Sustainability is something we’re super-passionate about here at The Mom Edit, but we know it can be challenging to completely make sense of. We’re still learning and wrapping our heads around the dos and don’ts ourselves, but we’re here to offer what we do know!

We’ve been making sustainable style a big priority — taking the necessary steps to learn more about circular fashion, heavily focusing on scrutinizing fast fashion and its impact on the environment. Over the years we’re finding companies we LOVE that are doing the same and paying close attention to these issues, while also actively making efforts to make more sustainable products. Our team has found clothing, beauty and home goods brands that (not only are sustainable), but also follow our cost-per-wear beliefs and theirs have quickly become some of the most beloved pieces in our wardrobes.

Our Sustainable Style Favs

Despite splurge-worthy, sustainable pieces like Reformation dresses being completely worth the cost, or um…literally anything from Shop Mrs. Jones (hello, gorgeous dress (with pockets) and cute flannel jumpsuit)…there are pieces like Naadam’s super soft cropped cardigan that Julieta would arguably say is great quality without the steep price many other cashmere brands have. And there are always reasonably-priced pieces like Levi’s 501s that our entire team tried out. The options are out there, peeps! All of our articles covering these sustainable fashion brands are below. Think: try-ons, outfit ideas and reviews.

If you want to see a full list of fashion, beauty and home goods companies making sustainable efforts, check out our sustainable style directory. If you haven’t yet checked out our “mission statement” on our sustainable values — head there if you have any questions about our choices. As always, we welcome your input and we’re eager to hear what you’ve learned in your quest for earth-friendlier fashion.

*We are not experts. We have to trust the companies (and the media) that the retailers and products on this page are as sustainable as their words and pictures tell us they are. And we hope you’ll trust yourself to know what “sustainable enough” means to you.

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