Hey there! Welcome to our Small Business hub! All of our posts featuring the small businesses we love and have reviewed are housed right here. We’ve been making an effort to be more conscious of our purchases and, ultimately, what companies we choose to support. Shopping small is an easy way to do our part in keeping our communities afloat while shedding some light on small businesses you may not have heard of — yet — and bonus: they may be local to you (and may ship nationwide, too).

Our Favorite Small Businesses For Fashion, Home & Beauty

Looking for something extra-special or wildly unique? Keep reading — we’ve found SO many good small business products (beauty, fashion and home included) and either purchased ’em, reviewed ’em and/or wear ’em on daily. Scroll below to find all our posts covering small, sustainable, women- and Black-owned businesses. Go here to check out our small business directory, where we list and link to our favorite small businesses. To return to The Shop Conscious Hub, click here.


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