here are a few of them:

Beautiful & livable. Serena & Lily does that just right. These discounts mean it's time for a home decor refresh & this is the sale to make that happen. 123456789101112131415

1/  CUESTA PILLOW COVER: Add texture. So simple, but such a great statement. I’m working on my (getting there…I promise…eventually) love of lighter blues, by client request. This is helping me. But is also available in a Navy that understands my starting point a bit better. And in a White I can always fall back on (giggle!) And this Papaya that works so well with all the other colors and might just be my personal favorite!

2/  DEL MAR PILLOW COVER: It’s absolutely possible to stripes and tassels oneself into joy. This is proof.

3/  CAPIZ FLUSHMOUNT: It’s not always so easy to find a flush-mounted light fixture that’s also unique, really pretty, and doesn’t take up too much visual, nor actual space. This one is perfectly well-balanced in size, design and style.

4/  AMANA CANDLESTICK: I just ordered these last week! Three of them, one in each size. They are part of my dreaming up of a perfect Passover table, that will transition to a perfect Easter Table, and will include only things that I’d love to look at everyday and can repurpose in 100 ways. They are just gorgeous! And I’m so excited for them to arrive!

5/  PORTOFINO PERCALE BEDDING SET: Let the Spring bedding refresh begin!!! Nothing’s better than fresh sheets for great sleep. Sweeter dreams to come with these!

6/  PORTOFINO PERCALE BEDDING SET: Classic French Bistro reinvented. 4 color choices. Bar, counter, and chair height choices. Family-friendly, well-constructed, and both beautiful enough to be the ‘stand-out’ or also easily blend into a larger setting!

7/  CARSON SIDE CHAIR: This guy might be my favorite right now. Also available in four finishes, and three heights, he’s just mixed materials genius, plus. What is it the kids would call him? That’s right…he’s extra. As in extra gorgeous, extra well done.

8/  BLAKE RAFFIA CONSOLE:Available in 3 finishes, Indigo was the one I had my eye on originally. Then fog.  But something about the fresh timelessness of natural is also great. This is one of those wonderful transitional pieces. Based in modernism, wrapped in something old, lacquered til it shines! Great in an entry, but also anywhere you can fit it. I love it also flanking a bed as nightstands in a master…if you are open-minded to open shelves like that.

9/  JUTE BORDER RUG: Why yes, I’d love a nice finish on the ends of my jute, and a border would also be wonderful too! Three great border color options, one as beautiful the next!

10/  SOLID LA JOLLA BASKETS: So here’s why these are a team favorite these days…they are tidy makers and gorgeous. I’ve rearranged those 1 million stuffies in Grace’s room 1 million times…I love them best, when they have a lid on them. And if I could get the kids to fold-roll the throw blankets just like I do, well then they’d always be on display. They prefer the grab, toss, shove into the basket…and so I love the big La Jolla with the lid in the living area. And one person in this house who shall remain nameless…well their laundry is also just in a better place, when there’s a lid on it. I can come up with a great reason for a full set of these in every room of our house. And probably in yours too, if you give me a few minutes.

11/  MONARCH PILLOW COVER: Texture, on texture, on texture plus a tassel! All those hand-embroidered French knots! This one is special.

12/  SUTTER LINEN QUILT Lover of the duvet that I am, if one of those is too much for you, and/or if it’s not enough on its own, try one of these for layering. You won’t regret it! The linen just feels wonderful! A friend recently traded out her bedding and went with this, and loves it!

13/  RYDER DENIM RUG: Wool+Denim, woven by hand, all the great patterns and textures! So soft underfoot! I believe we just one-upped the tried-and-true rag rugs of days gone by.

14/  TUCKER CHAIR: Another compact footprint take on a classic! Available in 7 different colors!

15/  BALBOA COUNTER STOOL: Part of a fantastic collection, also available as a bed, armchair and dining chair. It’s the foot plate and finish on the legs that I love most about this counter stool. And you can choose from a great selection of fabrics for the cushion. And yes, they have stripes!

Spring Sales are kind of amazing! They give me refreshed hope in warmth and love to come!

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