Shop Your Closet: Pair Bootcut Denim With Off-The-Shoulder Tops


Readers Lauren, Ginny, Maggie and Kendra called me out recently (in the comments section of this article) for always showing so much leg.  Lauren started the chain with this comment:

So many of the looks and trends you feature and recommend are leg-centric. Which look great on lots of ladies, just not me. And, I suspect, on lots of other moms. Any shorts with a less than 10" inseam, booties of any kind… so not working on me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, turns perfectly fine legs into shorty tree stumps like booties.

So…what can you recommend for a little excitement this fall that is NOT shorts or booties?


 It's true.  Sigh. I love me some short-shorts…and some ankle booties.  It's totally where my head has been lately.  But I get that this look is not for everyone – especially Mamas with shorter legs.  

So.  If you are looking for a leg-lengthening style…look no further than bootcut denim.  IknowIknowIknow!  Bootcut denim, one could argue, is the new mom jean.   But don't freak out!  Pretty much anything goes these days (and if you're interested, here is are my full thoughts on the topic of skinny vs flare vs bootcut).

I suspect many of us have a pair of bootcut denim lurking in the back of our closets.  To make them feel fresh again, try pairing them with something a bit trendier on top.  Something that mixes in a decade other than the 90's or early 2000's.   Something like…an 80's off-the-shoulder top, perhaps?? 

(wearing: Rich and Skinny Bootcut denim, Dansko Rhianna boots - almost sold out…these are similar, and an old top from Anthro.  Here's a similar one…or this!  For less!)

I actually pulled this top out of my Send To Goodwill pile.  I was going to donate the thing because every time I put it on (previously only with skinny jeans) I always felt too Flashdance-fabulous.  Like I was one sweatband away from dancin' fo-or my life.  

Take your pass-ssion (spin-spin) and make it happen (big leap then crouch-and-pose!)
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life…..

<<inset S's dance solo here>>

For the record:  I do have a whole dance routine for that song.  Choreographed by moi, age 7.  If you are interested, I would be willing recreate on YouTube. (no, you crazy people, NOT really) 

But here's the thing:  The bootcut denim saves the top.  Instead of skinny jeans and legwarmers, bootcut denim actually makes the top feel modern and fresh again.  At least for those of us old enough to remember wearing off-the-shoulder tops the first time around.

Anyone recognize this pose?


All I need to do is lose the pants, add some heels and then…I AM. MUSIC NOW.  My 7-year old self is in ecstasy.