Seriously Cute AND Functional? Putting Fabletics To The Test



I have an old pair of workout leggings.  I wore them the last time I visited Shana.  We were working out together in a bright room with lots of windows and mirrors when I happened to catch a glimpse of my derriere in the mirror.  “Um,” I said, slowly. “I think these might be see-thru.”  “Yup, they are.” Shana said, without hesitation.  Fabulous.  Nothing like finding out a pair of workout pants you’ve been wearing to the gym, running outside, to YOGA class (dear God) are, in fact, see-thru.

I understand the plight of trying to find the perfect workout pieces.  So when readers asked us to review Fabletics, I jumped at the chance.  I was looking through the outfits (you can order by outfit or individual pieces) and these capris with the side tie caught my eye.  I also focused on tops that weren’t super skin tight – one of the things I hate about athletic gear is that lots of them seem to be made for people who are already in shape.  Those of us who are post partum, just starting to workout, who want to lose weight (or just lift and or tighten) – we really don’t want skin tight shirts when we embark on our workout adventures, amiright??

Outfit #1fabletics-outfits-3



These capris were NOT see-thru and were super comfortable.  My first thought when putting them on was how soft they were.  They were thick and high-quality.  I loved the top because it was long, comfortable, and had those thumb holes I love.  You can change the length by using the side ties to ruch it up or down.  I ordered a size up for a bit baggier fit and am glad I did . . . it’s a great top to throw on over a tank and go.


Cashel Top (M) & Gardenia Crops (M)


Outfit #2




I loved this top.  It comes with the bra underneath (although you don’t have to stick with the one it came with) and has little snaps on the straps to wrap around whatever bra you want to wear.  No worrying about the straps falling down!  This is a perfect top if you’re concerned about your belly.


Lucia 2-in-1 Tank (S) & Gardenia Crops (M)

Outfit #3fabletics-review-5






THIS top is perfect for nursing mamas.  It opens up for easy nursing access but doesn’t just fall open all the time.  Again, it’s flattering on the tummy because of the drape . . . and to be honest, I’ll probably want to wear this one whether I’m working out or not.  The fit was awesome (loved the length!) and it comes in lots of other colors.


Aruba Wrap Top II (S) & Gardenia Crops (M)


I was really happy with Fabletics and I would definitely recommend them.  I signed up for the VIP membership because it gives me access to discount prices and my first outfit was only $25 (and yours will be if you do the VIP route as well – woot!).  This means my credit card information is on file and I can either shop OR skip any month as long as I do it by the 5th of each month (I put a reminder in my phone so it would be easy to remember).  If I don’t shop or skip by the 5th, my credit card will be charged $49.95 on the 6th to be used as credit towards future purchases.

I’m very happy with the quality of these first few pieces (not see-thru!!) and I think I’d like to try out their loungewear.  (Which is what I wear MOST of the time, let’s be honest . . . )  They also have a men’s line, which I’m sure Zack would be willing to test out if any of you want him to!






  1. Another great post! Was wondering how fabletics clothes held up in a workout. My current go-to yoga pants: Knockout by Victoria’s Secret. It has a higher waistband (think midrise jeans), along with compression fabric. Post-kids belly and extra love on my thighs is held in place. Shoot, I think I look better with these yoga pants ON vs off. 🙂

  2. There is a woman at my gym who always wears fun and different workout clothes. Whenever I compliment them, they are always from fabletics. I really need to check them out!

  3. I’ve been so curious about Fabletics but hesitant to join until this. The review is great and covered my top two workout clothing questions- is my butt covered and is the top suitable for the mama pooch! 🙂 Any other workout gear you recommend in those lines?

  4. I almost signed up for sweatstyle last month while it was on gilt city, decided it was too spendy for me. Perhaps fabletics is more within my budget. I am intrigued.

    Scotti – Those pants are super cool! Did the strings around the bottom of the pants stay put as you worked out? Did they kind of cut off your circulation, or no?

  5. I really wanted to love Fabletics but the quality just didn’t stand up to other brands I’ve tried. Both the top and the leggings I purchased pilled terribly within the first few washes (following the wash instructions) and the shirt isn’t holding its shape at all. I would also recommend really checking the type of fabric used, in many cases its polyester which I personally find terrible to work out in.

    • Same here with the pilling… I washed it on gentle and lined dried it. Also the seams do not hold up well. They start coming apart… I had two pair of leggings where the seams are coming apart on the thighs. I am just going to stick with the active wear that I purchase at Target. I’ve never had a problem with any of their pieces.. Scotti you look great in all of the pictures … I really do like the pieces that you picked out…

      • I second (or third) this comment. I had to sew up the seams on the thighs of my tights (granted I work my gear pretty hard between crossfit, hiking, and yoga). My shirt and bra are okay, but not great by any means. I have been much happier with Nike and UnderArmour gear that I’ve purchased either online or on sale at a department store.

  6. I tried Fabletics a couple years ago and while the pieces were cute, I was disappointed in their quality – inconsistent sizing, bad seams (one pair of pants arrived with a hole on a seam), and I don’t know what the technical term is for this, but the clothes develop an odor very quickly! I wash and dry them just like all my other workout clothes, but they stink! Perhaps they are better now … let us know in a few months, Scotti!

  7. You must always be the best-dressed person in the UP! My sister in law used to live out there and commented all the time how people just wear pajamas everywhere! Thanks for the review.

  8. Came across this post while I was trying to get a real life photo of the Lucia Tank. You look fantastic, I’m sold! <3

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