Sexy Gray Sweatshirts and Pretty Bralettes


I’ve all but given up on nursing bras. The vast majority are so utilitarian and functional and decidedly NOT CUTE. I have so many tops where the bra straps show — is it really too much to ask for cute straps? Straps that don’t scream “I’m a mom wearing a functional bra!” when they peek out. The answer? Bralettes. Ever since I became pregnant with Ozzie, bralettes have been my go-to. They’re crazy comfortable and have just enough structure to hold the girls in without giving me insane cleavage. They’re also surprisingly easy to nurse in. I just pull it to the side, nurse, and pull it right back. Plus, they’re pretty.

My favorite way to wear them? With a sexy slouchy gray top that shows them off. 100% comfort with a little bit of sex appeal. Here are our favorites:

Sexy Gray Sweatshirts

Pretty Bralettes


The secret to a comfy outfit that's still sexy? Bralettes + sweatshirts. A slouchy gray sweatshirt with a pop of color underneath...see how we wear 'em.xoxo,



  1. Oh my! As usually, you are Uber beautiful. I wait for your posts! I have a similar hair cut and would love a tutorial on how you style it. Love, love , love your posts! Please do more.

    • OMG thank you for this lovely comment! You made my day – and you’re in luck, we actually just finished a video on how to style my hair. Stay tuned!

  2. I am totally with you. When nursing my last kid, I started to discover that it was usually easier to just pop my boob out by lifting the underwire up or up over the top of the cup. I mean when you need to get to your boob for a baby, you make it work. Nursing bras aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. I just always made sure I had pads for the leakage.

  3. I also love your new ‘do. Fresh, modern.
    I never nursed my three boys, so I can’t comment on the pros/cons of nursing bras, but I would have to imagine it’s not easy! Bralettes are definitely cute, but as a foundational garment, I just don’t like how they make my clothes look (I’m not a show-bra-strap kind of gal 🙂 ).

  4. Love this look on you, but are there any bralettes for girls who actually need to support…the girls. Speaking as a 30E here.

  5. I love the look of racerback bras and bralettes, but every one I’ve tried has made my neck/shoulders ache. I’m a C cup, so they’re not THAT heavy! Any suggestions for racerbacks that are more comfy?

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