18 Pairs Of Cute Sneakers: Bolds, Neutrals & Springy Picks


Somehow, I’ve become a sneaker collector. Not to the level where I need The Home Edit to come build me rows upon rows of shoe shelving, yet, but gosh. I love a good sneaker. I’ve fully embraced the Sporty Spice in me over the last few years, and I’m not mad about it.

I love the challenge of pairing all the fun sneaks with unexpected preppy pieces or when the rocker-chic side comes out to play. It keeps things interesting and keeps me from looking like I’ve always just come from the gym. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (I miss you, barre3 studio!) but I prefer my workout wear looks to read more streetwear.

Cute Sneakers For All Your Spring Outfits

A cute sneaker can take you far. Literally. Like, let’s all get fully on this sneaker train please because this girl cannot walk in heels anymore anyway. So, I give you some seriously fun sneaker finds…a little something for everyone.

Bold & Bright Sneakers

The first pair of Sauconys below are what started this whole little roundup. I recently got them in and I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it. (Yes, I make Elf references no matter the time of year.) They’re the perfect balance of bold and fun, but the tan makes them slightly easier to style…and they are super-comfy, too. I am a bold sneaker kinda gal…so I have my eye on all of these. I did a post last year showing how I like to style a bold sneaker, too, if you need some ideas!

I love the challenge of pairing all the fun sneaks w/ unexpected preppy pieces or when the rocker-chic side comes out to play. It keeps things interesting

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01 | Saucony Azura Golden Era: Have, love, so much. The colors in this are just rad and bold without being too bright. Heads-up, it’s unisex sizing. Larger sizes also available at Saks.

02 | Tretorn Loyola: Scotti has an older pair in a similar colorway and every time she wears them I like them even more. These are such great neutral shoes, with a bold black stripe. Would have gone with these had I not found the Saucony’s.

03 | Madewell Kickoff Trainers: These are awesome and so cushiony. I love the pop of neon. I wore them this fall here.

04 | Golden Goose in B/W Snake: SO RAD. The shape of the GG Mid Star is like no other. I’m sadly between sizes in GG or I’d be saving up for these or the tan pair.

05 | Saucony Jazz: A classic shoe and a really fun bright yellow. I’d pair these with any blue denim and definitely gray pieces!

06 | Reebok x Victoria Beckham: I mean, no wonder these are cool. Posh says so. LOVE love the tan with black and red combo so much.

Rad Neutral Sneakers

These are perhaps the most versatile of the bunch — if you’re a true neutrals-loving person, these are for you! A white sneaker with a bit of pale gray or ivory is the easiest to wear, but all-white is fresh, sporty, and bold in its own right. I can’t pick a favorite here. I want all six pairs. The Veja sneakers are sustainable, which is a real plus there! The P448s are super-comfy and the tan Golden Goose are just so rad, as are the Zadig & Voltaire high tops. Swoon.

**Indicates that it meets our requirements for sustainability

I love the challenge of pairing all the fun sneaks w/ unexpected preppy pieces or when the rocker-chic side comes out to play. It keeps things interesting

01 | 02** | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

01 | P448 John Low Top: Love the gray here to tone down the white a bit, making them easier to style with really anything in your closet. P448s are so cushiony, true to size, and a really fabulous option for a higher-end sneaker that isn’t quite as pricey as Golden Goose. I have two pairs of the high-tops and they’re my favs. Italian made, last really well.

02 | Veja Rio Branco**: These keep selling fast everywhere, so if you like this style, snap it up. I wanted the navy and gray, but they’re hard to come by. Love that these are sustainably made!

03 | Reebok Club C Double Sneaker: Look at Reebok having all the sweet shoes right now. These are so cool with just the touch of leopard to make them interesting, but not too much to make them tough to style. So good. Wear with all your sweats.

04 | Golden Goose Mid Star: If you haven’t tried these out and are a real sneaker fan, you must. Again, I’m sadly between sizes, but the shape of this mid-top is just so flattering and cool. The slight hidden wedge helps that, along with the lower profile that shows off your ankle. Gah, this colorway is the best I’ve seen in a while!

05 | Zadig & Voltaire Flash High Top: I just adore these. One of the Insiders had them on recently in a pic and they are so good peeking out of cropped straight and wide-leg jeans. Love!! Lightning bolts are my thing. I need.

