Shop Boy’s Holiday Style

My approach to dressing my little guys for the holidays follows one of two formulas:

  1.  H&M Suitcoat (they’re affordable, washable, durable and cool) + Soft, Flannel Button-down + Quirky Tie or Bowtie (that they pick out ) + Sneakers.  Nothing ever needs to match because….kids.  Depending on the event, they’ll either wear the matching suit pants or jeans.  (I also started letting them pick out tie clips – this lightning bolt tie clip is the only reason Raines will wear a tie.)
  2.  Holiday Sweater + Jeans + Sneakers….but I’m not sure how much longer I can get them into those holiday sweaters.  WE WILL SEE.

Shop Suits And Stuff

As I mentioned above, the suits are from H&M (or Target), and I usually buy the button-down shirts from J.Crew simply because they fit the best and are usually super soft.

Festive (and Fun) Holiday Sweaters

Not every kid wants to wear a suit and glittery dress (can’t relate) so thankfully, there are other options like these festive sweaters. And for those who think the bright red sweater with the green dinosaur is too much, we’ve selected some subtle options too.