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Reader Question:

Hi Ain't No Mom Jeans —

I love reading your blog, and I have a burning fashion question. In recent years my eyes have become super sensitive, and I find myself wearing a baseball hat with sunglasses almost every time I have to stand outside for a long time. I'm thinking there has to be a cuter way to shield my eyes, but I'm a little bit afraid of a fashion statement hat. Any hat suggestions to stand in for my sloppy baseball hats?
– ali. (bay area, CA)




Ali – Thanks for writing in!  Baseball hats are so crazy-relevant right now that I say, keep wearing 'em!  Seriously!  Want some inspiration?  Try this…



(photo credits, clockwise from top left:  J.Crew | Style Activist | Sartorialist for | Philly Weekly Style Blog)


Personally, I'm kinda loving the look of keeping your hair down with the cap (like that cutie in the glasses), or in a low, messy pony (like the J.Crew image above).   I'll bet a romantic half-up/half-down do' would work also. 

Here's my take:


 (wearing: Levi's denim leggings, Frye Carmen 3 strap boots, J.Crew factory chambray shirt, J.Crew sweatshirt, Anthropologie poncho)

See that "C"?  It's for the Coopertown Padres, Mamas.  


You're lookin' at the newest little slugger on the Coopertown Padres.  


T-ball for four year olds?  HYSTERICALLY ADORABLE.  I mean seriously:


It's not even fair how stinkin' cute they are.

But I'm getting distracted, Mamas.  Please bear with me – this is our first year doing (semi) organized sports.  I'll be less obnoxious next year.  I hope. 

Back to Ali!!  And hats!!  We're talking hats!!   And if I recall correctly, Ali was hoping for some additional suggestions.  Hat baby-steps, if you will.  Not a fashion statement hat.  So we'll save this one for later:

Screen Shot 2012-04-22 at 6.34.59 PM

(photo credit: gaetano navarra)

Next summer, Ali.  Next summer.

But for this summer, you could try a military-inspired cap.  They are a slightly more fashion-y (wow – really?) version of the baseball cap.  One of my BFF's, Sarah, always looks both casual and chic in hers.  Luckily, I found a pic from last summer:


Isn't she cute?  Love that girl.

Lastly, you've gotta try a fedora.  Especially in straw.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy or special, and I typically wear mine with comfy old jeans.  Ah – I found a pic:

Screen Shot 2012-04-22 at 6.49.59 PM
(wearing: Gap destroyed boyfriend jeans, woven Sperrys, Stylemint tee, Salt sunnies, straw fedora from Kohls)

For more summer hat inspiration, check out M's article on Homesteading Style (she featured some seriously chic, sun-blocking hats) or last year's article Summer Hat Picks to Wear Now and Into Fall

Ali, thanks again for writing in!  And stay tuned – I have a feeling we'll be doing a hat roundup at some point….





  1. I wear glasses so switching to sunglasses is a royal pain, plus I’m sensitive to the sun. I have a great, washable, crushable hat that is also SPF rated and very cute, perfect for T-ball and baseball games (yes, I have two who play, t-ball and single-A).
    It’s a little pricey, but I can wear it at the beach, with jeans, or with a dress. I also love some of the wide brimmed casual hats at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Some shapes work, others don’t – I’m not sure why, but I know a great hat when I see it on. Just try a few and build up your courage!

  2. I don’t like baseball caps for myself, but the military/engineer shape works well. And when I want full sun coverage I go for a wide brimmed sun hat, must be slightly floppy but not too floppy, or a shape-able, straw cowboy hat. I have always thought that hats on short people are tough to pull off, but stopped caring a few years ago in favor of not getting sunburned.

  3. Ali here… thank you thank you! First, I feel much better about my baseball hat habit, although I am inspired to maybe replace some of the older ones with cuter ones. (Love that A’s hat…)
    This is very inspiring. Will have to pick up a military style cap (and that fedora is pretty tempting too…)
    thanks again ANMJ!

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