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I snort a little when I hear “sexy nursing bras”, because let’s be honest…how sexy can a nursing bra actually be? Ya know, that whole clipping and unclipping thing kinda takes away from the whole hot factor a bit. ha. That said, I have learned over my years of nursing sweet babes, that it is SO important to have a really good bra…and not only that, but also another in the sidelines that’s pretty, lacey and makes you feel…well, less like a cow whipping out her udders on demand.

Since I am still nursing our now one year old, I am starting to get “stir crazy” and by that, I mean…GET ME OUT OF THESE NURSING BRAS.

…but since that won’t be happening for at least another couple of months, I’ll have to go with the only other option – find a sexy, new nursing bra (preferably one that isn’t old, milk stained and nude). Yehhhhhh, that’d be good.

I was a tad skeptical going into this search, because the last time I tried to find something resembling sexy-ish a couple of years ago, I came back with one result that was sorta okay-ish. Well, I am happy to report that I found a few more options for us this time around…


  1. Le Mysterie ‘Mama Mia’ – this one has mesh detail and a plunging neckline. Also on Amazon.
  2. Le Mysterie ‘Sexy Mama’ – this is one of my favorites. It offers full coverage, but is also just so darn pretty. Also on Amazon.
  3. Heidi Klum Mama Carina – if Heidi Klum designs a nursing bra, I want it.
  4. Rosie Pop Underwire – pretty pop of pink with an underwire, which is good for a little lift.
  5. Natori Lace Trim Nursing Bra – this one has pretty, see-through details on the sides and front.
  6. Rosie Pope Underwire – I didn’t realize that this is actually the same exact style as the pink one, but I wanted to share it…because I like it in black, too.
  7. Rosie Pope Wireless – this one just looks incredible comfy and is perfect for wearing under a slouchy tee at home…or out, if you don’t need a ton of support.
  8. Figleaves ‘Charlotte’ – polka dot details with see-through panels.
  9. Cosabella Never Say Never Mommie Soft Bra – I like that it’s a lot like the Free People bralettes, but can be worn by us nursing mamas.
  10. Rosie Pope Long Line Two in One – I love that this lacey one comes in white. It allows for a pump to be worn hands free, apparently…and I know that the zipper makes it pump-friendly, but I really think that’s a sexy look!
  11. Cosabella ‘Trenta’ – I’ve only heard good things about this line of nursing bras…and this one is black and lacey. Fantastic.
  12. Hotmilk Nursing Bra – the midnight blue color is lovely.

Here’s to bringing sexy back!

…or something.



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  1. I like the look of the Natori, but I’m not sure the link goes to a nursing bra on Amazon. Great article nonetheless! I’m in need of a nice nursing bra. Maybe it’s something about hitting at or near the 1 year mark of nursing that calls for changing it up!

      • Numba 5! I could be just completely off, but here it says “Lace Trim Nursing Bra” but the link to Amazon says “Feather Contour Plunge Bra” Thanks!!

        • I just bought this nursing bra at Macy’s online (Natori lace-trim nursing bra). It’s really perfect for lower-cut tops and dresses. It’s the nursing version to the regular Natori ‘Feathers’ bra, which is my favorite bra of all time (I stock up during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale).

          Camille–Thank you for posting what you packed for your hospital bag last year. I’m using it as my packing guide now. Your blog post and the comments were extremely helpful! ??

  2. The problem I’m having is that I got 2 nicer nursing bras right at the end of my pregnancy so now they are starting to look stretched and old as I near the 1 year mark of nursing with my bub. So not knowing how long I’m going to continue nursing… do I spend the money on a few fresh nursing bras or just hold it out until I’m done and get fresh regular bras????

    That said, I got a Heidi Klum (Madeline) and a Natori (Grace) from Shopbop and they were really beautiful! Also I really like these articles, they really help. I had no bras I was willing to wear after my first, my 2nd I have been dressing so much better!!!!

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