A Sexy Strappy Sandal Roundup


It’s officially sandal season and there is NO shortage of pretty (or more favorably; sexy, strappy) ones out there. I can’t think back to a summer when I had this many pairs on my wishlist. Oof haha. Greaaaat.

12 Sexy, Strappy Sandals For Summer

In order to calm the Pretty Sandal Chaos and see which ones rise to the top tier, I put together a little list of my absolute favorite sexy, strappy sandals out there right now. This is an edited-down version from a list of like 40, btw…

12 Sexy, Strappy Sandals For Summer

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A sexy sandal, to me, is one with minimal coverage, usually thin straps, with a little extra oomph from color, detail, quality or just something special. These 12 pairs stand out from the rest (and have stunning reviews). Come swoon.

Let’s dip our toes in, shall we?

1. Reformation Ludo Toe Ring Strappy Flat Sandal

Reformation Ludo Toe Ring Strappy Flat Strappy Sandals


Oh how pretty these are. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect strappy sandal, Reformation has SUCH a great selection (a bunch made it in this post). These are my fave because of the minimalism and simplicity. They also look just so easy to wear & style.

2. Loeffler Randall Lara Black Leather Sandal

Loeffler Randall Lara Black Leather Strappy Sandals


This pair by Loeffler Randall is sleek & minimalist with a little bit of something. I love a lil bit of uniqueness in a strappy sandal and that little silver accent is perfection.

3. Jakara Cream Leather Sandal

Jakara Cream Leather Sandal


I’ve had my eyes on these Alohas sandals for months. HOW freaking cute is that little crochet rose? I’m a sucker for a minimal wrap sandal but these have a little bit of fun too.

4. Loeffler Randall Henriette Timber Leather Bow Sandal

Loeffler Randall Henriette Timber Leather Bow Strappy Sandals


That classic Loeffler Randall knotted bow looks just so dang good with shiny leather straps. Elevated + the perfect amount of feminine. I want to wear these with a white linen maxi dress ASAP.

5. Boden Everyday Flat Sandals

Boden Everyday Flat Strappy Sandals


Ok cuuuuute! This ‘mimosa yellow’ color is so fun & happy. And I love the leopard print ones too if they ever get restocked. These have amaze reviews.

6. Reformation Milligan Flat Sandal

Reformation Milligan Flat Strappy Sandals


I’m still pretty obsessed with metallic footwear. These would be some of the easiest to style due to that mixed silver & gold foil leather. Super gorgeous and could definitely be dressed up with ooo, this.

7. Reformation Maya Flat Sandal

Reformation Maya Flat Sandal


Another minimalistic metallic pair but with a cute little bow!! It makes them lean feminine in a really subtle way.

8. Reformation Magalie Flat Sandal

Reformation Magalie Flat Strappy Sandals


Agh these are such a good wrap-up pair. The square toe adds a pretty edge that I’ve come to loooove in my shoes. It just looks a teeny bit fancier. They also come in black & ivory.

9. Jenni Kayne Oiled Leather Strappy Sandal

Jenni Kayne Oiled Leather Strappy Sandals


I’ve heard pretty great things about these Jenni Kayne sandals for years. The oiled leather is high-quality, durable, and undeniably luxurious. The little toe ring is such an interesting little detail.

10. Reformation Justine Lace Up Thong Sandal

Reformation Justine Lace Up Thong Sandal


Woah.. these are like a wrap sandal and a flip-flop mixed! The thicker straps are really different & provide some good ankle security. The green-washed suede and reddish brown are sooooo gorgeous, too.

11. Madewell The Carrie Lace-Up Sandal

Madewell The Carrie Lace-Up Strappy Sandals


I love the super thin straps on these ones – and that the model is wearing them all bunched up tied around her ankle. Just such a pretty, summery pair of sandals. That tan color is one of my fave shades that I’ve seen.

12. OluKai Tiare Slingback Sandal

OluKai Tiare Slingback Sandal


S has these and they’re soooo good. They’re the type of sandal that can go with anything from running shorts to a fancy sundress. And UGH look at that cushioned footbed. *Drools*

A pair of sexy, strappy sandals never steered us wrong.

Xo, Abby

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