Finally! Nude Sandals For All Skin Tones

Y’all…I’m feeling a real sense of accomplishment over this post; I’m literally jumping for joy to FINALLY write it! One of the first topics I proposed when I started at The Mom Edit was a post on nude shoes for all skin tones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Googled “nude shoes for dark skin tones,” and only received results for fairer complexions. After joining TME, I felt empowered to finally find my perfect skin-tone match. Well, after a solid five-ish weeks, my quest for a nice, brown-girl (and EVERY-GIRL) nude has come to a very stylish end. Introducing the Kirstie sandal by Kelly & Katie — a 3″ nude sandal in five skin tones (and a bunch of prints you’ll probably want, too).

The Kirstie Sandal by Kelly & Katie

So far, I’m really impressed with the quality of these sandals, especially for the price point. I’m wearing light brown, but they come in four other beautiful skin tone shades: two darker and two lighter than mine. I love that they have extra padding right at the ball of my feet, a nice touch since we all know that’s where the fashion fatigue starts. Speaking of which, the 3″ heel is my new “high” heel because I can survive all day without having to change into something else. Good thing, because I really don’t ever want to take these off!

Other Contenders

There were a few other good options that were this close. Let’s take a look, shall we?

A New Day™ (Target)

Shades of Nude Pointed Toe Pumps –  Who knew Target had a line of nude pumps? These come in six colors; caramel was my match, which is their mid-range shade. I got my normal size, but they were too big, so consider going down a half size. They also didn’t feel that comfortable, but maybe a smaller size would’ve helped. There are a few sandals in various skin tones (here and here), but none with the range of the pumps. Still, I was very encouraged to see Target filling a gap other retailers/brands have ignored. 

Sam Edelman

Sam…I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! I’m generally a big fan of Sam Edelman shoes, so I was disappointed that the Patti sandal comes in a billion colors and finishes, but stops shy of offering shades that would work for darker skin tones. Seriously, it would take two, maybe three, shades to make this a really solid nude/skin tone option.


Just a quick shout-out for DSW’s “Nude Collection.” I stumbled upon it, tucked away at the bottom of the page. It’s a goldmine of curated nude shoes of all styles and shades. I considered pairs from Aldo, Schutz, and others before purchasing mine.

Christian Louboutin

We’re talking Holy Grail right here, mamas. Christian Louboutin was one of the earlier brands, if not the first, to expand it’s definition of “nude” shoes beyond beige. The Solasofia Flats are the only style in the full range of nudes, but there are many styles of flats, pumps, and sandals in nudes for fairer skin tones. When I do decide to treat myself, red bottoms will be a sure bet.

Outfit Details

Kirstie Sandals (wearing Light Brown Patent Faux Leather, size 9) – DSW – I mean, what more can I say? These shoes were worth the wait. I can’t wait to dress them up, but I love how this casual #chicslay came together. It’s such an unassuming shoe, but I just can’t believe my wardrobe has survived so long without them!
Fitted Boyfriend Oxford Shirt (Size M) – Gap – This is a few years old, but Gap’s oxfords have been a staple of mine since college. I buy a few new ones each year so they’re always crisp.
Levi’s Mile High Ankle Super Skinny Jeans (size 10/30 in “Take A Break” wash)  – I owe Julieta for this one, even though I’m not quite ready to try a 100% cotton pair. Her Levi’s post from last month got me thinking about trying a pair because it’s been a while! I went with this Mile-High ankle and OMG, is this what tall people feel like every day? I mean, who knew that stretching the waistline above my belly button would make me feel like a glamazon? And, don’t even get me started on my booty (seriously, girl, scroll back up)…All. The. Heart eyes. And peach emojis, OK?
Straw Clutch With Tassels – ASOS – What a fun way to add a pop of color to spring outfits! It’s large enough for my full wallet and more, and also has a wrist strap. I’m definitely on the hunt for a few more statement bags now.
Michael Kors Runway Leather Wrap Watch – Amazon – This was gifted to me almost three years ago and it still looks great.
Kate Spade Cat Eye Sunglasses (similar) – These are a few years old, but I’m pretty sure they’re the Jazzlyn style. It looks like Amazon is the only retailer that has black in stock, but the Genice and Nastasi are pretty close, too.
Earrings and bangle – Red Giraffe Designs – Etsy- I am not great at accessorizing with jewelry, but I’m working on it! I snagged these drop earrings and bangle from a local jewelry studio to build up my everyday jewelry look. I’m really happy with the pieces. They’re minimal and classic, but still have enough character that I don’t feel bare. I’m going to head back for a few more pieces soon.
Necklace –  Etsy – My husband got me this clay pendant necklace for Mother’s Day with my children’s initials. I love how timeless it is.
Snake print belt (similar) – Banana Republic – I love how this belt adds interest to my outfit, while still being neutral.
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Jilted – I’ve been wearing this every day. I love how smooth and moisturizing it is.

