Shop Your Closet: Make Boring Sweaters More Interesting By Rolling the Cuffs


You know the boring sweaters that we all have in our closets?  We first introduced the concept of boring sweaters here.  They are typically plain, have a nice fit, and overall are very…nice…at best.  Most are a little 'meh', perhaps.

One easy fix for boring sweaters is to simply layer them over a long-sleeve shirt…then roll the sleeves of the boring sweater back, exposing the shirt beneath.  

One of my clients, B, was gracious enough to let me use a picture of a boring sweater before-and-after:


We first tried pairing the boring sweater with boyfriend jeans (in her case they were boot-cuts that we rolled like boyfriend jeans) and cute boots.  Not bad.

We then added a white shirt and rolled back the cuff of the sweater.  Voila!  Not so boring anymore!  (I'd also add a scarf for bonus style points.) 

This is a great option for strangely patterned shirts, or work button-downs that you'd like to repurpose.  Not much is showing (primarily just the cuffs and collar), so you can get away with almost anything.

However, this look works equally well with a simple long-sleeve tee.  I especially like the look of layered stripes.  Boden has a perfect example:  


(photo credit:  Boden USA – promo pic for their Must Have Jumper)

B, thanks for being a good sport!





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