Shop Your Closet: Try Pairing Dresses and Sweatshirts


Mamas, I'm so bugged when I have something in my closet that I barely wear.  Especially when that something is crazy-fabulous, comfortable, and flattering.  Like my old DVF wrap dress that I "invested" in years ago.  (Snort.  Mike loves it when I use money-managing words to describe clothes.  Like when you "save" money by shopping sales…instead of…not…shopping?  I know.  I don't get it either.)

But it's been sitting in my closet, untouched, for years.  I mean yeah – I was too poochy to pull it off for a while.  But my problem with many dresses (and this wrap dress in particular) is that it's easy to fall into this old thought-pattern:

  1. Wear only when it's warm
  2. Wear under a cardigan
  3. Wear under a jacket

Yawn!  I'm sick of cardigans, and throwing a jacket over makes me feel like I'm either going to work or out on the town.  Sometimes "too fussy" is the death of an item.  

So on a recent visit to the aquarium, I decided to give the wrap dress one final try.  


I threw a lightweight sweatshirt over it.  While most dresses are reasonably well-behaved under a topper, a wrap dress is knot.  That pesky knot bulges out unattractively.

I decided to use the wrapped fabric as a belt, and do a half-tuck of the sweatshirt to show off the knot.  The result?  Surprisingly flattering – it almost looks like a high-waisted skirt:



And best of all?  I was crazy-comfy, and the sweatshirt (albeit a very lightweight one) stayed in place even through all of the boys' climbing, chasing and wrestling activities.


Thankfully, he's only four…and mama can still take him.

But it's getting embarrassingly close.



ps.  Should I hem this dress shorter?  I'm thinking yes….

pps. I'm currently on the hunt for a little floral dress to throw on under my navy sweatshirt…any ideas?


  1. Love the look – yes, I’d hem the dress above the knee. As for a cute dress to pair with a navy sweatshirt, I saw some very cute faux wrap dresses at Ann Taylor this week – 30% off!. I picked up one in white & black with 1/3rd sleeve (what is that length called) but it looks terrible online, absolutely adorable in person.
    Where do you find sweatshirts that are so… non-sweatshirty? Very cute.

  2. Julia – thanks for the recommendation!  And for the hem advice.  My sweatshirt in the pic is from Forever 21, actually.  Cost me $6.  :). But my navy jcrew one is more of a sweatshirty sweatshirt, although still with decent drape.  
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  3. Fabulous idea! And I love the touch of spring colours with warm leggings and sweatshirt for the not-quite-that-warm-yet weather we’ve been having. Maybe hem, although I’ve noticed JCrew promoting just-below-the-knee hemlines lately, so you may be right on trend.

  4. Seriously?! This is adorable, so comfy/casual/cool! These shop your closet features are blowing my mind, love it! I always feel too fancy in a dress, and have so many cute wrap ones. Plus an embarrassing amount of sweatshirts…

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