Here’s hoping for a lot of merry, merry and a bunch of happy, happy this holiday season. Welcome to our 2020 Holiday Gift Shop! It’s one of our little presents to you — get straight to the good stuff and just #addtocart.

Below you’ll find all the fun things we’re eyeing for holiday gifting. We’ve included a little bit of everything — home, beauty, stocking stuffers, something for kids, some products to help de-stress (thank you, pandemic and schooling from home and Election Season.) We’ve got it all covered. We’ll be updating our gift guides too soon, so be on the lookout for those, and you can shop gifts by price, right here.

Use the jump links below to shop for all the friends, family members and co-workers on your list. If you’re ready for our full-on gift guides, they’re here. And, before you go, subscribe to our newsletter is you haven’t already. You’ll never miss a post and you’ll get all the sales, plus there’s a bonus this season.

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The Best Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers can either be the easiest or trickiest presents to nail. I know a lot of people tend to put practical essentials in their stockings (like deodorant, toothbrushes, chargers, etc.,) so we included some of those, but we also included fun things too! Think: cozy socks, beauty products, somethin’ for the home, and small toys. (Oh! And face masks, of course.)

Skincare, Makeup & Beauty Gifts

If you have a beauty product-lover in your life (or maybe just someone who appreciates really good skincare and smellin’ good) the retail stores make it SO EASY. There are a million and two amazing sets out there where you can get all the goods in one bundle. If you’re not totally sure which products or brands your friend, boo or family member specifically likes, Sephora releases big sets with a mix of customer/brand favorites.

Gifts for Kids

The gifts for kids are just so freakin’ adorable…We could look at it all day. These are some of the things we’re eyeing up — toys, games, books, arts & crafts…a little bit of it all.

Gifts for Home

When in doubt, go the home route. Anyone would appreciate a little somethin’ to spruce up their home (especially right now when we’re spending more time indoors, and especially for those of us who don’t love spending our money towards cute plates no matter how much we may want them.) Pretty little home essentials are basically foolproof gifts.

Gifts For Self-Care

Given the circumstances of oh, LIFE right now, I think we could all use some de-stressing. Whether it’s dabbing on some luxurious skincare or turning on an essential oil diffuser, there are so many good options for calming down, grounding and centering (and I’m thinking… maybe get a few different presents and wrapping into a pretty bundle?)

Gifts To Cuddle Up With

Who doesn’t love a nice, soft gift? A little somethin’ to cozy up in? Without a doubt, I always receive at least one pair of cozy socks, slippers or pj’s around the holidays, and I am NOT complaining. They’re the things I never really buy myself, but get so much use out of. Those Parachute lounge sets are so delicious — and that weighted shoulder wrap — I die!

Gifts For The Adventurer

I’d say there’s a bit of an adventurer in all of us…especially now that the only thing we can really do (physically distant) is go for long walks. We included some products really great for camping, picnics, hiking, dreaming about traveling, and of course, a pretty dog leash because…look at it. We couldn’t not.

Gifts for Men

The most exciting stuff right here…gifts for men. We tried, we really did. The men in our lives are really just so simple, we’re running out of ideas here. THANKS, GUYS. But really, if you’re stumped on what to get a manly man in your life *chuckles* we’d say maybe something to update his closet, a cool hat, watch or even a sample cologne set (especially if you’re not totally sure what scents they like.)

Gifts For Women

Are these maybe things we’d want? Absolutely. That bag from ABLE, those cute little Rothy’s…ooohh, and those chunky gold earrings  perfect for a Zoom party. I’ll take them all, please… and thank you.