06 | Steve Madden Parka Faux Fur Sneaker: I am not giving up on cozy sherpa lining anytime soon. These are cute and reasonable. The Steve Madden shoes I’ve had lately were SO comfy/cushiony!

Pastels Sneakers For Spring

It makes me realllly happy to type that S word up there. Soon, soon enough, friends. And our feet want to be ready at the first sign, no? Or heck, it’s not like we can’t wear these now and dream of warmer months. Love these pretty shades for perking up gray and black for spring.

I love the challenge of pairing all the fun sneaks w/ unexpected preppy pieces or when the rocker-chic side comes out to play. It keeps things interesting

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05** | 06

01 | P448 Star Embossed High Top: You’ve probably heard me rave about P448 high tops enough, but they truly are cushiony and rad. True to size. Love the thought of this gorgeous snake print with light-wash denim and a gray sweatshirt.

02 | Golden Goose Mid Star: Ok, so I can’t quit my adoration of GG. They are the epitome of cool sneakers. Gosh, and that colorway? I just couldn’t resist. LOVE this one for a little pop of peach.

03 | On Cloudflow Running Shoe: This was a Shana select, and I love the soft ombre type colors going on here. So pretty for a running shoe, especially! She’s heard good things about this brand, and they get a TON of great reviews.

04 | Nike Daybreak Sneaker: I was hunting for more classic Nikes, but they are selling quickly. This pair and its beautiful shades of green is so gorg.

05 | Veja V-10 Low Top**: So here for that pop of neon-salmony pink! These pops of color can become a little bright spot in your neutral outfits. This may be my favorite springy pair. So good. Vejas are ah-mazing, sustainable and on-trend. They take a few wears to break in well, so don’t give up on them. They then become the BEST everyday shoes.

06 | Vans SK8-Hi Water Resistant Sneaker: I can’t really do a roundup without some Vans in the mix, and these are rad! Great for those rainy spring/late winter days. Pair these with your light denim and a pretty taupe sweater or yeah, a gray sweatshirt, always.

OK, y’all. I’m writing this on Inauguration Day, and the happy vibes are just too much to say much more about sneakers. So, I’ll leave you at that and wish you a wonderful rest of the week and happy spring shoe hunting!



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I love the challenge of pairing all the fun sneaks w/ unexpected preppy pieces or when the rocker-chic side comes out to play. It keeps things interesting


  1. Golas are a great option to Vejas… The tongue in Vejas bothers me a lot, but I find Gola has similar look and are super comfy. I have two P448 midtops right now and am totally in between sizes… trying to figure out which to keep!

    • Ah yes I’ve had Golas in the past! Loved them. On the P448 I’d say if you always wear socks, size up. I tend to wear mine without so I went with the smaller size. They do stretch with wear just a bit! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for Spring sneakers in all the pastel colors. And if they have a gum sole, even better! What are your thoughts on Nike Air Forces? I’m kind of digging them these days, but are they too young (for the record, I NEVER worry if I’m too old for something, but for some reason, I feel like this might be the exception to that for me)? Also, just for the sake of full discretion…I have a “tramp stamp” that is the same tattoo that Sporty Spice has. 🤣 Although I had it before they were called tramp stamps, so I have that going for me. #notreally

  3. I’m not Laura, but I LOVE AF1s. I think they look classic and cool on everyone who wears them. Personally I have a pair of “winterized” high tops (I think they have Gore-Tex on the outside and a slightly grippier sole; I love them for when I don’t quite want a boot but still need to venture outside without immediately eating it). A friend of mine has the low version and they look so cool every time they wear them. We’re all mid-30s but I have seen them on all ages and I think if you like them, you can absolutely pull them off!

  4. Thanks, KTinBK! I like to think I’m cool enough to pull them off, but every once in awhile I need a reality check. A few of my kids wear them and I love them on them. I may get a pair for spring. Full disclosure, though…I will not walk like Frankenstein just to avoid getting creases in them! 🤣 Amd yes, Laura, the 90s were…something! Haha!

  5. I agree with KTinBK – AF1s do look classic and cool on everyone. I have two pairs, which I love – and I’m 52. You are never too old!!

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