My least favorite thing about Denver?  These guys:

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.57.38 AM

Super-sized Miller Moths.  They are almost as big as these guys:

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 10.16.39 AM

I swear! Really!  And I'm terrified of them.  Terrified.  

Where I come from moths are tiny little things, much smaller than a butterfly.  So imagine my surprise upon moving to Denver to find that my house, almost every Spring, would be invaded by these furry bird-like moths.  That swoop at my head and get tangled in my hair.  [shudder]  The worst, however, the absolute WORST, was that these things would lurk in my shower, just waiting to pounce.  Once, I was happily showering away, reached for the shampoo bottle and BAM!  A Miller Moth jumped out and flew – through the shower spray –  straight at my chest.  I was wet, of course, from the shower, so he stuck there.  Stuck. To. My. Chest.  I shrieked some inhuman kind of scream, clawing at my chest and tried to run and open our shower door and ended up doing all of it at once so I ended up just smashing my head on the half-opened shower door and knocking myself – still screaming – on my bum.

It – the moth – was still there. On my chest.

Somehow – I don't quite remember how exactly – I ended up getting the thing off of me, leaping out of the shower and running naked and crying into the living room.  Where Mike was calmly sitting.  SITTING!!!!  He looked up in surprise as he saw me crying.  "Didn't you hear me???????"  I sobbed.  "Geez Babe," he said.  "I heard a scream but it was, you know, just your moth scream."

He heard a few other screams then, if my memory serves.

But now, happily, Raines takes care of most bug problems when Mike isn't home.  And while Miller Moths are terrifying, they are not nearly as damaging as the fleet of teeeny tiiiny little moths that have eaten their way through many of Mike's sweaters and a few of my own.  And since I'm totally adverse to using chemicals in the house, I haven't been able to totally get rid of them.  Sigh. Any advice?

My point, however, is that one of my old standbys, a cream cashmere tee, has now been put to rest.  RIP cashmere tee.  I would wear my old cashmere tee like a sweater – over button-downs or blouses.  Like this, actually:

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 10.30.52 AM

(photo credit: J.Crew)

Fabulous, no?  So I'm saving my pennies to replace it.  But in the meantime….I was wondering if I could use any other kind of tee?  Must it be cashmere, or even sweater-like?  For example, I have a silk tee, bought on super-sale at Banana that I use for work primarily because it covers the pooch nicely:


I kinda love it.


(wearing: Vince pants – similar style here, Nine West booties – similar, Old Navy blouse – here's another cute one, Banana Republic silk tee – or a much more fabulous option)

So YES.  Silk tees over a blouse make a perfect work outfit.  But Mamas, you know me.  I barely work (I'm sure my boss loves reading that) and am much more interested in what I can wear while running around with the kiddos.  Silk tees just don't cut it.

So the next weekend, I tried this:


Philly has some kind of Architecture Center downtown, and they had this awesome toy exhibit with every kind of block set you can imagine from the last 50 years.  They also had a bunch of different building toys for the adults kiddos to play with.  Crazy fun.     


(wearing: J.Brand Lovestory flares, J.Crew flannel – similar here, J.Crew ruffled henley tee – but think this would work also, Dansko Rhianna boots)

I totally loved it.  Both the fun day and my outfit – surprisingly comfortable!  And, of course, nursing-friendly.  The tee-over-flannel has been my latest, go-to, mom-i-form lately.





  1. Oh, I am soooo sorry about the moths. I’ve never had moths, but when we lived in Georgia we had mouse-sized roaches. When we reported it to the apartment manager, she said in her thick country drawl, “Oh, honey, them ain’t roaches. They’re palmetto bugs.” Um, right… I was pregnant at the time, and I had a shower incident as well (think, “why is the water running up my leg?”) and a middle-of-the-night-wake-to-something-on-you incident. Needless to say, I was always on high alert. Not a very relaxing pregnancy! Thanks for the t over button down inspiration. I need something new and I think this will do it!

  2. Cute outfits! I do this sometimes to camoflauge the fact that they don’t make button-up shirts to not make stretch lines across my chest (at least, not without being tent-like on the rest of me). If the tee fits well, you usually can’t tell there are stretch lines underneath (or one buton left undone…)

  3. I have an old cedar chest that is perfect for healthy moth protection. Besides, who doesn’t love the smell of cedar? The cedar blocks are far less effective. Consignment furniture places and antique shops are good places to find them, as well as Craigslist.
    Love your blog and ideas!

  4. I have been using a pheromone trap in our century home to get rid of the moths. Seems to be working, well we keep catching them anyways.
    I ordered mine off

  5. JAL – the exhibit is closed, but I think they do it every year. I found out about it on Philly Parent Circle – are you a member? I totally love it.
    April – I could barely get through your comment, Chicky – total heebie jeebies!! LOL
    Crunchy Con Mom – Yes! Although I did try this trick during my last months of pregnancy, and you could see both the buttons AND my belly button through the tee. 🙂
    Julia – Hmmmm…I’ve tried the cedar blocks but you are right – they didn’t work that well. A cedar chest is an idea…
    Jane – Whoa! Am looking into that now – thanks!!

  6. I have two cedar chests neither of which is used for protecting sweaters – more organizing to take place. Another great column Shana!

  7. This was so funny, Shana. Having been in your shower, I can totally see how this episode went down. I love that Raines is taking care of his mummy. Love you! xxoo

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