I hope you found some good options if you’re in the market for a perfect nude sandal, or dress sandal, period! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @beingtiarra and tag me if you get a pair; I’d love to see how you style them. And, don’t forget to follow me on, too, so you can instantly shop all my outfits.

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  1. I’m really loving all your posts!! Your a great addition to TME, and always have great pieces in your post!

  2. Looks great! Nice sandals and color match. i like the pop of color of your purse. A simple outfit, but you make it look so good!

    • Thanks, Lily! I started to wear a plain white tee, but changed at the last minute. You’re right…so very simple and it all just came together.

  3. Wow, you are the definition of effortless chic! I feel like I’ve been pretty lost style-wise after baby 2, most mommy style blogs are great but I have a J-O-B and can’t wear camisoles and peek-a-boo dresses to work. You give me hope and goals! I could wear this on the weekend, to work, it’s literally perfect. More Tiarra posts please!!!!

    • Oh, Jana, I’m with ya. My youngest is 3 and I feel like I still haven’t quite gotten out of my style rut since I’ve not lost all the baby weight and am between sizes. I’m just trying to give myself grace and look/feel good doing it. I hope the same for you. We’re seriously in this together!

  4. Another brown girl livin’ in a Caucasian world here… Until this post, I never actually realized that “nude” was literally supposed to mean “skin-color”. I always genuinely thought it was just another way to describe beige. After seeing them on Tiarra’s feet I finally understand! (Although I suspect you need to put sunblock on your feet religiously to make them stay “nude” all summer. 🙂

    • LOL, too funny, Tanaya!! I appreciate your perspective. I’ve always associated “nude” with “naked,” even in fashion, hence my frustration that there were no colors to match my nakedness, LOL!! Funny thing about the sunscreen…I just came back from our weeklong family vacation in Mexico about 6 weeks ago. My entire body is at least 2 shades darker EXCEPT my feet!! IDK what that’s all about!

  5. Yes, more Tiarra please.

    I do like this minimalist feel. But I’ve got a wide foot and generally stay clear of the thin strap across the top. I’m normally a 10 or 10.5…and wondering if I should bump it up to an 11 for a little more room. Would you say TTS? Narrow??

    Thanks so much,

    • Hey, CW, thanks for reading. My feet are kinda wide, too. Not wide enough for wide width, but wide enough to feel a little snug across the bridge of my foot (is that the right description?) in some styles. I got these in my usual size, and they feel great. I walked around the house for a few days, first. My right foot is wider than the left, so it rubbed my tiny little baby toe the first day. Very minimal; no soreness or blisters. I was fine by the time I shot the look a few days later. I think the foot strap was low enough for me AND the open toe, that I didn’t have to size up. I hope that helps.

  6. Tiarra I love this! Ive been looking for nude for me sandals forEVER and while Im not sure I can wear the PATENT leather sandal, this post gives me hope that my pair is out there somewhere (ive almost given up) and more importantly it let me know that I wasnt alone in reading article/blog post after post singing the praises of nude shoes but unable to find any that were MY nude! I cant wear heels on a daily basis and kinda abhore platform heels (on me) but i came across a pair of stuart weitzman nude-for-me platform pumps and snatched them up on principle. Ive begrudgingly worn them twice. Thank you.

  7. LOVE this post Tiarra. Because I also have done endless Google searches for “nude pumps for black women” and come up short so I had to laugh when I read that you also had done that. Every once in a while I try again and then just give up. Years ago Christian Louboutin was apparently revolutionary by offering nude pumps for black women, but I didn’t really want to spend $700 on a pair of shoes, even if they did finally match my skin tone. I finally did get a pair of chocolate brown pumps from Nine West but it took a lot of effort in looking. Thanks for letting us know about all of these options!

  8. You could have went a shade up in my opinion. These are cute but not your true nude. They are still a shade too light hun.

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