How To Wear Sézane’s Denim Chore Jacket This Spring & Summer


I’ve already talked about how I’ve been looking to replace my classic, denim jacket with something a little more exciting this spring. And, if you recall, I had tried on a few other denim jacket styles (denim trench coats and chore jackets, specifically) that left me feeling very inspired. One of the big wins of that particular try-on was Sézane’s Denim Chore Jacket, but I want to see if I could actually style this piece the same way I used to style my classic denim jacket.

sezane monique denim jacket review

jacket (4) | jeans (different wash) | boots | Cliff & Soph bag

Jeans, it turns out, are a no-brainer. Such cool, easy win – especially with wide-leg jeans. I’ve already worn this chore jacket out at night several times, exactly like this.

denim jacket alternatives

While the denim-on-denim outfits are great – no complaints, I’ve worn it this way a ton – I still want to see what else is possible. For the ol’ trusty, classic denim jacket is nothing if not versatile, ya know? So how does this new style stack up??

Let’s find out.

7 Tips For Styling A Denim Chore Jacket In Warm Weather

Since the aim was to test the versatility of this new denim jacket against the traditional, I brainstormed a few of the most useful ways I previously relied on a classic denim jacket. And since we’re heading into spring & summer, that’s where I decided to focus. Which means: no wooly sweaters or boots. Instead, I focused heavily on dresses, shorts, linen pants, and some workout gear.

1. YES: With Mini Dresses

what to wear instead of a denim jacket

jacket (4) | dressheels

The verdict? It works! No reservations – the look is easy, cute & fun.

Why, tho? Mini dresses – of any kind – work with this chore jacket. The key is to make sure there’s some amount of dress peeking below the hem. It can be as little an an inch or two, but (as you’ll see later) something showing underneath the jacket is crucial. Because mini dresses are inherently a little sporty (even really fancy ones), adding a denim chore jacket is just a really cool offset. And because it’s belted, it’ll also work with fit-and-flare dresses, or even reign in trapeze dresses.

I also tried this jacket on with a fancier silk mini dress, and it still works.

what to wear with dresses that isn't a denim jacket

jacket (4) | dressheels

And then, for completeness, belted:

how to wear sezane monique jacket

jacket (4) | dress (left) | dress (right, similar) | heels

2. NO: Silky Midi or Maxi Dresses With a Slit

sezane monique jacket review

jacket (4) | dress (similar) | heels

The Verdict: Nope. While I have previously worn this exact dress with a traditional denim jacket, Sézane’s Chore Jacket hits at a strange spot. Not even belting it can save the proportions.

You sure? Yup. There’s also something off about the vibe, too. While shorter silk dresses still read a bit playful – thanks to the shorter hemline – this more serious, sexier silk dress just gets lost under the coat. In this outfit, instead of reinforcing the idea of being effortless! Carefree! Playful!! The denim chore jacket actually detracts from the silk midi dress like a sartorial wet blanket. WOMP WOMP.

I even tried the coat with a similar silk maxi dress, just to rule out proportion issues. Nope.

sezane denim jacket review

jacket (4) | dress (different color) | heels

3. YES: Midi/Maxi Dresses With A Little More Structure (No Slit)

reformation matching set, sezane monique belted jacket

jacket (4) | matching set (m) | slides | bag

The Verdict: Yes! The longer jacket denim chore jacket can work with a longer skirt.

Ok but why: First of all, there’s no slit competing for attention, so the hem of the jacket can be clean, visually. Second, the vibe of the set underneath is much more casual than silk, more structured too, and better mirrors the overall vibe of the denim jacket. That’s not to say that only a casual skirt will work – I think any long skirt that offers a little more structure and/or heft than silk (heck, even a giant ball gown skirt) could work with this jacket.

4. NO: Short Denim Cut-Offs

denim on denim summer outfit

jacket (4) | tee (s) | shorts (26) | flats | bag

The Verdict: Uhhhh…nah. I mean, it’s not terrible, but I generally like to look like I’m wearing pants. Even if they’re tiny pants.

Promise? I mean ok – I do love a really short-short. Some miiiiight even call them denim underwear – but! It’s the intentionality of it all! And the chore jacket just covering up the shorty-short looks accidental, and not in a good way. That said….when belted…

sezane monique jacket review

jacket (4) | tee (s) | shorts (26) | flats | bag

…it’s not bad? There’s a little bit of cheekiness there I don’t hate. Hmmmm.

5. YES: Longer, Dressy Shorts

sezane belted denim jacket and j.crew linen shorts, ganni tee

jacket (4) | tee (s) | shorts (4) | sandals | bag

The Verdict: Yup! These give almost mini dress vibes under the jacket – the proportions just work.

Anything else? The proportion of the jacket + longer shorts is so good that it’s actually elongating the leg (especially when belted, but even the open jacket does the same, as long as the tee is tucked in). Which is why a wrapped sandal looks especially cool (but not strictly necessary).

6. YES: Linen Pants

belted denim jacket and linen pants

jacket (4) | top (s) | pants (s) | flip-flops | bag

The Verdict: Yes! This jacket can be worn with basically any pant styles we used to pair with classic denim jackets (chinos, cargo pants, trousers, etc etc etc).

Those pants seem…long. Okokok. I had to pull them out of the tailoring pile because, despite trying on a zillion pairs of petite-sized linen pants, I like the fit of these better. They’re not so tight at the waist, and I can even fold the waistband down if I want. I just need…a hem.

7. YES: Leggings

sezane monique jacket and leggings

jacket (4) | top (m) | leggings (s) | sneakers | bag

The Verdict: Yup! An easy win.

Final thoughts? I love the idea of throwing this jacket on over my Solidcore outfit – it really seems to elevate the whole look into something that is, basically, legitimate clothing instead of just workout gear. And for those of you who care about bum coverage (it depends on which leggings I’m wearing, haha), there’s that.

Shop More Denim Chore Jackets

I think Sézane makes the best denim jacket alternatives. In addition to the one I’m wearing, they also have a non-belted version, as well as this seriously cool patchwork denim bomber (that I’d style up exactly the same way). That said, I was able to find additional options (both belted and not-belted) at varying price points:




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