My Favorite Leather Sneakers for Spring


If you catch me around town on any given day right now, I’m wearing a pair of white leather sneakers. If you were a fly on the wall in my home, you would see me rocking them, too. I can’t help it that they go with all the clothes in my closet. They’re also the most comfortable shoes I own (we’re talking wear-without-socks kind of comfortable).

My Fav White Leather Sneakers To Wear With Any Outfit

What pair specifically? Well, there are actually three on steady rotation. Adidas Superstars, which are a team favorite, a pair of Veja V-Lock and the Nike Court Shoe. All of these sneakers come in more colors than white, but I’ve been gravitating towards white sneakers for a couple of years now just out of personal preference. They are all not only incredibly comfortable, but because they are mainly constructed from leather, they get better with each and every wear — you can’t beat the way they mold to your foot (easy to wipe clean, too!).

I wanted to show you how painless it is to style a pair — I grabbed just about anything from my closet and paired with my fav leather sneakers, it worked every single time. Keep scrolling to see how I’m styling ‘em all up, plus a few good notes about each shoe specifically! 

**Meets The Mom Edit standards for sustainability.

I’ve been gravitating towards white sneakers for awhile. It's painless to style 'em w/ any outfit, they're incredibly comfortable & they get better w/ wear.

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VEJA V-Lock Sneakers
Sustainable + Stand-Out Design

While I’m rocking the “v-lock”, this brand has a near-identical pair called the “3-lock.” The main differences are the sole and slight stitching details. But overall, both styles give you those three velcro straps, which is the stand-out design about these! Veja is major on the sustainability front, with Veja actually being the Portuguese-Brazilian word for “look” — as in looking beyond the sneakers, looking at how they’re made.

I’ve been gravitating towards white sneakers for awhile. It's painless to style 'em w/ any outfit, they're incredibly comfortable & they get better w/ wear.

Sneakers** | Jeans | Sweatshirt

I first started seeing the lace version from Veja everywhere, but in my true “I like to be different” fashion, I grabbed the velcro pair the moment I found them — I just love how unique they are. This pair has a tongue that is leather, so be aware that these are extra stiff fresh out of the box. I read reviews that the stiff tongue softens up if you’re willing to wear them in, so that’s exactly what I did. If you can stick it out, these babies become the most comfortable shoe ever. They’ll mold to your foot and become your favorite sneaker of all time; you’ll never want to spend time tying a pair of laces again!

Fit Notes: Wearing shoe size 10, I’m typically a solid 9 1/2 ; give them time to break-in! 

Sneaker | Jumpsuit ** | T-Shirt | Leggings

Throwing the Vejas on with a jumpsuit is beyond easy. This S.E.A. suit from Outerknown is a linen blend and so perfectly light. The name S.E.A literally stands for Social and Environmental Accountability, which is what the brand is all about. Pairing these with Veja sneakers makes your entire outfit sustainable! Score!

Nike Court Vision Low Sneaker
Affordable + A Throwback Vibe

The court-style sneaker is everywhere right now! I love the throwback vibe. If you’re not someone who typically likes the “wearing in” phase of leather sneakers, this one softened up the quickest for me of all three pairs. It only took a few hours for these to mold to my foot and become gorgeously comfortable. They’re also under $100!

I’ve been gravitating towards white sneakers for awhile. It's painless to style 'em w/ any outfit, they're incredibly comfortable & they get better w/ wear.

Sneakers | Socks | Long Sleeve | Sweatshorts

I like to be a little extra and pair these with coordinating Nike socks. Wearing the shoe with longer jeans is super cute, but because they have such a sporty vibe to them, they’re also my go-to for pairing with leggings and casual athletic outfits. Someone just toss me a ball! Psst — to all my animal print lovers, check out this style of the court sneaker, it’s epic! 

Fit Notes: Wearing shoe size 9.5, very true to size, these soften up very quickly.

Sneakers | Crop Top | Joggers | Leggings + Matching Sports Bra (same styles, different prints)

The Nike court sneaker really does just make your athletic outfit shine. I’ve been swapping these babies out in place of my daily slippers, and they immediately make my at-home-lazy-outfits look more intentional! Grab a matching set from Aerie (my current workout go-to), slip on your Nikes, and rule the day.

adidas Superstars
A Good Ol’ Classic

So many of us on the TME team can speak to the greatness of this shoe! It’s just a good ol’ classic, constantly being freshened up in the season’s “it” colors, but also always available in your basic favs. While I don’t think these necessarily have to be worn-in to be comfortable, like all leather shoes, these do get much better with time. These also come in under $100.

I’ve been gravitating towards white sneakers for awhile. It's painless to style 'em w/ any outfit, they're incredibly comfortable & they get better w/ wear.

Sneakers | Jeans | Sweatshirt

You have probably seen us pair these with everything from dresses and athleisure fits, to our go-to jeans and t-shirt looks. Adidas is a happy surprise with their sustainability efforts, too. I love when a major company is working hard to set a better standard for their industry. 

Fit Notes: Wearing shoe size 9, adidas shoes always run big in my experience.

Sneakers | Button-up | Leggings | Shorts | T-shirt

I’m loving these with my AGOLDE Parker cut-offs right now. How good is the warming weather for this easy-breezy style of jean shorts and our favorite t-shirts? It’s a classic combo I’ll never get sick of. Until Michigan is actually warm enough for shorts, though, I’ll be pairing these sneakers with my AGOLDE jeans to hold me over.

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In conclusion…if you’re a sneakerhead, you can’t go wrong with any one of these pairs. If you’re willing to put in a little extra patience with the leather, it pays off majorly, and with time they become the best shoes in your closet. Plus, spring is the perfect time to grab a fresh shoe, it feels so good to shake free from those boots, ammiright?! 


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  1. I’ve been searching for months for Golden Goose Old School’s in my size to no avail and have been looking at the V-Lock as a sub so good timing. They look great! 🥰

  2. Love this! I could wear white sneakers every day, all year. Think I finally need to get the Adidas, thanks for the push 🙂

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