Shop Fancy Pants (And Skirts)

When your t-shirt needs to get fancy, or it’s freezing which means that your everyday sweater = party sweater…..go get yourself some fancy pants, glitzy skirts, or something twirly.  It’s the holidaze, and time to play.

Glitzy, Textured Skirts

Have a sequin top? Then you need a sequin skirt. (Kidding!  Or actually…..maybe not?)  In any case, there’s nothing more festive than a glitzy skirt, even if you aren’t feeling the sequin – velvet or fringe can be just as exciting.

Wildly Glamorous Twirly Skirts

Okay, look at these skirts!! Crazy fun, crazy fabulous. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but anyone can rock them for sure. They’re a lot less scary than you think. Have a ball to go to? Here you go. Have a family dinner where everyone is wearing sweats? Here you go! Be the belle of your holiday ball.


Wide Leg Trousers

There’s something so inherently fahncy, darling about trousers.  Pair with a velvet tee for lux-Tomboy look, or try a silky cami for one that’s surprisingly sexy.  In any case, we’re having a major Hepburn moment.

Sequin Leggings

 These are maybe the most glamorous things to ever happen to your drapey top or sweater.

Leather Pants

Leather pants are a staple in our wardrobe (they should be in yours too!). Perfect for the moms who want to add a little edge to their style or just the moms who are bored of jeans. There’s way more options than you may think (leggings, joggers, coated denim, etc.)