We had an amazing time in Cape May this past weekend.  It was just warm enough to run around in a swimsuit (and get a little sunburned).  I think summer may actually be coming.  Which means….swimsuits!  



Nothing dampens new-baby excitement like the realization that you'll need to wear a swimsuit.  But there are a few swimwear strategies I made my post-partum self test out.   In a nutshell (if you don't want to go read the old article) the top strategies for post-partum pooch hiding in a swimsuit are:

1. Ruching (also see it action here)

2. Blouson or Peplum 

3. Plunge Neckline 

4. Color-blocking 

5.  Distract with pattern 

And the best post-partum swimwear employs more than one of these tricks at a time.  


1.  Seafolly Summer Garden Boyleg Maillot, $148 at Anthropologie

Nice ruching across the stomach, and a crazy-distractable pattern. Good support for 'the girls' as well.   

2. J.Crew Lomellina Blouson Tank, $118 at J.Crew

Serious pooch-hiding as long as it doesn't get wet (then all bets are off – the downfall of blouson tank suits).  L*Space makes a strapless blouson tank suit  which is especially good for nursing mamas…..

3. Kushcush Kiki One-Piece Swimsuit, $165 at Shopbop

The color-blocking helps the problem area recede, the plunging neckline distracts the eye up.  Plus, I love the girly-tuxedo vibe.  (Too expensive?  I found a cheaper color-blocked swimsuit at LOFT)

4. Suddenly Slim Catalina Slimming Halter, $32 at Walmart

This suit has been declared *magic* by several of our readers.  You can see our review of Suddenly Slim Catalina for post-partum mamas here.

5. Sirens Swimwear The Lizzie, $190 AUD

Normally, stripes + post-partum pooch = disaster, but the clever vertical stripes on the sides of this suit combined with the serious tummy ruching will help post-partum mamas spoof a waist.  

6. Marysia Peplum Maillot, $347 at Anthropologie

A plunge neckline and peplum skirt moves this suit to the top of the pooch-hiding list. 

7. Mix-and-Match Peplum Tankini Top and Bottom, $78 and $38 at Anthropologie

This is actually a tankini, but when bought in the same pattern, they combo looks like a seriously cool one-piece. 




I was chatting with my friend Lane, who recently had another baby.  She told me that her post-partum swimwear strategy was to go white.  Why?  Because all of the dowdy, old-lady swimsuits are always black.  White, in comparison, feels so…fresh.  Post-partum or no, this tip is genius.  GENIUS I SAY!

1. Vitamin A Isis One-Piece Plunge Halter, $185 at Everything But Water

It's like a bikini for those of us not really wanting to wear a bikini.  It's bikini-ish.

2. Seafolly Net Effect Maillot, $168 at the Orchid Boutique

The sporty vibe and mesh detail are really on-trend.  

3. Victoria's Secret Halter One-Piece, $98

This suit has serious ruching and padded cups.  SO perfect for post-partum, nursing mamas!  (See a similar suit on Esther here, weeks after delivering her fourth.)

4. ASOS Mesh Insert V-Neck Plunge Suit, $58

This has a 70's sporty vibe that I'm digging.  



Ok, this is my last plug for plunge suits, then I'll move on.

1. Dani Blossom Monokini, $95 at the Orchid Boutique

Yeah….nothing old-lady about this bright suit.

2. Trina Turk Venice Beach Swimsuit, $135 at Nordstrom

Such a cool boho print with a very pretty back. 

3. Nanette Lepore Etienne Swimsuit, $144 at Zappos

It's a plunge suit for the fearful.

4. Ruffled Halter Maillot, $98 at Anthropologie

Feminine and flattering – this suit comes in a ton of colors/patterns, and has rave reviews at Anthro.

5. Milly Maillot, $187 at Shopbop

I always love what Milly does with prints.  So freaking cool.

6. Karla Colletto One Piece Plunge Halter, $207 at Everything But Water

So sexy, and that knot will camouflage a soft belly.


Love the fun, fresh-faced vibe of a striped suit – so nonchalantly cool!  (Smooth stripes, however, are tough to pull off if you are post-partum. Consider yourself warned.)

