Sunday was my birthday.  So on Thursday night, my dear friend Kirsten (aka Dr. Kiki) and I went out for drinks.  Kirsten and I have been friends since my days in D.C. and it's only by happy coincidence that she's living in Philly for a short time.  It was a much needed girl's night, Mamas.  A much needed girls night.  (And my Denver girls, I miss you so!!)

Girl's nights have been so scarce since our move from Denver (ahem – big sacrifice here, Mike…HUGE…)  so frankly, the boys were a tad confused as to what was actually happening.  Mom is going out?  Without us?  And without Dad??  But that is crazytown!!  WHY would she do this??? OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING?

So as I was about to leave, there were suddenly books to be read….pictures were drawn and discussed…


a parting song was played….


Good grief.  You'd think I was headed off to war or something.  


But:  I showed them.  I stayed out until….a quater past midnight.  And then – AND THEN!!!  Kirst and I had an old-fashioned sleepover.  Which meant we stayed up gabbing until….4 AM.

WOOT WOOT  (Here I am…partying it up, ignoring the pile of dirty laundry behind me…)


(wearing:  Banana Republic dress, ancient ball necklace from Macy's that the boys are fascinated by, Nine West booties, black plush tights (not visible), DKNY maroon tights, Wolford fishnets)

The next morning, (or "the morning after" if you are the dramatic type) I felt like I had been hit by a bus.  Sleep deprivation I know intimately, but sleep deprivation + too much wine is killer, Mamas.  Killer.

But I am, of course, missing the point.  Which was to talk about the tights.  So here's the deal:  It was cold.  Freezing cold.  And I hate, hate, HATE being cold.  But black tights were boring, maroon tights were OK, and the fishnets were fabulous…..except for the fact that they were also cold and itchy.  So.  I decided to wear them all.  Which means….if you are following along…I am wearing three pairs of tights in these pics:  

1.  black Plush tights because they are lined in fleece (nuff said) 

2.  maroon tights which, due to the pattern, are still a bit too cold without the black tights under them

3.  fishnets which are almost always fabulous 

Plus, layering fishnets over another pair of tights takes them in a flirty/fun direction, rather than an over-the-top-whore direction.  Which I (generally) try to avoid.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite tricks for cold winter date nights that involve a dress….like, say, Valentine's Day?  

Whoa.  Almost February already.



ps.  We have a new Snapshop winner…and this time, we DO have an email address.  Congrats, Wileenie!!

Screen Shot 2012-01-29 at 9.59.14 PM


  1. LOVE that you are pregaming with a glass of wine at home girl!!!! And you look lovely. And my jaw dropped when I read 4am….how!? I want a conversation that good sometime soon, though I know that would be the day V woke up at 5:15.

  2. Happy birthday! It sounds like an amazing girls night and I love the tights. Germans are super creative with their legwear (lots of Wolford stores here) and it’s so cold here that I’m wondering if they are rocking the triple layer as well without me knowing it!! Verrrry tricky!

  3. Perfect! Here’s a technical question for you, was it difficult to put all those layers on? In my head I’m imagining floppy newborn plus screaming stiff armed toddler plus defiant 5 year old. True or false?

  4. Yes -I’m with Kristen above on the technical side of 3 pair of tight wearing. I’m imagining my circulation being cut off in the mid-section…

  5. happy birthday! Amazing post. Can totally relate. Love the ‘goodbye’ serenade. Hilarious!!!! Just started reading your blog and am seriously addicted.

  6. Lane – Yeah….R woke up at 7:30. But he was SO excited the Kirsten was still here he promptly ran over to where she was sleeping and woke her up. LOL! (And she did get up with him…now that’s a good friend, right?)
    OK – The three tight thing – totally not a big deal, because none were control top. Control top tights are WAAAAY past my abilities. If I need tummy control, I bust out the Spanx panties. (So sexy, I know). So the Plush tights have a comfortable waistband, the maroon tights are just normal tights (a bit constricting but not too bad) and the fishnets? They are just….net….all the way up, with a thin, fairly comfortable waistband. These things are crazy Xrated when worn alone. Observe: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/Wolford-Sixty-Six-Fine-Fishnet-Tights-Shapewear-Hosiery/prod118680019/
    But seriously: thanks for the comments. We thrive on reader feedback.

  7. I should have known you were born in January, (as was I)! “Hap birday ti you” as my 2 y.o. would say, and CONGRATS on the GNO – that is a serious accomplishment!!!

  8. What is the name of those nine west ones from last year? I’ve ordered and returned like 4 pair of black leather booties already!

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