So I Finally Tried Sezane (And? It’s…LOVE)


French brand Sezane, a brand whose aesthetic is “inspired by Paris, and the people who call it home” has been on my radar for quite some time. They’ve been nailing that effortless French-Girl vibe for 10 years now (up to size 3XL in certain pieces), but without dumbing it down or making it boring. A tricky feat for a company that’s so focused on quality and sustainability. Sezane is B-Corp certified, and 75% of their pieces have been either GOTS, Oeko-Tex, FSC, Ecovero, RWS or RMS certified. Additionally, their shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard, and Sezane boutiques are powered by alternative energy.

Despite the sustainability cred, I think the designs themselves are the shining star. Playful and flirty and yet…timeless, too. In a very irreverent French-Girl kind of way. The kind of pieces I really do want to wear everyday.

which Sezane pieces are worth it?
Me, on NYE, in my Sezane sweatshirt & J.Crew earrings

Sezane La Chamade Sweatshirt (size small) | puffer (s)

If you do nothing else, immediately go and get this heart sweatshirt. It’s one of those mythical French-girl creations where the fit is so bananas good, the colors are beautiful (but wear like neutrals), and it makes every outfit you own that much cooler. I’ve barely taken it off since it arrived.

My First (of Likely Many) Sezane Try-On

While this post isn’t technically sponsored, Sezane did send me a gift card to pick out a few goodies (merci!). Since I’m new to the brand, I started by looking at the easy stuff: sweatshirts, tees, a tank, a blouse. And I also threw one of their cardigans into my cart, since those fluffy pieces have achieved a almost cult-like status by now.

1. Top Pick: Yup, That La Chamade Sweatshirt

Sezane La Chamade sweatshirt

sweatshirt (s) | jeans (27) | flats

I literally have no words for how much I love this piece. It’s just so freaking cute and irreverent, but in a really chic, French-girl way. Gahhhh I know, I know: I’m gushing. But it really is fantastic. This sweatshirt comes in three other colorways (all are great), but the burgundy is my favorite. I’m wearing a size small, and the fit is TTS. Sizes from XXS – 2XL.

2. That Heart Tee, Tho

Sezane t-shirt review

tee (s) | jeans (27) | flats

Not to harp on the heart thing, but Sezane’s La Chamade tee is just as good as the sweatshirt. It’s really soft cotton, too, and drapes perfectly. I love that the fit hints at being oversized, but isn’t. (Fit is, in fact, TTS.) Also in cream/red heart, and I’ll be honest: I want both. This tee is available in sizes XXS – 3XL.

3. Not Too Fussy: The Chlo, A French-Girl Silk Blouse

sezane try on & haul

shirt (6) | jeans (27)

This 100% silk blouse is a total win, especially for $130. The silk is high quality, the fit – like most Sezane pieces – is perfection, and the detail is so freaking cool. I loved this top buttoned all the way up – it’s giving gamine. This is the kind of piece I’d wear to work, school functions, or even going out at night.

Sezane silk blouse

shirt (6) | jeans (27) | flats

But I also loved this top unbuttoned a bit. It completely changes the vibe into something that almost skews 70’s.

Sezane worth it?

shirt (6) | jeans (27) | flats

So good. It’s available in a huge range of colors and fabrics, and the size range is 0 – 16.

4. Sezane’s Epic (and Fluffy) Basile Cardigan

Sezane cardigan worth it

cardigan (s) | jeans (27) | flats

While Sezane’s Basile Cardigan comes in many color choices, I couldn’t resist this unexpected ‘green pastel’. Like other alpaca & wool blends, it’s fluffy and fairly lofty…but not as soft as cashmere. But I love the bell sleeve shape and the grandpa cardigan vibes that got scaled down into something a little more wearable. Fit is TTS, and is available in XXS – 3XL.

This cardigan looks cute both tucked, and worn over a tank.

Sezane basile cardigan, levi's patched jeans

cardigan (s) | jeans (27) | flats

It also works well spun around and worn like a sweater. It’s that in-between shape: slouchy and oversized, but just enough. Not too long, not too short. Once again, I can see why Sezane is so buzzy right now. Their attention to fit feels really unique and special.

Sezane v-neck cardigan

cardigan (s) | jeans (27) | flats

5. A Perfect White Tank

Sezane linen white tank top

tank (s) | jeans (27) | flats

While I *do* realize that it’s January, I never had much luck last summer finding a classic white tank. This, however, is it. Sezane’s John Tank is made from a combination of linen & cotton, and the fit is perfection. I love the scoop neckline (low, but not too low), and the tank itself is fitted, yet forgiving. Fit is TTS, and this tank is available in sizes XXS – 2XL.

6. Silk Adriano Cami

Sezane silk cami

tank (6) | jeans (27)

I do love my silk camis, and this one is really pretty. That said, I was a little disappointed that the straps aren’t adjustable. But they’re easy enough to alter, especially if you like a slightly vintage vibe. That said, I think this top runs a little big.

So after my first foray into Sezane, I’m deeply concerned that this is going to become a problem. Guys, I just loved it so much – I was honestly blown away by the quality! For the price points, I expected more polyester & acrylic. But the 100% silk tops ranged from $105 – $130 (as compared to CAMI NYC which is closer to $200 for a silk cami), and even Sezane’s cardigan (the most expensive piece) was still under $200.

What should I try next? I really want to check out the jeans, and I’m also eyeing up this cute vest and this bag (in ‘woven chocolate/multicolor). Thoughts??