Shop Your Closet: Shorts and Sweaters – A Perfect Mom-i-form For Spring?



(wearing: J.Crew striped cashmere sweater – now on crazy-sale in a different color, Madewell shorts, Salt sunnies)

I love so much about Spring – the flowers, the lush green, the fresh smell of earth and rain….but sartorially, it kinda drives me nuts.  I'm so amped up for warm temperatures, but I typically wake to 40-something degrees.  Only to dress for it, then find myself sweltering around 2PM as the temps climb near 70.  Denver was the worst, but Philadelphia can compete:  Hello, humidity.

But these are good problems to have, Mamas. If you haven't yet gotten around to voting for my nanny's Harambee Aquaponics Project in Kenya, please do so now.  At the time of this writing, they are only in the #4 spot…and they need to get to #1.  (Want more info?  Read our article on the project here.)

Ok.  Back to our silly little concerns.  

Anyway, I'm finding that throwing on a pair of shorts with a tee and a sweater seems to leave me pretty well prepared for most Spring weather.  Raining?  Add rainboots.  Want a little more style?  Try short booties.  You saw the short booties + shorts + sweater trick last week, remember?  Too lazy to click over?  Ok – here:

(wearing: Target hat, Seraphine nursing sweater, Gap cut-off maternity jeans, Clarks Water Row booties)


But for max comfort, I'm grabbing my Sperrys or TOMS. 


(wearing: J.Crew Factory sweater, Target floral shorts, Sperry's woven topsiders)

Incidentally, the Easter Bunny brought me these bright turquoise shorts:


(wearing: Stylemint Perry sweater, Gap "sexy boyfriend" shorts – yes, that is seriously the name, TOMS Artist Series flats)

I think they are going back.  I mean…they are cute.  I don't know.  I feel like an 8 year old?  It's weird, but I don't have a problem with the 80's floral shorts, or even my pink/purple/tye-dye floral crazypants…but these?  For some reason, Mamas, these bug me.  I suspect that I probably owned a pair, like, 30 years ago or something.  I swear, each time I see myself in these shorts I'm expecting to see knobby knees, too-big teeth, and bad hair. 




  1. That is so funny about the shorts. I am having the exact same problem with colored jeans. I bought a bunch of different color akinnies to try and ended up sending them all back. I couldn’t expplain it-I love them on other people. Maybe it IS because I already did colored jeans as a child of the ’80s!

  2. Have to say I love the shorts too! I understand the gut reaction against styles from when we were kids, though. It took me ages to get into skinny jeans b/c that’s what a certain group of girls wore when I was young, not girls I wanted to identify with!

  3. I bought a pair of green jcrew shorts and am having the same gut reaction…I feel like a child. But, maybe that is because fashion has trended away from colored pants/shorts for so long but my kids have always worn funky bright shorts. However, here in the heart of Texas, it is summer already and it is too hot for jeans so I thought I would try to blend the colored denim trend with shorts…I’m still working on it…I’m determined to make it work! thanks for all your tips and guidance!

  4. could you show how to style a scarf, t and jean shorts. looking for cute affordable scarf please. i love your blog. my kid is 17 but I still want to be a wellstyled mom!

  5. I like the shorts. And I love the idea of slouchy sweaters with shorts. Very pooch-friendly and makes me think of morning at the beach-still too cool for just your tee, but warm enough for shorts (although I haven’t been at a beach in the morning in so long, I was probably wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt with my shorts, not a cool sweater).

  6. Like x 1,000! This is a great idea for the never-quite-warm-enough Seattle summers! Thank you!
    ps. You have great legs.

  7. Isn’t it funny? I look back at the blue shorts in the pic, and LOVE them! Then I put them back on and think, “Nope.” Fashion is so….emotional? Memory-based? Confusing? All of the above?
    Jenn – Yes. I will. I actually have two thoughts in mind for you….

  8. I spent my entire life in shorts, all summer long, often spring and fall too…all of a sudden, the last two summers, I can’t stand seeing myself in shorts! The combination of a couple more years of age (I’m not old, though!), pregnancies (and the gaining and losing of weight!), etc. have done a number on my legs. Right now I’m at a low weight (yay) but my legs do not look like they did even 5 years ago!
    I’m wondering if this means I’m done with shorts forever? I’ve been gravitating toward swooshy skirts instead, and I love them, but I love the shorts/sweaters idea, and it’s so…ME…but…

  9. I like the idea of sweater + shorts in concept, but in reality it seems like if it’s cold enough for a sweater, it’s too cold for shorts and vice versa. Apparently I have very sensitive body temperature regulation needs!
    I like the turquoise shorts, but if you have to talk yourself into wearing them, you’ll never feel 100% cute when they’re on. (My $.02 anyway!)

  10. I love the TOMs with this look, but do you wear them without socks? I’m havin trouble with flats right now- I want to wear them, but hate when my feet sweat in them. Any suggestions??

  11. shorts and sweaters works with skinny legs like yours…what about those of us whose post-partum pooch came with chunky legs as well? 😉 (and, i love the turquoise shorts too – you can totally pull it off)

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