1. Boden Hoop Detail Swimsuit, $88

2. Garnet Hill Signiture One-Piece Swimsuit, $88

3. Shoshanna Seven Lakes Striped Suit, $165

4. Norma Kamali Mio One Piece, $150

5. Splendid Malibu Stripe One-Piece, $108



1. Merona Halter Suit, $35 at Target

The surprisingly sophisticated color makes this suit look more expensive than it is.

2. J.Crew Tie-Front Bandeau Tank in Neon, $104

I'm crazy about J.Crew's entire neon swim line, and this tank is one of my favs.  (So is this one, but they can't seem to keep it in stock – grrrr….)

3. J.Crew Italian Matte Tipped V-Neck Tank, $138

The bright white edging makes this suit feel so fresh.  This suit also comes in a strapless version which feels awfully glamorous, too. 

4. L*Space Monokini, $139 at Everything But Water

Ok, the tan-line situation would be disaster, and the bum area is a little light on fabric…but this is easily the sexiest one-piece I've ever seen.  I couldn't not include it.  If you can rock this, Mama, DO IT.  DO IT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

5. L*Space Lila One Piece Plunge Halter, $147

The most unassuming little suit with gold-thread accents and a seriously perfect cut.  This might be my favorite suit of the bunch.  Also in shell. Oooooo…..

6. Zinke One-Piece Swimsuit, $121 at Shopbop

I love this romantic take on a tank suit. So pretty!


1. Victoria's Secret Flounce One-Piece in Tye-Dye, $48.50

Gosh, this flirty little suit makes me happy.  

2. Nanette Lapore Fleur de la Mer Bandeau Swimsuit, $167

Easily the most beautiful pattern I've seen in a while. The contrast edging keeps it sophisticated.

3. LOFT One-Piece Swimsuit, $79

The whole LOFT swim line is actually pretty good!  This one is my fav. 

4. Maaji Swimwear Blue Box One-Piece, $148 at the Orchid Boutique

The beautiful mixed-prints make this a really unique and pretty suit.

5. Old Navy Tropical Print Cross-Back Suit, $30

Surprised that this suit is Old Navy?  I sure was.

6. Merona Polka-Dot One Piece Swimsuit, $30 at Target

Polka-dots: always a classic.

7. Nanette Lepore Tiled Waters Swimsuit, $144 at Anthropologie



Now the tough part:  Which to choose?

Personally, I was thrilled to run around all weekend in Lime Ricki's Princess Rose One-Piece suit.  The mix of patterns, the contrast straps and the belt made me feel all Old-Hollywood glamorous.  Best of all?  A one-piece suit meant that I could just throw on a pair of cut-offs and go grab a drink (something I'd never do in a bikini these days).   



suit: c/o Lime Ricki (also in parrot!!)

sunnies: Ray-ban

bracelet: Chan Luu

shorts: A&F but I refuse to shop there anymore.  Free People makes a cool denim cut-off.


Yup.  We spent Mother's Day back at the Rusty Nail.  Our reigning fav beach bar in Cape May.

So.  What suits are you wearing this summer, Mamas?  Help us all out and send in pics!  Lane and her friends shared their swimsuit scores a couple of years ago, so did Esther….we'd all love to see some real-Mama swimsuit inspiration….





  1. Firs of all, you look fantastic, but what else is new?! Hello bubbies! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you posted this b/c i’ve been fretting a swimsuit this year – two years postpartum (can I still claim that???) and have just kind of been floundering. I’m actually trying to get up my nerve to hit Everything But Water this weekend and now I’ll be heading straight for the Karla Colletto One Piece Plunge Halter. Gorgeous! I also, surprisingly, kind of love the VS Flounce One Piece too! I’ve been contemplating a two piece (which is straight up crazy) just so my back will tan and this will solve that problem!
    Last summer I flip-flopped between #2, J Crew’s blouson suit and J Crew’s Skirted Twist Bandeau Tank and they were both amazing!!! Even hubby liked them!!

  2. Oh my god, I live in Arizona and I need ALL of these. Especially the ridiculously expensive ones from Anthropologie, of course. Grrrr….

