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This holiday season, our focus is on finding the most engaging, open-ended, best toys that our kids actually play with. We love STEM toys as well as high-quality art supplies, lots of things to build with, and books to decolonize our kids’ bookshelves. We also love surprising our kids…so we’re always trying to find something unique and special (and practical!) — especially for those picky tweens and teens. Plus, we have some fun ideas for what to buy for the kid who doesn’t really need more…stuff. Also, if you’re looking for the best (most useful, not flashy) toys by age, don’t miss our Ultimate Guide to the Best Toys for Every Age. (P.S. find all our best gift ideas for 2023, all in one place here.) Be sure to head back to Holiday Central for more sales, style and gift ideas! Happy Holidays! – Team TME

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