It’s the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Which means…that I just spent 12 hours in Nordstrom yesterday, trying on allllll the things.  My usual #dressingroomselfies nonsense finally hit the blog here (NEED COFFEE…), and our FULL list of favorites in each category (shoes, bags, jackets, sweaters, tops, jeans, dresses, activewear) is also published…but sometimes it’s just nice to have a small, simple list.

I’ll be maintaining this list of the top 15 as the sale goes on.  As we learn more about our finds….some may get bumped.  So check back!  There’s also three long-lost favorites from sales past, that have – happily – been reissued for the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Think of these well-tested, well-loved pieces as our Hall of Famers.

NOTE:  I’m throwing some sneak peeks of all new finds up on my Instagram, (@shanachristine




Top Fifteen Things To Buy From The 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


TME Long-Lost Favorites Are BACK!!

These pieces are tried and tested – we’ve been wearing these all. year. long.  Happily, these wardrobe workhorses have just been re-issued and are part of the Anniversary Sale!

James Perse Sweatshirt Blazer

I wore this thing all over Europe, I wear it on date nights, I wear it to school functions, I wear it momming.  If I had to pick ONE piece I couldn’t live without….it might be this jacket.  (And I have tons of emails from readers raving about it too.) . I first featured this jacket in our dressing room selfies post for the 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

nordstrom anniversary sale best buys

James Perse Sweatshirt Blazer (size 0)

The North Face Laney Trench In Green

I love this thing.  Super flattering, the prettiest color (ignore the pic online – the color below is more true), and slight insulation.

nordstrom anniversary sale north face

The North Face Laney Trench (xs)

Vince Sneaker Booties

The Vince sneaker booties are back!!  They’re a little different, this time around – there’s a larger platform at the bottom – but STILL.  These are some of my most-worn shoes.  Primarily because they feel like sneakers, look like boots, and I can wear them with socks come winter (or bare feet when it’s warm).

nordstrom anniversary sale shoesVince sneaker booties in gray (oh and hey – that’s my James perse sweatshirt blazer again!)


Happy Shopping!!




    • Hang in there, C. More is coming (including at least two articles in the next week with only budget-friendly finds). This is just my edit, which, admittedly, leans to the expensive side.

    • Most of us I think have the full size and really love it because you can even fit a water bottle in there. The medium is still nice for carrying all the other necessities, though.

    • FWIW- I have a medium and it feels a bit small to me. Like I can put my LV wallet and phone and sunglasses in it and it is full. But if you only need to carry a few things- it is a good size. I think I will prefer the regular size one (if the Nordstrom website will ever straighten itself out so that I can order one).

  1. I shopped at 3AM (thank you hungry three month old) and purchased a hoodie, some Zella leggings, and a cute little army green jacket. There are a few more things I have my eye on, but I’m trying to only buy things that really speak to me and that will fit into my working Mom wardrobe. I already have about a dozen pair of jeans so I’m trying to not even look at those.

    • LOVE! Ordering both of the jackets. I found the single breast Vince blazer on shopbop this past year and wear it once a week at least. – I got it in a 1 (only size available at the time) and it is a bit snug (but looks great unbuttoned), any idea how it compares with the double breast?

  2. Is anyone else having problems trying to purchase anything? At first my cart was saying I didn’t have anything in it, and then it finally got me to where I need to sign in and confirm my card but that’s coming up with an error too. And the phone number is only giving me a busy tone…

    • I just popped them back on. I’m not wearing them with socks (which might make a difference) but they feel pretty true to size!

  3. Wow, love so much of this… but are all the items you listed really sold out already? Everything I click on says out of stock?!

  4. Thank you – as always, for spending my money! I was on the fence with the Kate Spade sneakers and you sent me WAY OVER THE EDGE!!! I’m trying to justify the Mackage coat, but not sure I can…. soo pretty! and I just ordered the Vince “slippers” and can’t wait for those! thank you!

  5. What a great review of the sale!
    Nordstrom King of Prussia sales person (and reader) here! I see that some of you experienced issues with our website today… sorry for the trouble! The great news is that all customers who made/will make purchases on 7/13 and 7/14 will get 10x points! If you applied a triple point day it will be given back to you. Game changer! If you haven’t placed your orders yet or need a hand, text me at 610-851-4840.
    Happy shopping!

  6. If on the fence on the James Perse sweatshirt blazer-DO IT. I wore it on date nights, drop off, etc etc. Obviously with my Vince hi-tops and minkoff backpack ??. Ordered more Vince hi-tops because they are a steal and they are THAT good. Thank you for heads up on that!

  7. Ya’ll are awesome!! Great reviews and recommendations. It’s so fun and easy to use your site. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  8. If you want comsetic reviews, let me know, I’m the beauty stylist at Nordstrom king of prussia. I can tell you what items are client faves. Text me on my Nordstrom direct line at 610.816.6549, we can do a fb live post too.

  9. I bought the grey Julian backpack. I loved the green but my winter jacket is army green and couldn’t see putting the two together. I can picture the grey with lots of spring/summer combos, can I wear it into winter? Ideas?

    • Oh gosh, Ashley YES. One trick to pairing a really light bag with darker colors (even black) is to find some taupe or gray boots. The trick is to make sure the boots are darker than the bag – you don’t want them to actually match. But it’s a really fresh way to accessorize in the winter. I love it. Want us to pull together some styling ideas for this bag come winter?

      • Yes please!! I Would love to see your styling ideas! Thanks for the boots tip!! I giggle that I’m on summer vacation planning winter outfits ? Back to the beach!

  10. Any chance of a small round-up/edit of picks for guys clothing? I am totally clueless when it comes to men’s fashion, and my husband would probably only buy new clothing once a decade if it were up to him. I know you’ve done them in the past, and I just wanted to mention that they’re super helpful for me and would love to see one!

  11. I did it! I remembered your post in 2016 about the James Perse jacket, and went for it. The fact that I remembered meant it was something special. It has arrived today, and it’s adorable. My only struggle is the ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag, as I wasn’t expecting it considering it is made of sweatshirty material. I need easy, as I still have kiddos that like to wipe their food-stained faces on my shoulder. Curious if you held true to the Dry Clean Only tag or if you’ve taken a gamble on a delicate wash at home.

  12. Do you think some of the sold out items will come back instock tomorrow when it opens to the public? what do you think of the Vice sneaker bot in black?

  13. I desperately need the Sorel booties! I love the flats with the side zipper. So many ways to style it, but I’d go with the Rebecca Minkoff backpack if it comes back in stock, skinny denim and the sweatshirt blazer. Amazing basics that you can change up with accesdories!

  14. So, if me and my partner in crime win the gc, I don’t even know what I will buy. Shoes, seven for all man kind jeans, shorts, or maybe a dress for an upcomong wedding. My wardrobe is soooo out of date since I just end up shopping for the boys out of guilt.

  15. I would use my gift card to buy the Frida suede cross stitch hobo by Tory Burch and pair it with skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff Annette ankle boots in black with Trouve off the shoulder poppin sweater in burgundy topped off with Blanknyc embroidered faux city moto jacket. I may have use a few of my rewards bucks to pull this look off!!! PICK ME!!

    • Going to have rethink my Rebecca Minkoff ankle boots since they received a fail. I’m sure I can find something I like.?

  16. For those Vince Sneaker booties, could you please show some tips for styling? They are super cute, but when I tried them on, they seemed to look weird. Maybe it was the jeans I was wearing? Esp the platforms makes them seem just fashion-y enough that I’m challenged. Would love some help on being hip… but not trying-too-hard (in middle age)! Thank you!

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