  3. Oh HECK YEAH to 2 years postpartum! (raises hand laughing/crying) While S’s picks rock as always, I say go straight up crazy and 2 piece it if you’re feeling it. Did it last summer and was glad I did. I’m not kidding myself for a second that I looked like a supermodel (nor did I before babies for that matter) but in the pics that were taken I didn’t look half bad. And I felt like myself. And myself wasn’t feeling “old enough” for a one-piece last year. Myself may have to get reconciled to it at 4-0 now, but…that’s another post. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words! Being from South Florida last year was the first year in my life I’ve ever worn a one piece and I’m just not feeling it this year BUT I’m not sure I want to subject other beach goers to my um…two year post-p body! πŸ˜‰

  5. This are gorgeous! I’d love to see some fun rash guards. I find that I’m too busy running after my little guy to be diligent about sunscreen…and my crazy pale skin can’t take that neglect.

  6. Anyone run across awesome maternity swimsuits this year? Any one pieces that aren’t frumpy? I’m fine with sizing up in a normal bikini, but man! I want a stylin’ one piece or a little high waisty number too! Womp womp. Next year, I guess. πŸ™‚

  7. I bought that Walmart suit on the recommendation from this site and I LOVE IT! We went to California when I was 6 weeks post-partum with my 3rd and I felt about as amazing as I possible could at 6 weeks post-partum. I normally don’t go for halter tops because it looks funny on me, but this suit really is amazing. I got red polka dots. So awesome!

  8. Man alive, don’t get me wrong, I know it was a crappy time but man your new boobs are awesome. Looking gorgeous lady xx

  9. Helloooo! Off to Sanibel, FL on Saturday, so this is timely. I kinda need a one piece b/c of the baggy belly skin that just hangs there. I’m cool with that but my long torso always gets in my way. Last year, I wore a Micheal Kors white and navy strip 2 strapless tankini and bottoms and felt the best I’ve ever felt in a suit. Here’s this year’s version: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/michael-michael-kors-striped-bandeau-tankini-top-side-tie-hipster-bikini-bottom?cm_sp=us_pdp_related_info-_-women-swimwear-_-michael-michael-kors-striped-bandeau-tankini-top-%26-side-tie-hipster-bikini-bottom&ID=1101138.
    Just fyi, it runs very small, so order up on tops and bottoms. Other downer– no padding around the boobs and my nips need that.
    This year, I just ordered Sweaty Betty’s spa suit, http://www.sweatybetty.com/us/glow-spa-swimsuit-prodsb207_gybegrey/.
    It’s plain, but actually a lighter grey than it appears in the picture, which is really pretty for my pale self. Reviews say it holds up to serious pool swimming and since I’m embracing the return to minimalism these days, this fits right in. Plus, the pop of pink by the face is so flattering and the ruching means it’s highly adjustable to accommodate ALL kinds of torsos. Aw, yea. And yep, lined cups. Check, check, check.

  10. Great suggestions! I’m usually a J. Crew one-piece gal, but curious if you or anyone else has tried Lands End? Flipped through the catalog yesterday and they had some cute, non-grandma looking styles…

  11. Is there any chance that suits with the little boy shorts are still in? I’m not seeing many in stores and I think they would help hide a little butt sagging issue I’ve got going on…

  12. All of my suits have been from Land’s End for the past 11 years! The quality is terrific and they have a lot of choices.

  13. I swear by a high-rise bottom bikini. Feels retro and not-matronly, while hiding my stretch marks and pooch! Got red with white polkadots from JCrew last year. So cute! They have fun patterns this year; LandsEnd also has them.

  14. I just ordered my new suit from figleaves. It’s the only place I can find tops to fit my–ahem–“ample” bosom. I can’t wait for it to get here! High waisted bottom for the 1st time. Hoping it works out. πŸ™‚

  15. I love one pieces, thanks for this great post! I need a LOT of support up top (F cup) and actually found two great Miracle Suits at Costco. They fit really well and have good coverage of the bikini line area. And I can be happy knowing that when the salt water/chlorine pool has had its way with them by the end of the summer, I can trash them if necessary without guilt.
    I got this one: http://www.costco.com/Kirkland-Signature%E2%84%A2-by-Miraclesuit-Ladies%E2%80%99-Swimsuit—Black-%2526-White.product.100056058.html ($29.99!) and a slightly less-dowdy kind of 50’s-ish navy and white polka dotted one that is not on the website.

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