Shop Your Closet: Try The Monochromatic Trend….Mom-Style


Mamas, did you see this pic?  It's currently on the front of…

Screen Shot 2012-03-28 at 1.03.41 PM


Monochromatic dressing at it's best.  The model is rocking shades of the same color, as well as different textures.  Awesome.  

But man…this look is a pretty big commitment to tangerine.   I'm willing to bet that most of us don't own five (five!!) pieces of clothing in matching-ish hues (black and gray do not count…nor does white or navy).

Madewell has a slightly-toned-down version:

Screen Shot 2012-03-28 at 1.07.20 PM

"Start with our Garment-Dyed Midi Shorts, then pile on pieces in the same color family.  Voila!"  says Madewell.

So I surveyed my closet.  My momdrobe consists of a whole lotta cotton, cotton and more cotton (throwing "varying textures" out the window)…in mostly navy, white and gray.

So I expanded my search to include night-out pieces.  And I came up with this little outfit….which would be perfect for a moms night out:


(wearing: old Gap cowlneck top, J Brand waxed purple denim, purple heels by Kimel – similar here

Purple.  Hunh.  Never thought I'd have so much purple(ish) in my closet.  But frankly, this look would be cute even with just two pieces of similar color….for example, the pants and shoes with a sexy white tee, or the pants and the shirt with nude heels.  It wouldn't have quite the impact as the full version, but as long as the two similarly-hued pieces are right next to each other…it'll look like you're rocking the monochromatic trend.  

But this, dear Mamas, is a mom fashion blog.  So let me attempt an everyday, kid-friendly version of the monochrome trend:


(wearing: an explosion of J.Crew sweatshirt – similar, shorts, and belt, TOMS classics)

Navy?  Now we're talking.  I could outfit a small country with all of the navy I own.  I'm pairing it with (tiny amounts) of light blue.


I was all set to make fun of myself for this outfit, but the truth is?  I kinda love it.  It's not very exciting, but it's comfortable, cute, and…slightly unexpected?  Maybe?  Or perhaps I'm being too generous.  It might just be boring.

So here's the deal:  these outfits come together easily if you have bright, vibrant colors, like the J.Crew and Madewell ads show.  However…if you are ever-so-slightly-color-adverse (as I am)…you can still rock this trend by either:

  • Mixing variations on a shade (or texture), even if the shade is rather subdued (like my purple-ish look above)
  • Mixing neutrals with a small amount of color (like my navy, navy, navy look)
  • You need at least two pieces…close together

These styling tricks results in a subtler look (which some may call 'boring'), but it won't require a whole new wardrobe…yet still qualifies as the monochromatic trend.  

Here are few collages to further sway you to my potentially snooze-worthy opinion:

Using Monochrome Styling To Perk Up Office Khakis





Running Around with the Kiddos….






A Cute Semi-Monochromatic Date Night Look


Cute Date Night Look




What say you, Mamas?  Are you wishing you had these 5 minutes of your life back, or are you with me on this monochromatic trend?





  1. I have a bright purple stretchy scoop neck top from Lola and a great v-neck soft purple Gap sweater that I love to pair together – I fold up the sweater sleeves so the Lola top peeks through, and then I throw on a chunky necklace to top it off. And one of my favorite (but non-mom friendly) monochromatics is cream pants with a winter white sweater. I will have to try the various blues in my wardrobe though, but I think I’d have to have some white peeking through somewhere!

  2. I have so many monochromatic outfits . . . oh wait, you said black, gray, or white don’t count. Then I have none. Sigh. Really love these looks on you, however, especially the date look. xxoo

  3. Does brown count? LOL I look awful in black/white/navy (makes dressing tricky, btw) so I have a remarkable amount of brown!

  4. I am so glad that monochrome is in style! I always buy things in the same colors…my husband says I’m stuck in a rut but now I can prove to him how stylish I am. And I don’t buy neutrals, I don’t even own a pair of khaki, black or gray pants…I buy orange, green and teal. I have tried the colorblock look and now thanks for showing me how to try the one color look.

  5. I’m not sure I can pull it off. I don’t like wearing much black or navy-I pretty much just use them as accents for jeweltones-and I think too much hot pink or red or other colors I have lots of would just be overwhelming. I love love love your purple outfit though. If I can come up with something like that, I’m totally onboard. Maybe I can do a blue combo like the Madewell one. Hmmmm…
    (kicking myself for donating my pairs of tangerine and aqua Gap shorts a couple years ago now…)

  6. Now this is something i could really get into, probably can think of three outfits in olive i could do right away, ha! And Im wondering the same as JAL, does brown count?
    Do you think you could share how you always have the perfect half tuck? I just cant get it right…

  7. You look great! I’m not sure I could pull it off though… I think this trend, like high-waisted denim, might need real commitment to pull off. Otherwise I fear coming off as too matchy-matchy in a not so good (think jr high when you bought matching socks and scrunchies to go with each new shirt) way! Lol!

  8. I really like your navy look–it’s right up my alley. I tried this yesterday, doing the bright jeans with same-colored neutral everything else, and it just wasn’t for me. I felt juvenile in them, kept telling my husband no other mom would take me seriously, lol. I might give the jeans another go, but I’m afraid they’ll be destined to housewear-dome. Oh, and I do love that tangerine look you put together.

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